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Induction Process Of Food Manufacturing

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  • Pages 8
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    This Research proposal focuses on the induction process of food manufacturing company that require changes in existing induction programme to improve the work quality, company performance, ethics and new academic staff and the role of their head of department . The research also focuses on the view of the staffs on the existing arrangements of induction. So the appropriate research chosen is survey based. Respondents reflected on personal experiences and their narratives from existing employees would give a fine-grained account of the same event.

    This proposal would observe the factors which affect staff motivation and job satisfaction and also explores previous theories of motivation. Open minded structured questionnaires were formed in the proposal to understand how to improve the quality of induction programme. Results may emphasise the importance of the management style of the manger particularly when it comes to factors such as “lack of appreciation”, “poor communication” and “training”. To complete this proposal I have make assumptions from the articles that related to my questions.

    This proposal provides clear information about the importance of induction to get better performance from the staffs in the particular food manufacturing company. Contextualisation The orientation programme should be forced to bring up to date with respect to a noticeable modification in various internal and external environment of the organisation. There are a few significant changes in the organisation, recently expanded 2 new units in addition with the existing one and also planning to put new changes as per the current trends in the market.

    The change in company’s structure is one of the reasons to reassess the present induction method. The organisation plans to employ more staffs to work in recently developed, 2 new units such as technology based unit and recycling unit while the other functions of the firms remains same. To get expected results the induction program should be adapted to modern ways. It is expected to bring new employee training programmes includes general information about technology, recycling process, the new job descriptions, company culture, and company history.

    Literature review This research brings out important basic processes and approaches for the firms induction procedures with a guide for official induction course. Employee induction and socializations programs are a key aspect of ensure employees are successful in accomplishing their goals. The HR department or other persons who is supervise over new employees should run through the most important points with each individual or, when larger numbers are being taken on, with groups of people.

    The new requirements of professional, other individuals, agreed upon that some of the old fashion methods of management are clearly not adequate in modern world The orientation program would benefit the new employees to settle down into the organisation very quickly and become more inventive and competent members of staff within a short period of time. Induction would help the employees to restructure the workload and it will boost the competence of the work and would be time saving. Similarly the employees would have fewer liabilities on them after the training programme and they would be able to accomplish their objectives in time.

    The work rate and competence of the employees will be increased (Human Resource Solutions, Online). All organisations are legally liable for health and safety of their workforce. A high standard health and safety induction for all employees including newcomers will help to meet organisations responsibility. Organisation must inform their employees preferably on the first day about fire and safety procedures and what to do if the fire alarm goes up. If there are particular hazards, in the factory or on the building site, organisation must ensure that new workers are made aware of them and what precautions need to be taken (Anon, Online).

    This study has explained the conceptual area of new employee orientation programs. Researchers say that the employee orientation programs are distinguished from socialization, psychological contracts, induction, and pragmatic job previews (Wanous & Reichers, 2000). Three somewhat diverse areas of academic research are used to develop a framework for the design and study of new employee orientation programs: (a) stress theory/coping methods, (b) attitude theory/change methods, (c) realistic job previews theory/methods (Wanous & Reichers, 2000).

    The new study on newcomer orientation program should be helped by a clear definition of the conceptual domain, borrow liberally from related areas of inquiry, be conducted in field settings, and use experimental designs (Wanous & Reichers, 2000). It is a legal requirement for organisations to provide their employees a printed declaration of terms and conditions of work excluding for those employees who will be working for less than one month.

    During the induction process organisation should give information of issues such as hours of work that includes breaks, procedures of holidays and sick, grievance and disciplinary formalities (Business Link, Online). Proposed Methodology The study is mainly based on both Primary research methods and empirical research methods; “the term “empiricism” is used in a number of different ways, but two stand out. First, it is used to denote a general approach to the study of reality that suggests that only knowledge gained through experience and the senses is acceptable.

