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    As of 2010, T rung Unguent Coffee products were exported to over 60 countries in the world, such as America, Canada, Russia, England, Germany, Japan, China and the Sean. In 2012, Dang El Unguent V was called “King of coffee Viet Name” by charisma magazines of America such as National Geographic Traveler and Forbes. He is one of two Viet Name entrepreneurs who was honored by Forbes Magazine. (Johannes) This assignment is the result of understanding Dang El Unguent V. He is a top-level manager. As a president and CEO, he is empowered to make decisions affecting the present and future of the rim.

    I think he has most of managerial roles. Henry Mentoring listed 17 roles of a manager: Planning: Strategic Planner; Operational Planner Organizing and Staffing: Organizer; Liaison; Staffing Coordinator; Resource Locator; Task Delegated Leading: Figurehead; Spokesperson; Negotiator; Motivator and Coach; Team Builder; Team Player; Technical Problem Solver; Entrepreneur Controlling: Monitor; Disturbance Handler However, in this assignment, I only talk about his roles in bringing Trunk Unguent Coffee become the Viet Name top coffee brand. In this stage, the role of Dang El Unguent V is very important and irreplaceable.

    It is not all of 17 roles he had, but only need some of them, he led Trunk Unguent Coffee company reach a lot of success. I will analyses Mr.. Bus’s managerial roles in this stage and his difficulties in acting those roles. Analyses Strategic Planner Mr.. V is a CEO, so he is the person who set the direction for his company. At the beginning, one of the goals of Trunk Unguent Coffee is conquering the domestic market and becoming the Viet Name top coffee brand. The Vietnamese consumer psychology is liking using foreign goods and always afraid of the quality of Viet Name goods (transference’s).

    Dang El Unguent V determined that is the biggest challenge for his company. Viet Name is one of the countries that export the most raw coffee in the world, and has many large coffee plantations with good quality. That is some of advantages which Mr.. V determined for Trunk Unguent Coffee. He explores and identifies the problems that his company will face and their advantages to conquer domestic market. Dang El Unguent V develops a strategic plan for the company with a clear goal: The production and sale of products to consumers in Viet Name. According to the tastes of the Vietnamese people.

    Products have to have Viet Name coffee characteristics. Mr.. V has served as a strategic planner for his company, always give questions for every things, analyses and determine risks the company will has to helps it in the right direction and can overcome the difficulties to achieve goals. Difficulty for a president is he often takes his initial idea up to first and not easy to change. Mr.. V knew the way to change after losing and learned experiences from them. (truepenny) Liaison In his role as a liaison, Mr.. V has maintained the relationship between the many and farmers growing coffee.

    Placing the coffee factories in the coffee growing areas such as Boon Me Thou is a way to help company associated easily and cooperate with material distributors. He also involves in the coffee trade fairs to find partners, investors and customers for company. Through media such as newspaper, Internet, events, Mr.. V maintained and developed contacts between T rung Unguent Coffee Corporation and consumers, business partners and external organizations. However, direct contact with customers is also extremely important that a manager. That could help him get honest feedback f customer’s quality products and their comments.

    A CEO has not enough time for it. That is the reason why Mr.. V held events go to markets to sell product for his office staff. He also joins into this events and receive positive feedback from customers. (zinging) Staffing Coordinator Mr.. V ensure effective governance of the company based on the policies and procedures personnel which is adopted and suitable with current laws of Viet Name government. Moreover, he also motivates employees to work and collaborate better. As a CEO, Mr.. V attracts and retests highly qualified response to meet the current and future requirements of his company.

    He always gives priorities to those who are Vietnamese people and young human resources. He maintains the work environment and the ability to develop individual skills to encourage individual advancement. Figurehead As a president of T rung Unguent Coffee Corporation, Mr.. Bus’s role of figurehead is more clear. He participated in events such as Coffee trade fairy, workshops, community programs as the representative of his company. It can be said that Dang El Unguent V is a representative of Trunk Unguent Coffee, mention Dang El Unguent V is referred to T rung Unguent Coffee.

    If he has bad image or bad scandal, that can influence to his company. Mr.. V is a go-ahead person, does not stop changing. His company representative of a creative incessantly company. Spokesperson Now, there are a lot of people who know Trunk Unguent Coffee and Dang El Unguent V. He was successful in the role of spokesman. Through the articles about Dang El Unguent V, consumers and businesses can understand better the Trunk Unguent Coffee. He told his journey started, his ambition and determination of the product of Trunk Unguent Coffee Company.

    Company branding Vietnamese coffee with logo and style serving has identity of Viet Name. That is the things Mr.. V said in an interview. He took the T rung Unguent coffee image become closer to the consumers, it is not a luxury products, it is a Viet Name product with Vietnamese style and Vietnamese flavor. He also made the announcement about the direction of the company, the company’s new products and other matters related to his company. Mr.. V take responsible for keeping the outside groups informed. However, sometimes having some newspapers criticize and libelous him and Trunk Unguent Coffee.

    Some people afraid that his company can not win foreign corporations in domestic markets. In these situations, Mr.. V is a person who issues some denial. His speeches affect to his company image and selling company’s products. Entrepreneur We can say that Dang El Unguent V is an entrepreneur. He and his staff understand and regularly update trends and the changing needs of consumers. Then plan and produce new products which are suitable new consumer’s tastes. For example I can list some of goods of Trunk Unguent Coffee Company: coffee grinders, GO, coffee roasting and fresh coffee… Mr..

    V actively involved in community programs such as Creative for Viet Name brands, Originate creative of Vietnamese young people, Branding agricultural of Viet Name… Participation in activities outside contribute to improve the voice of Trunk Unguent Coffee, looking for talents for his company, stimulate creativity and increase employee productivity. Conclusion It is not easy to be a successful manager. As a president and a CEO, Mr.. V does well his roles to reach his company goal. His roles are Strategic Planner, Liaison, Staffing Coordinator, Figurehead, Spokesperson and Entrepreneur.

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