Is Google Making Us Stupid: Summary and Response Sample

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Over history engineering has changed mankind’s overall civilization. From redstem storksbills to computing machines the usage of electronics and tools is happening every twenty-four hours in about all state of affairss. In Carr’s article “Is Google Making us Stupid? ” he introduces the thought how the cyberspace is altering our lives by doing us mentally process information otherwise from the yesteryear. based off old alterations in history. Carr explains how we think less profoundly and rely on speedy facts. versus utilizing critical thought and research. Besides he explains how our encephalon is ductile. and may be changed by the internet’s feeling. Last Carr negotiations about what the cyberspace may go in the hereafter. and how it could do us more like computing machines. I believe Carr’s thoughts on the manner the cyberspace is determining lives are valid because the cogent evidence is all around us. ( Carr )

Carr believes the cyberspace makes us less deep minds due to its relaxation. He elaborates on how we merely have to inquire a inquiry and there isn’t any drawn-out research. going like a battercake. Since on the cyberspace we gain a batch of spread out information. but non in deepness cognition on the specific subject. going spread out and thin intellectually. like a battercake. Carr says. we no longer have to analyse information and understand it ourselves. but alternatively rely on simple replies. The simpleness and relaxation of happening an reply is altering deep idea. to shoal thought. ( Carr )

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I agree with Carr that we are going shallow thought people because the cyberspace makes research speedy and simple. I relate this to the phrase “Just Google it” . this is normally used when we don’t want to research or believe in deepness about a subject and we rely on the cyberspace and other people’s experiences to educate ourselves. What this finally does is alter us from critical minds into lazy-like typing living deads that believe about anything on-line since we no longer rely on ourselves to look into. I see this non merely in myself. but in many of my equals. Carr could be right. society may go more and more simple minded and go forth extended thought in the past with paper text.

In “Is Google Making us stupid” . Carr explains how the encephalon is ductile and how the cyberspace might be determining it by literally rewiring the encephalons web. Carr gives a brief illustration of how nerve cells can be made and broke depending on what things shape the manner things are done. By being used to instant searching and cyberspace penchants. the encephalon reprograms itself in being used that certain manner. He thinks by utilizing the cyberspace so much. we will go more and more nonsubjective and speedy minds. and finally passionless computing machines. He besides gives illustrations of how the clock and typewriter changed our manner of thought in the yesteryear. Adapting this manner will rewire thought procedures and go on to order how we act. Carr’s theory may be more obvious as we continue to be reliant on engineering. ( Carr )

Again I agree with Carr’s theory on altering the brain’s thought procedures because the cogent evidence is in the history of world. When Carr stated the fact of how the clock had made a immense impact on how we go about our twenty-four hours. I realized its significance. Modern civilization is wholly shaped by clip. when we eat. slumber. work. and much more. I have seen this first manus when I worked with Native Americans. They do non trust on clip frame. and sort of unrecorded. work. and do as they feel and the scene of twenty-four hours. Knowing the clock has made such a immense impact on our lives. I obviously see how it changed our encephalons thought pattern. We have wired ourselves mentally to wake up on clip. and what we will make. Again I have to hold since scientific research has shown that the encephalon rewires its ego. invariably doing new. and interrupting old nerve cell channels. Sing this specific form gives cogent evidence to how cyberspace is taking the topographic point of the clock in a modern manner. Google continues to turn and alter the manner things are perceived on a day-to-day footing because the cyberspace is used in everything any longer.

Ultimately Carr believes we are headed to a hereafter where we all think like a “HAL” computing machine. He says: “As we come to trust on computing machines to intercede our apprehension of the universe. it is our ain intelligence that flattens into unreal intelligence” ( Carr ) . Patching his full article together leads Carr to believe we are come oning into a computer-like civilization. A civilization where our emotions become unreal and undertaking orientated. Becoming “Pancake people” and cognizing a batch refering to everything yet small about each subject. He fears we will believe jointly and speedy thought for ourselves. once more going more like a computing machine system. The more our society becomes reliant on engineering. the more people become like the systems they use.

Last I do non perfectly agree with Carr’s complete construct of where we are traveling because I think human sort will ever hold human nature. and cardinal inherent aptitude. I think of it this manner. engineering is fueled through electricity. electricity is non a natural component we can merely roll up. Knowing this. if someday in the hereafter all power fails along with the cyberspace and engineering we rely on. we may get down to regress backwards and bury about the accustomed usage of the cyberspace. When everything powers down. adult male will non. Human nature is to contend. survive. unrecorded. and love. However I do believe as we use the cyberspace the more we act like it. but I don’t believe it’s traveling to drastically alter natural wonts. Life manner is changed through the cyberspace. but we are still human.

The more the cyberspace is used. the more it dictates our civilization. Look around electronics are everyplace and invariably being upgraded. As clip goes on the more everyone relies on webs like the cyberspace. It may alter our procedure of life and idea. and may even accommodate us into the new epoch of world. Carr has brought much of this information into position and possibly if everyone would look around it is possible to see how society has progressed so much since the birth of the cyberspace. Peoples can now larn immediately. train. communicate. and work with everyone on the planet. This alone has advanced. changed largely everything done in our current civilization. Being human will ever be the kernel of actions throughout life. but the cyberspace has changed the manner we live. From Google. GPS and Facebook ; everyone programs. plants. and seizes the twenty-four hours being surrounded by these engineerings.

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