Influenced the information system development

Undertaking 1

Purposes and Scope of the Study

The chief purpose of composing this instance survey is to foreground how the competitory environment and internal capablenesss of a company have influenced the Information System development and Information systems schemes and in bend how the development of IT/IS has affected a modern concern. The instance survey will besides foreground the advantages of IT / IS over the traditional methods for a modern concern. The purpose is besides highlight the advantages of information engineering and information.

In the ulterior parts we will analyze consequence of the external drivers bing in the current market conditions and the internal resources and capablenesss which will impact the execution of the Information system in a company…

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The instance survey dressed ore towards the terminal on the impact of IS on the company and the cardinal issues linked with system development.

Background of the Company

Bar Asia is a little household run Pan-Asian Bar And Restaurant in South Kensington, London. It is owned and run by Dhawan Family. Dhawan household has been around in the country for around 35 old ages. The household was intimidated by this venture by looking at the inflow of people flocking South Kensington at the assorted cocktail saloon. So in the summer of 2006 they decided to open a saloon semen dining country at 166 Old Brompton route which used to be a java store. When the venture started the concern theoretical account was an “Innovative cocktails with Asiatic tappa menu” the theoretical account was designed maintaining in head the tendency in the market which was a Morden biddy cocktail saloon. The theoretical account was mix of drink and nutrient. This planned to hold a higher sale per individual. By the terminal of the first fiscal twelvemonth Bar Asia gained popularity and competitory advantage over its rival in the local community in the nutrient subdivision but the cocktail saloon was non every bit desired as the nutrient by the local. With its alone merchandise on offer for Bar Asia deriving popularity in the local market.

To run into the demands of its turning nutrient subdivision the direction at Bar Asia make up one’s mind to alter the construct of the mercantile establishment to a Pan-Asian nutrient eating house and saloon instead than Bar and Restaurant. Since the alteration of the concern concept the concern has grown easy and steadily with a loyal client base.

The mission of the company is “Tops Quality Pan-Asian Tapas nutrient. With Quality service” The market scheme adopted, has worked for Bar Asia over the past few old ages. Today the concern has acknowledgment of ‘3 star ‘ from AA Gill ( Sunday times ) . The concern has grown and even sustained itself in the current market conditions.

Problem which instigated IS development.

The turning popularity of the eating house due to the antic reappraisals by Sunday Times Newspaper, HG2 guide the eating house started became busy. This freshly received celebrity was unable to manage in many ways and was impacting the repetition concern.

The chief job was that there was no Electronic Point of Sale ( EPoS ) in the eating house. Everything was manus written from orders, measure to studies. The ordination and Bill was entire helter-skelter and waste of clip and energy. As composing the order neatly would take a piece and this in bend would impact the service. The chefs did n’t direct the nutrient in right order as per the reaching of the order. As they ne’er had clip to fall back for this it was clearly indicated there was no clip and order direction.

In the past the eating house was non so busy. As consequence the proprietors ne’er felt the demand to present and implement an electronic system as everything was manageable by manus written orders and measures. The staffing was ever at minimal degree. When the concern started turning, there would be a batch of client for early tabular array who wanted a speedy dinner before they went to the local Fulham route film. Bar Asia shortly became a popular clinch for the film departers because of its strategic location, speedy and efficient service and its tappa manner Indian bill of fare. As the concern was turning the proprietors failed to recognize this tendency. The manual ordination and charge affected the concern as invitee would wait a piece for their measure as the director prioritised good service to doing measures. And the concern started falling

When every bit compared to wish for similar gross revenues in the old months, the gross revenues were well less even though there were good movies in the film. The job started when the staff could non manage the work flow and the manual system. They were non able to treat the order and measures faster due to manus written order and charge system. This was doing the mean early table gross revenues to decreasing. As a consequence of which the client penchant was switching to the rivals, as they were busy but good equipped as compared to Bar Asia.

On analysis of this state of affairs the chief cause was figured out. But there were few other jobs associated with managing this state of affairs. These jobs were related to the development of the substructure of the company. These jobs were arisen due to the method of question used at that minute. The method used was Analytic Deductive a simple Mode of question. These enquiry method came up with solutions, and there was no job to take on the right solution as the decision was on consentaneous determination.

