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Your analysis must be supported with appropriate academic literature and must provide clear evidence of independent critical evaluation. 2. The above coursework is an individual written assignment and worth 25% 3. All research must be referenced and a bibliography attached. Improper or lack of either of these constitutes plagiarism and students will be awarded a Zero. 4. The application of theory to practice will be given good marks. 5. Maximum Words (2000) Individual Assignment Marking Guidelines (Tasks 1 & 2)

Both tasks test the following learning outcomes: Critically discuss and analyses the aims, concepts and role of strategic management and the strategic formulation process in organizations. Evaluate and form judgments and conclusions on the key principles, concepts and positions evidenced in the debates surrounding contemporary strategic issues. Marking Scheme Understanding of the concept of good and bad strategy proposed by Rumble 40 Evaluation of alternative viewpoints contradicting ‘rejecting Runlet’s thesis 40 Conclusion: synthesis of diverse viewpoints and concepts 10

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Business examples ASSIGNMENT MARKING CRITERIA MARK 29 or less 30 – 39 40-49 50 – 59 60 – 69 70 + CONTENT: Has the question been answered? Vague, random, unrelated material Some mention of the issue, but a collection of disparate points Barely answers the question – just reproduces what knows about the topic Some looseness/ Digressions Well focused Highly focused TOPIC KNOWLEDGE Is there evidence of having read widely and use of appropriate and up to date material to make a case? No evidence of reading. No use of theory – not even hinted at implicitly.

No evidence of reading. An implicit hint at some knowledge of theory, etc. No evidence of reading. Very basic theories mentioned but not developed or well used. Some reading evident, but confined to core texts. Good reading. Good range of theories included. Excellent reading. Well chosen theories. UNDERSTANDING & SYNTHESIS Are ideas summarized rather than being reproduced, and are they inter-related with other ideas? No theory included. Vague assertions/poor explanations. Long winded descriptions of theory. Some long winded sections. Some quotations, but stand alone.

Some inter- connections. Good summary of theory. Good use of quotations that flow with narrative. Good inter-connections. Succinct, effective summaries of theory. Excellent choice and threading of quotations into argument. Good counterpoising of a range of perspectives. Application Does it show appropriate use of theory in a practical situation? No examples No/limited/ inappropriate examples Few examples Uneven examples Good examples Excellent range of examples. ANALYSIS Does it identify the key issues, etc in a given scenario, proposal or argument?

Vague assertions about issues. Largely descriptive with no identification and analysis of central issues. Limited insight into issues. Some good observations. Good, detailed analysis. Comprehensive range of issues identified and discussed fully. EVALUATION & RECOMMENDATIONS Does it critically assess material? Are there workable and imaginative solutions? No evaluation. Uncritical acceptance of material. Some evaluation but weak. Little insight. Good interpretation. Some but limited sophistication in argument. Good critical assessment. Independent thought displayed.

Full critical assessment and substantial individual insight. REFERENCING Thorough and accurate citation and referencing No referencing Limited/poor referencing Some inconsistencies in referencing Appropriate referencing PRESENTATION Logical and coherent structure to argument and effective presentation No structure apparent. Poor presentation. Poor structure. Acceptable, but uneven structure. Reasonable presentation. Reasonable structure. Good presentation. Good argument. Well presented material. Excellent argue meet. Very effective presentation format.

Assignment 2 Group Presentation (up. 5-6) Group Presentation (Oral) In your assigned role as a strategy consultant to Guan Fibers (see attached case study) as your new client you are required to complete the following tasks: Task Provide a critical assessment of the strategic intent of Guan Fibers (20 marks) Task 2 Assess the impact and relevance of environmental and competitive drivers on the company. (20 marks) Task 3 Assess the relevance of the organizations existing culture , assets and competencies for sustainable market relevance. 20 marks) Tasks Challenge the status quo as a basis for proposing change in strategic direction veer the next three years so that shareholder value ambitions may be met. Explain the resource implications arising from your proposals. (40 marks) Group presentation guidelines Students are required to fully participate in and contribute to the development of the Group Presentation. Non-participation and/or non-attendance will result in restriction of marks for this aspect of assessment The group size will be determined by the module leader and module teaching team and will normally be in the range of 4 group members (normal maximum).

In specific circumstances this may be varied. The formal Group Presentation will be delivered by a maximum of all members of the group The absolute maximum presentation period is 20 minutes. This will be timed and there will be NO extensions to this time period. Student Groups are strongly advised to rehearse their presentation to ensure that the time period is strictly adhered to. Presentations will be stopped by the lecturer/assessment team at the end of 20 minutes Presentations are followed by Questions which are required to be fielded by/responded to by all the members of the group.

The absolute timed erred for questions is 10 minutes. Both times are required to be strictly adhered to. There is a stipulated Maximum of 15 power point slides in the 20 minute presentation. Students are required to be aware and are formally advised of all maximum times which will be cut off times with no exceptions. Power Point printouts with the individual texts provided for the presentation by each student are required to be handed in to the assessment team/lecturer at the time of the presentation immediately before the commencement of the presentation and will be retained by the lecturer/assessment team..

The Assessment Weighting for this aspect of the group assessment is 25% (all students in the particular group are awarded the same percentage) Presentation Evaluation Criteria The group Assignment covers the following learning outcomes: Evaluate and specify the implications of various perspectives on strategy and strategic decision making for theory and management practitioners. Organization and Evidence of Teamwork (10%) Topic Knowledge (60%) Creativity (10%) Visual Aids (10%) Summary (5%) Impact on Audience (5%) Module Learning Outcomes to be Assessed: Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the subject, students will be able to: O Critically discuss and analyses the aims, concepts and role of strategic management and the strategic formulation process in organizations D Evaluate and form judgments and conclusions on the key principles, concepts and positions evidenced in the debates surrounding contemporary strategic issues C] Critically articulate the distinctions, differentiation between, and definitions of strategy and form judgments on the different approaches towards the synthesis of strategy in differing organizations and contexts.

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