    In other words, this position means that ideas must be subjected to the rigours of testing before they can be considered knowledge. The second meaning of the term is related to this and refers to a belief that the accumulation of “facts” is a legitimate goal in its own right. It is the second meaning that is sometimes referred to as “naive empiricism”. (Bryman A and Bell E, p-9 2003) The primary research has been planned to conduct through structured interview from the basis of the secondary research literature review & analysis on data available from the records in organisation. An important phase in the collection of data is the selection of units to which the data relate. ”(Bryman, 1989). Data will be collected through interviews and questioners. All employees including top level and bottom line and HRM will be selected to this process. Structured Questionnaires will be provided to the related subject matter. Secondary sources of information’s relating to induction process will be collected through online, like government published details and surveys will be looked.

    Details of the current changes in HRM and induction process will be taken from latest news paper articles and journals published. The primary data will be collected through interviews with all the employees in the organisation and passing on the questionnaires to them. The questionnaire is prepared with help of “Business research methods” by Bryman A and Bell E, (pp-155-174, 2003) “one of the most significant considerations for many researchers is whether to ask a question in an open or closed format. With an open question respondents are asked a question and can reply however they wish.

    With a closed question they are presented with a set of fixed alternatives from which they have to choose an appropriate answer” (Bryman A and Bell E, pp-156, 2003) Pilot Method Some of the sample questionnaires are given below Objectives of Orientation Rating For the organisation Organisations induction process gives an understanding about the history of the company and its products Strongly disagree Disagree unsure Strongly agree Agree Part of induction contains communicating and accumulating guidance on policies and procedures such as health &safety, holidays, sick, performance, sales etc Strongly disagree

    Disagree unsure Strongly agree Agree It involves set up work goals: department and company objectives Strongly disagree Disagree unsure Strongly agree Agree For the job Let the beginners to meet up colleagues with whom they will be working together Strongly disagree Disagree unsure Strongly agree Agree Induction provides appropriate guidance to facilitate the post holder to perform their duties Strongly disagree Disagree unsure Strongly agree Agree Induction allows the post holder to realize their job details and how they suit within the frame work of the company Strongly disagree

    Disagree unsure Strongly agree Agree Source: Scribd, A questionnaire on new employee induction The motives behind above mentioned questions are because these questionnaires should help to find out the views of the employees about their job and company as well. It will also help to find out what changes has to be implement in the induction process of newcomers and existing employees To shape the plan of the research to be carried out, most important is to heap up some qualitative data on the company, the human resource department and the functions of it.

    This initial data collection can make able to collect information on the existing recruitment and training on various departments. It brings out a clear cut idea about the employees and the functions. As a part of research it is very essential to get in touch with the HRM to discuss about the research. To collect the secondary data’s a meeting should be arranged with the top level managers and interview them and collect details about the employees. It is necessary to meet up the employees individually as much as I can and conduct a one to one discussion with them.

    It’s the difficult part of the research because this may take a long and the employees should be at work or may be their break. The questionnaire is prepared and circulated among the employees randomly. Final part of the research is to distribute the questionnaires among the employees with the help of HRM and the line mangers and ask the employees to record their opinion that asked in the questionnaire and no need to mention their identity. Time Table Prepare proposal by 22 January Complete literature review by 25 January Complete fieldwork by18 Feb Complete analysis by 21 Feb

    Complete final Proposal by 26 Feb Discussion of Limitations and improvements: The structured interview is the most accessible process for this research but the important thing is it has to be reached to a very large group. To get through a large group it is very vital to follow survey questionnaire, which has no possibility of getting senior employee’s valuable suggestions. This structured interview can be better to be printed and distributed to the large numbers. It is very hard to sample the qualitative data. Managing these feedback and analysing, will be a gigantic and tricky task.

    It will be a mass data as per the number of interview increases. But a questioner survey can cut down this effort By being in the organization for only 2-3 hours a week for 5 – 6 weeks, there are some hurdles to overcome such as it would be very difficult to meet various department employees they are working in different shifts. Being a visitor may also have some limits as well. The time to fill the questionnaires and sending back to me by employer and managers might take some time. Another possible limitation would be time consuming for the interviewers to administrator.

    Interviewers are likely to talk for longer than is usually the case with a comparable closed question and the organisation contains around 500 employees to meet all employees within six week is not possible because they are all work in different shifts some employees may be in their holidays. The possible improvement would be a wider literature review is needed. More and more articles and journals related to the topic should be found out for the research and always kept updated. Need an essay? You can buy essay help from us today!

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