The job was broken briefly identified as

  • deficiency of clip direction,
  • Slow charge methods,
  • Inaccessibility of informations – studies for planning,
  • Ineffective communicating method used ( verbal ) .

Methods of Enquiry

Enquiry is defined as ‘seeking or petition for truth, information, or cognition ‘ ( ) . It could besides be described as “trying to happening a logical reply to the inquiry ‘what we need? ‘” It could be said that question is a system of bring forthing cognition. ( NCC )

There are three types of question manners ( Appendix I ) . They are

  1. Simple Mode
  2. Complex Mode
  3. Advanced manner

These manners divide the system into smaller parts and concentrate on each portion to do the end to accomplish. Each manners have some method of enquires and are mentioned below.

1. Simple Mode

  • Inductive-Consensual- question is an attack that enables us makes a decision based on a limited set of observations e.g. History, Analogoius and Independent beginnings.
  • Analytic Deductive- is a manner of question which views the universe as expression. This question frequently highlights logical consistence. This method believed that everything leads merely to one reply, i.e. the truth.

2. Complex Manner

  • Dialectic-this method of question challenges the premise on informations instead than the informations itself. This attack can besides give different position for a common information which can be utile for holding a smooth and on-going determination doing procedure.
  • Multiple Realities- slightly similar to inductive consensual and analytic-deductive enquiry system.The consequence of this question is multiple jobs and some figure of solutions.

3. Advanced

  • Boundless System Thinking- The question method concludes that there is a muss of job and the solution needs to be originative.

The job was simple and easy to be analysed. A simple method of question was applied I, so the method of question chose was Analytic Deductive Enquiry method.


This method merely believes on difficult work. It thinks that there is a definite solution for everything and we can happen that solution merely if we work hard. It thinks logically and conceive of the universe as a expression. This method make the issue into little pieces and happen a solution for that pieces which automatically leads to solution for the whole issue. The analytic-deductive method is less subjective and makes the decision easier than that of the inductive-consensual method.

Analysis of job

To analyze the job associated with the lessening in sale at Bar Asia Analytic -Deductive method was used. In Analytic -Deductive method of enquiry information is broken down into assorted parts and analyzed in parts. Then solutions are found to these little pieces. The concluding determination is based on analysing the assorted piece of information. The job was broken down in three major parts i.e. deficiency of clip direction, decelerate charge methods and inaccessibility of informations – studies for planning. The other little job identified was incorrect communicating method used ( verbal ) .


The solution was to put in and implemented an Electronic Point of Sale system at Bar Asia. This installing of an information system will help the staff in treating the order, measures in the fastest possible manner ; cut down the waiting clip for invitees at the eating house. This system will besides assist in informations aggregation and processing which will be utile for future planning and budgeting.

Premises: when the place bringing system was installed none of the rivals were utilizing an Information system.

Task II

External drivers are factors which are outside the company ‘s influence, yet which have a profound consequence on mission and profitableness. For illustration, the economic system, rising prices, involvement rates, political relations, bond market, etc ( Gary ) . In other words it could be said it the external concern environment a concern operates in. Plague or PESTEL analysis is the chief tool used to transport out analysis of the external concern environment. PEST the acronym stands for Political, Economic, Social, and Technological factors that affect external environment. ( Appendix 2 )

PEST analysis of Restaurant

Phosphoruss: Political environmental factors such as: the political factors could be listed as

  • Stability of the authorities: the stableness of the authorities has a profound consequence on the policies and revenue enhancement construction. Changing authorities agencies altering in this policies and revenue enhancements which may hold an inauspicious consequence on the concern.
  • Government type: Different political parties may hold different mentality towards peculiar trade sector.
  • economic policy of the authorities
  • Trade policy and events. : The catering industry in the United Kingdom has to follow a strict regulations and ordinance of operations. These regulations are registering of the catering premises, Health and safety, revenue enhancement, VAT, nutrient safety.etc. ( Wiki Answers )

