Importance of True Friendship

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A friend is a person whom one likes, respects and meets often. Friendship is the feeling that joins the hearts of two friends. Friendship is based on true love. A true friend is selfless. He helps his friend in the time of need. He advises him to act right. But it is very difficult to find a true friend in the world.

Man is social being. He can not live alone. He chooses someone of his choice. He may pass his leisure time with him. He will share his joys and sorrows with him. Thus a true friend is the best source of happiness. But such a friend cannot be had easily. According to Mahatma Gandhi, ‘Friendship cannot be bought with bribery.’

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But it is not easy to make friends. A man must possess some qualities. First, he must trust his friend. Only then he can open himself up to him. Secondly a friend should not always find fault with his friend. Thirdly, real friendship is possible among the equals. At the same time no side should try to make friend as a matter of gain. Finally, a friend must be free from jealousy. He should be above suspicion about his friends. But there should be sweet air of love and goodwill among them. Only then friendship may of great value. What a precious thing true friendship is! says Rabindranath Tagore.

To make friends is a science; to keep friends is an art. Friendship will end if the friends are not kind and tolerant to one another. The aim of friendship must be to serve more than to be served. He must try to give more than he receives. This process of give and take should be a selfless process.

Besides, we must know how to differentiate a true friend from a false one. A false friend makes friendship with selfish ends. But such friendship does not last long. A false friend always tries to take advantage of friendship. Be careful of such a false friends. Shakespeare says:

‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’

And at one place he says:

‘Words are easy like the wind faithful friends are hard to find.”

I have many friends, but I like Aryan most. He is my best friend. He is a student of 11th class. He belongs to a good family. His father is a college teacher. His mother, too, is educated. His brother and sister are also good students. Aryan is the eldest child of his parents. So, he is loved and . respected most.

Aryan has several qualities. He loves me very much. He obeys his elders. He respects his teachers. Teachers also love him. Aryan goes to his class in time. He is seldom late or absent. He is very hard-working. He always stands first in our class. He is bright. He does very well in all the subjects.

Aryan is a boy of good character. He is fair and tall. He is about 17.He never likes to tell a lie. He never believes in cheating people. He is honest and fair. He is considerate. He does good to all. He never expects returns for what he does to others. He always looks happy and cheerful. He is kind and gentle.

On the playground we play games together. We play hockey, football and basket ball. Aryan is good at badminton. But he is still better in athletics. He went to Delhi to participate in the All India Athletic meet. He stood second in high jump. He has set up a new record in high jump in our school by beating all the previous records of 17 years. I am fortunate to have a friend like Aryan. He wants to become a college teacher or an I.A.S. officer. Who knows God will grant his wish one day I And then I shall be the happiest man on earth. He rules my heart. I love hin more than my life. I am proud of my friend.

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