Pride of Pakistan: Why I Love My Country

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Pakistan is a country that appeared on the world map in 1947 after the Muslims of subcontinent made great sacrifices. Pakistan is a hard-earned country where citizens are free to shape their own destiny. The primary objective of creating Pakistan was to secure a separate territory for Muslims, where they could live their lives according to the teachings of the Holy Quran and Sunnah. Pakistan is known as the citadel of Islam and is the focal point of Muslim countries. The people of Pakistan are known for their boldness, bravery, courage, and dash. Pakistan is a land of beauty with fine resorts for excursion and sight-seeing. The Pakistanis are inspired with the spirit of patriotism and are always eager to make sacrifices for their homeland. Since the making of Pakistan, they are making rapid advances in education and culture.

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Pakistan, our beloved homeland, was founded in 1947 through the sacrifices of Muslims. Its establishment was an extraordinary political achievement accomplished in a remarkably short span of time, unparalleled by any other nation. However, Muslims in the sub-continent encountered numerous challenges and risked their lives and possessions to accomplish this objective. My love for Pakistan extends beyond its status as a Muslim country; it stems from the fact that it is a nation earned through struggles, granting us the autonomy to shape our own destiny.

Pakistan gave us a feeling of belonging as citizens of an independent Islamic state. The primary objective of establishing Pakistan was to create a distinct territory where Muslims could self-govern according to the principles outlined in the Holy Quran and Sunnah. Among Muslim nations, Pakistan holds a significant position that fills us with pride for being born and raised in this remarkable country. Freedom is a blessing, while enslavement is a curse. If India had not been divided, Muslims would have never enjoyed such privileges.

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In Pakistan, individuals have the freedom to determine their future based on their customs and historical heritage. The country allows for liberty in various aspects including politics, social life, religion, and education.

The legal system ensures equality among all citizens and safeguards the rights of non-Muslims to freely exercise their religious beliefs without any restrictions.

Pakistani people are known for their courage, valor, bravery, and passion. Despite having diverse factions that include radical and linguistic groups, they are united by the common Islamic bond of brotherhood.

The majority of the population resides in rural areas.

The villagers in Pakistan are dedicated and industrious, cultivating food crops for our sustenance. Additionally, they wholeheartedly practice Islam, displaying a willingness to make sacrifices for their faith and a strong sense of community support. Moreover, Pakistan offers stunning resorts that provide opportunities for exciting outings and sightseeing. Its hills are adorned with picturesque green valleys and blooming flowers, evoking memories of the scenic Swat Valley in Switzerland.

Gilgit and Baluchistan are both remarkable regions in Pakistan, each with their own unique natural beauty. Gilgit is known for its awe-inspiring landscapes, such as snow-covered towering mountains. Among them, the K-2 peak stands proudly as the world’s second highest mountain. On the other hand, Baluchistan is abundant in resources, particularly minerals and natural gas found deep within its depths.

Alongside their stunning surroundings, Pakistani people possess a strong sense of patriotism and are willing to make any sacrifice for their country. Since its establishment, Pakistan has fostered a deep desire for progress in education and culture, which has resulted in rapid advancements.

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