Tocopherol: Economic environmental factors: The current recession has had an inauspicious affect on every sector of the market. The Catering sector has besides been affected by the recession. The worst hit is eating houses. As people are passing more clip at place they are telling or taking place nutrient instead than traveling out to eat in the eating houses. The chief grounds are

  • Due to market instability people are loath to pass money. Peoples are seeking to salvage money due to unstable market conditions. Harmonizing to micro economic sciences salvaging by single is good but as per macro economic sciences salvaging by a big figure of single is non good for the state ‘s economic system.
  • The large disbursement clients are all traveling out of the state due to higher income revenue enhancement rates.
  • Increasing costs of stuff, storage or services used in the amplification of the concluding merchandise or service may do it more expensive. ( Wiki Answers )

Second: Social environmental factors: Indian nutrient has become the portion of staple diet of the U.K. occupant over the last few decennaries. It ‘s besides really popular among travelers from Europe and America. The bulk of the U.K. population likes and dines out for Indian curries. On the other manus wellness witting group of people tend to remain off from this nutrient as they very rich and high in Calories.

There is an increased Health Awareness in client as consequence of which the feeding wonts are altering. Customers are traveling towards healthier nutrient options. Customers are altering the attitude toward healthy nutrient, they so to order nutrient which is healthy.

The figure of adult females working has increased drastically in the last 2 decennaries as a consequence of which a batch of couple tend to eat out, acquire take away. They are traveling off from cooking at place. ( Wiki Answers )

Thymine: Technological environmental Factors: Technology is altering the manner universe runs. The catering industry has besides benefitted to a really big extend. The technological promotion is assisting drive the concern to new higher end product degrees. Technology is assisting in transcending client outlook.

These full external factors are playing a major function in endurance of eating houses like Bar Asia.

( Wiki Answers )

SWOT Analysis for Bar Asia


  • Menu- Bar Asia is non a traditional Indian curry houses. Its bill of fare is really different signifier a normal curry house bill of fare. The construct is to function nutrient precisely the same spirit one would acquire in India. The bill of fare is an reliable bill of fare and mixture of Indian and Chinese Dim Sum culinary art, which works really good in comparing to its local rivals.
  • Staff- the chefs and forepart of the house staff are all really experience staff from high category Indian eating houses around London for e.g. Bombay Brassiere ( caput chef ) , Banars ( floor director ) . The service staffs are all good spoken friendly and really client oriented people.
  • Location- Bar Asia is situated in the bosom of Chelsea and South Kensington ( Royal Borough ) .


  • Ordering System: There is no signifier of electronic media installed for telling.
  • Location: Bar Asia is situated near to three other Indian eating houses that have been around in the country for more than three decennaries. So client recognises the other eating houses more than Bar Asia.
  • Seating Area: Bar Asia as mentioned before started as modern cocktail saloon functioning Pan-Asian nutrient so when it was planned dining country was non considered. Over the clip nutrient became celebrated so its cocktails. There is a limited seating area- 19 screens merely. Thus its rivals have on mean ternary the infinite as compared to it.
  • Kitchen infinite: once more the kitchen was non planned decently due to the grounds mentioned above. It has a really little kitchen which can non get by with high volume


  • Take away- none of its rivals provide a place bringing service. If Bar Asia can supply with take away service, its can turn its concern. The grosss can turn four crease
  • Reappraisals: Bar Asia have had really good reappraisals in the past by Sunday clip ( AA Gill ) and clip out magazine. This is a really good chance to construct concern on these reappraisals.


  • Rivals copying Bar Asia concern theoretical account of offering Pan- Asiatic culinary art to the local cliental.
  • Economic Policies: the new revenue enhancement system is driving off the full large earner off from U.K. this could impact the concern. Most of the top metropolis earners live in south Kensington if they move off from London this could impact the local trade.

Competitive Pressure:

The U.K. market is still combating recession. The economic policies are besides lending to competitory force per unit area. All local concern are utilizing aggressive selling schemes to conflict endurance. The force per unit area is on Bar Asia as rivals are offering lower monetary values services, natural stuff monetary values and over caputs are traveling up. Therefore in this tough clip the direction at Bar Asia needs to devices a competitory concern scheme to conflict competition.

