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Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies Organization Behaviour An assignment on Impact on My Behaviour PRN: 10020441290 Name: Yash Rathore Roll No. : 57 Section: E Impact on My Behaviour Introduction Being an adult of 25 years, my behaviour has been constantly altered and modified primarily depending upon the immediate environment in which I had been fostered, my upbringing and the company of friends I kept. I would here like to classify the impact by dividing into two different domains which are: * Family * Friends Institutions * Nation Family:- Being from a defence background, the professional environment in which my father served and its strong traditional cultural and value system had a profound influence upon me. I had the good fortune of being raised amongst the environs of Indian Army which offer a highly unique experience to its officers as well as their families because there is always a high probability of staying in a cantonment area which is usually cut off from civilian areas and the usual hustle bustle of the city.

I grew up in highly spic and span environment, marked by highly neat and clean surroundings which I later found out to my amazement are a privilege as well as a rarity in our country. I idolised my father from a very young age and though at that time during my initial growing up years I was guilty of taking things for granted but when I look back with amazement the kind of respect that people have for each other whether it is between officers or between officers and their subordinates in an organisation like the Indian Army.

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It also helped inculcate in myself a very strong sense of discipline from a very young age which I try to follow assiduously even today. My mother has also made a big impact on my behaviour as she was the guiding force who though never forced a particular kind behaviour on me but whenever I committed anything wrong always corrected me and taught me the right path to act upon. When I was younger I then used to blindly follow what she had said but later and even till today a questioning attitude developed and gave way to a trend in which I had to reason out things prior to acting upon them.

Ultimately it is all about taking responsibility for the consequences of one’s own actions. As a part of large family, I used to visit my grandparents home during the summer vacations where my father’s brother and sister also used to arrive with their kids. This inculcated the values of the joint family system in myself i. e. the bonding amongst people, respect for elders, sharing and caring for others. It also led me to see the collective effort and endeavour helping in making succeed critical functions and events such as marriage ceremonies, puja functions or the golden jubilee celebrations of my grandparents marriage anniversary.

Friends:- God has been kind enough to bless me with the companionship of a wonderful set of friends whose memories I cherish. It would be a great injustice if I attempt to seek answer to the question that who had a greater impact parents or friends? Because they along with one’s teachers are the fundamental forces which impact one’s behaviour in life by helping in shaping it. In conformance with the above fact, each of the friends right from when I was 3 years old till now has left an indelible impact. Earlier it was the shared joy of continuous learning as our curiosity took us places.

Later they tremendously helped in academics as discussions with them improved my understanding of the world as well as the environment around me in a better manner. Friends also helped in moulding my personality as honest feedback from them helped in improving myself. Institutions:- Whatever credit I give to my teachers for the development of my character and behaviour at various different schools would not prove enough. Most of my teachers through their teachings helped me to take full advantage of my academic curricula.

There were some teachers whose lectures I was not able to understand but still there were a lot of positives which I could draw out from them apart from academics as well. I am especially thankful to almost all of my class teachers because they drew me out of my shell initially and gave me platform to express myself during various functions on stage and in a diverse range of extra curricular activities. Nation:- Last but not the least, realising my identity as an Indian and the huge cultural and moral value system which makes its stand out and highly unique from rest of the world also positively impacted my behaviour.

With such a rich heritage and the land of Geeta and Ramayana having been loaded with timeless moral values which are relevant in each of the different era’s also helped in shaping my behaviour as I consciously tried to model my behaviour as of its central characters, as we belong to a deeply religious nation, for which it has been in the news for all the wrong reasons, but a few stray incidents can’t be made to overlook the large religious majority who are highly devout and follow the basic principles of humanity which are much and the same in all of the religions.

It helped in building the feelings of compassion in my behaviour. The struggle for survival amongst the nation’s teeming millions, the yawning gap between the have’s and have not’s, class and cast struggle, competition for seats in good educational institutes and clamour for resources also helped in building a mentally stronger persona and much more aware of my responsibility towards the society rather than solely concentrating on my immediate personal circle of loved ones.

In the end I would like to briefly summarise the various qualities which I believe have become my key behavioural traits due to all the above stated factors: * Discipline * Punctuality * Compassion * Honesty * Sincerity * Independence in decision making

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