Impact of engineering on Bar Asia Competitiveness:

Bar Asia implemented EPoS system which was sourced from EPoS systems. The demand arose out of the analysis carried out by the method of question. The proprietors made right determination but sing the errors made in the yesteryear and thought of the hereafter, the impact these piece of engineering will hold on the overall concern. Initially this much awaited alteration came with few jobs such as integrating of work flow with engineering, staff preparation, constellation of the system etc. Once tall this was put in topographic point there was no turning back for the concern.

The IS had a major impact on the eating house concern. The determination to implement the system had started paying great dividends as the guest satisfaction degrees started traveling up. Bar Asia turnover increased every bit compared to that of old months since execution of the system. This was achieved by the get the better ofing the job it was confronting. By implementing this IS Bar Asia offered a really fast and efficient service to its clients.

The benefits of this system are as below:

As cited on the company web site of EPoS Systems Restaurant EPoS systems work to rush up the order flow between different working parts of the eating house. They provide a faster and more dependable interface between the waiter and the kitchen ( with orders being straight routed to the right topographic point ) . Instruction manuals are printed out clearly in the most appropriate topographic point, assisting to rush up service to clients. At the same clip, by cut downing the demands of servers to run backwards and forwards giving orders to the kitchen – your staff hold more clip to pass looking after your clients. Meanwhile simple undertakings like supplying a measure are dealt with in seconds, no more reckoner required! For concern proprietors, you have information at your fingers tips on how different parts of your concern are executing, how certain menu points are executing and how different members of staff are making. You can respond to this information where necessary to better your concern. ( EPoS )

  • Order taking and processing of the order was fast on the EPoS.
  • Cashing up at the terminal of the displacement was much easy as compared to the manual system. It produced gross revenues study on day-to-day hebdomadal and monthly footing.
  • As the system produced studies, it easy to supervise top merchandising and non merchandising points. This helped in Menu planning, stock list control, par stocking, stock taking etc.


Technology changes the manner it looks and work every twenty-four hours. In the hereafter epos could come up with touch screen bill of fare where client can choose, look at the images or doing procedure of a peculiar dish, confirm the order etc on the touch screen bill of fare. Reducing the demand of an order taker in a eating house.

Undertaking III

Internal Resources / Competences:

Internal Resource can be defined as the “Human, fiscal, physical, and cognition factors that provide a house the agencies to execute its concern processes” ( Business lexicon ) . Therefore from the above definition it could be said that resources are non merely the utilizing machinery but the people who are required to develop the undertaking, utilizing the finance available or allocated to finish the undertaking.

The internal resources for the development of IT/IS at Bar Asia could be identified as

  • Physical Equipment and Space: Bar Asia had a computing machine which was used as waiter for EPoS system, the touch screen system and order taking PDA were provided by EPoS system. Thus it could be said that it had the needed substructure for the execution of the system. A computing machine and installing infinite was available to run the system.
  • Skilled Staff: As most of the staff worked had reputed administrations in the yesteryear they had the accomplishment to run a EPoS in a different work environment. All they needed was to be trained for the usage of the new application on the system. The Floor director was an IT pupil so he was made the decision maker for the system.
  • Capital/ Finance: As the job was recognised at a phase where it was at the get downing phase of the job and was address rapidly by the direction. The concern was in good adequate form to afford to put in the IT system.


As mentioned on Business, Core capablenesss are “Cluster of extraordinary abilities or related ‘excellences ‘ that a steadfast acquires from its laminitiss, after consistent nisus over the old ages, and which can non be easy imitated. Core competences are what give a house one or more competitory advantages, in making and presenting value to its clients in its chosen field. Besides called nucleus capablenesss or typical competencies” .

Core capablenesss may be touchable assets such as production installations, a retail store or natural resource or intangible assets such as engineering, patents, accomplishments and cognition etc. If capablenesss are typical it give you advantage over rivals.

The Core capablenesss for the development of IT/IS at Bar Asia could be identified as

Tangible capablenesss: the location at which Bar Asia is located is a really high potency of concern. The cliental are all top cooperates and high disbursement one ‘s. Therefore by presenting the order and charge system, the service and efficiency of the concern was increased and Bar Asia was able to tap in to this high possible market.

Intangible capablenesss: Bar Asia was really fortunate to hold high quality staff both from of the house and dorsum of the house. The floor director was IT pupil and was of great aid in helping in installing of the system and administering it. The job faced during the initial face of incorporation was tackled really good by the floor director. Thus his accomplishment helped the administration to travel on rapidly from the passage stage to full operation stage.

Impact of IT/IS on Business at Bar Asia:

Favorable Impact ( Benefits )

The installing of the new cordial reception EPoS has 3 chief benefits to the administration.

  1. Fast bend over:Before implementing the new system, the company was utilizing manus written ordination and charge system. Thiswas clip consuming and therefore had an consequence on the turnaround of tabular arraies for following posing. Thus thevolume generated was less. IS had an immediate on the turnaround clip as ordination and charge wasquicker. This resulted in better turnaround clip, fast and effectual service and finally moreconcern.

  2. Reports:As everything was manual generating studies for clip consuming. The debut of IS bring forthingstudies was speedy and easy. All the studies were pre-programmed. This saved a batch of clip which wasdedicated to be aftering. The system printed assorted studies such as daily-weekly gross revenues study, exceedmerchandising and non merchandising point study, stock study etc.

  3. Accounting:Cashing up was a very clip devouring procedure at the terminal of the displacement. The new system saved a batch ofclip. The cashing up was accurate and fast. The company comptroller was happy as this saved him a batch ofclip. The company saved a batch of money on the comptroller as the clip taken to do monthlyhistory statement was reduced.

Unfavorable Impact ( Risks )

The initial stage of execution of the new system could hold some unfavorable impact on the concern. This could originate due to the state of affairs where the direction and some staff members of the squad has ne’er used an electronic system before. These menaces must be considered before implementing a new system. Bar Asia has been trough ardent clip to make a client base, if this menace were non considered before they could do a considerable harm to the. ( Appendix: 3 )

Negative Impact:

Negative impact could be of different type. This could be broken down in to three chief types:

  1. Mechanical
  2. Virtual and
  3. Human.
  • Technical failure: A proficient failure is a general related to hardware and package of the system. The biggest proficient is failure of the waiter to get down, proficient footings it is called a waiter clang where the waiter does n’t back up the networked system. If the waiter clangs valuable informations could be lost. If the waiter clangs there should be a eventuality program in topographic point to manage this state of affairs. The ideal eventuality program is to run the old manual system till the waiter is up and running. The clang could be due to either package or hardware. If there is non proficient support in house it could be while the waiter could be up and running. In this senior client service could be affected. Power failure could besides ensue the waiter to clang.
  • Miss usage of the system: There is a high possibility that person could do incorrect usage of the powers allocated to him for utilizing of system. He or she could utilize the system to do alteration in the information, sell the informations to rivals ; this could ensue due to loop hole in to the scheduling of the system and give entree to the staff to the valuable informations which they could sell to rivals, flicking of hard currency by modifying a client order and maintaining the difference of money to oneself.
  • Human mistake: A human being is bound to do errors ; it is in out really nature to do errors. There is a really high possibility during the busy period, due to nature of concern, staff could make some misidentify accidentally for illustration bead drinks, by error on the epos and harm it. This error could ensue in harm to the system and impact the work flow. This state of affairs could originate at anytime of operation and could disrupt the smooth flow of operation be knowing or unwilled.
  • Untrained staff: preparation is the most of import facet of working on the system. Staff may necessitate to be taught to utilize the new package right. Peoples non cognizing how to utilize the system could decelerate down operations a good trained staff can work faster on the system. If a staff is non trained decently to run the system it could ensue in addition in the processing clip for the order. Thus finally loss of concern.

Undertaking IV

Issues in system development:

The concern environment plays a major function in the installing of any IT system in an administration. The demand for installing could strictly originate to run into or copy the competition. The development of the information system at Bar Asia had influence of both internal and external environment factors. These factors are briefly mentioned below.


  • Customer: In concern the major factor driving alteration is clients. Customer is ever in the impulsive place. The client can drive a concern to success or failure. The clients played a major function in modernization of the concern.
  • Rivals: Another of import factor that has influence on a concern is the competition in the local market. One ever needs to run into the competition needs. As compared to Bar Asia it rivals ever had an advantage in footings of engineering. The rivals were good established, modernised and up to day of the month in footings of engineering. So competition was another factor act uponing system development.

The Internal factors:

The resources available at Bar Asia influenced the development of information system. As the job was identified at a really early phase and the concern was still in good wellness, the direction could give a considerable sum of money required to put in a top notch system. The substructure available besides assisted in commanding the cost of information system development.

Issues: The following issues were raised during system planning.

  • Effective: One of the major concern expressed by most of the staff was how effectual will the system be. Will it really cut down the waiting clip for client or will it increase the waiting clip?
  • Parallel utilizations: will the system need Parallel usage with the bing system to give clip to staff to acquire used to the new system?
  • Standard of the system?
  • Give the system a strategic function: will the new system better competitory place in the market place?
  • How specialized the new system is traveling to be?
  • What are the staff ‘s IS capabilities honestly- can they work on the system?
  • The IS staff ‘s capablenesss honestly- can they plan the system?

Soft system methodological analysis:

Once the encephalon storming was done and all the issues were considered the system developer used SSM ( Appendix 4 ) to develop the system.


It is a really of import portion in the development of an Information System. It involves analyzing how information is being handled at the minute in the administration. As there was no computing machine at the clip of the development for similar operations the bing manual systems was analysed. The method used to analyze the manual system was:

  • Talking to the staff working in service and kitchen.
  • Ask assorted inquiries on the work flow and carry out a work flow analysis.
  • Review and detect the current operation manner and method.

( World ORT ) ( Email )

At the terminal of this stage a determination was made with respects to the development of the system.


Feasibility aims at to look into whether it is possible to develop a system at a sensible cost. A feasibleness survey will analyze all the constituents required for the proposed system.

When sing the undertaking of puting up an Information System for Bar Asia and seeing how Information Technology can assist it run more expeditiously and by look intoing

  • How executable is it to utilize.
  • How executable to hive away all relevant inside informations of the members.
  • How executable to bring forth informations lists and get offing labels. ( World ORT ) ( Email )


Design and scheduling of system are really organisation particular. Hospitality Epos has considerable reduced the design and plan facet with respects to eating houses as most of the subdivision are similar in eating houses. These facets are considered in the assorted subdivisions of design. When planing the system the following countries need to be considered. The design processes are listed below:

1. End products: is how the system will look. How will the system show on input of peculiar information. Some of the end products for a system for a Bar Asia might be

  • Display of a floor tabular array program with figure on it.
  • Display of order once a peculiar tabular array no is touched.

2. Input signals: with regard to input the day of the month needed to come in was merely one time or whenever there was a alteration in the bill of fare.

  • What data demands to be entered into the computing machine system? i.e. Food, vino, Cocktails, spirits etc.
  • How much informations demands to be input, and how frequently? i.e. the full points on sale in the eating house
  • How will the informations be entered into the system? Server.

3. File Design: How many files are needed and what will their construction be? A place screen will hold the following layout

4. Design – Hardware: in this subdivision it was analysed what sort of computing machine and pressmans were compatible with the system. If the system needed networking etc.

5. Design – Software: this subdivision had non headaches as the operating package was provided by EPoS

( World ORT ) ( Email )

Testing: A new system needs to be tested before being introduced into operations. If non tested it could do serious complications in operations. First of all the system should be tested with normal informations to see if it works right. Second, the system is tested with informations incorporating known mistakes to seek and do it neglect ( ‘crash ‘ ) .Thirdly ; the system is tested with really big sums of informations to see how it can get by. It is of import that treating clip and response rates remain acceptable with changing sums of informations. A trial program should be designed before proving commences. ( World ORT )

Drumhead: By implementing the It systems Bar Asia enhanced its concern. As it as it helped in get bying the troubles that were been faced by the company due to miss of technological promotion. The direction determination to follow IT system worked good for the concern. Bar Asia ‘s staff showed the willingness to follow and accept new challenges. Adapting to a new system is non really easy because people resist alteration. This execution of IT/IS was a really wise and futuristic determination.


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