Issues About Professionalization of Teachers

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Teaching is considered a professional occupation. A competent teacher must be developed with proper training and updated in trends in education. A long-range trend in teaching towards professionalism.

There have been changes in the perceptions of education in recent years – and this has been partially due to the new flows of information and teacher resources which can be found in the form of the Internet.Because of how our financial situation is brittle and because of how there are challenges which remain in our society, there have been arguments regarding whether or not teaching should be professionalized – and whether or not this is good value for money. Those who commentate in the world of education now believe that you need to have so much more if you are going to be an effective teacher.Teaching your lessons is no longer enough because of how those who spend time in a classroom with students are expected to look out for a number of different things – including a depressive or negative personality in one of the students, or even signs of abuse in some severe circumstances.

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Because of this, there are many arguments that a teacher needs to be authoritative, but in a way that makes them likeable, respectable and approachable.Sometimes, a child might feel detached from their parents and their home, and because of how a student spends more than half of their time at school, the next port of call for a conversation in confidence can be a teacher. If a teacher is not a professional, how will a student feel that they are confident enough in the person who teaches them to confide in serious issues? A teacher needs to be consistent in their teaching – ensuring that they are present for all of the lessons that they are obliged to take.Missing lessons as a teacher is not only reckless from an occupational sense, but the cancellation of lessons or a substitution teacher can have a negative effect on students who might be contending with some frightening exams, needing the consistency and the direction of the teacher that they usually have.

With substitution teachers not having a personal relationship with students, a knowledge of what has been covered in class, and a different approach to teaching, it can be detrimental for students if the teacher’s professionalism is not consistent.Even though it can be important to be firm and fair, losing your temper has been proven to be ineffective. There will be times when students might misbehave or where they will not fulfill the expectations and what you have planned in class, but the points of call following on from this should be a discussion and not alternative methods such as shouting and isolation from the rest of the class. Talking through an issue can allow you to gain a better understanding of the reasoning behind why something might have happened.

Also, if you are willing to get to know the people you teach, you might have a broader knowledge of the different circumstances which they might be handling in their personal life. A working relationship can be made so much more productive when it is brought in line with a personal relationship. Bond with your students; talk about last night’s episode of their favorite teleserye. Here are other issues about the Professionalization of Teaching: •Teaching is a profession because one has to undergo a long education first before he or she can teach and only licensed teachers can teach.

… o, it could not be anybody’s job.

•“Professionals contract to achieve a goal, not argue about the time or methods of reaching that goal. ”•A teacher is and should be a professional, if not for the hours they put in during/after their job, for the amount of schooling put forward to be a teacher. Professions are called Professions because they are careers that take a LOT of devoted time. •Teaching is the only profession that teaches other profession it should be the number one ranking profession in the world.

Teaching too has its own requirements, standards, ethics and, of course, contribution to make. They believe that teaching is not something that ‘anyone and everyone’ can do. Instead it requires a well-informed understanding of children and learning, grounding in several philosophical disciplines, numerous skills and adherence to a code of conduct that has to be in operation ever minute that that the teacher is in action. If all this does not count as being a profession, what else can? TEACHING is a “noble profession” because .

.. It requires considerable education and solid academic achievement, yet it pays poorly in comparison to many other professions (like law and medicine) and yet a teacher can have a life altering effect upon many people (inspired by, enlightened by and encouraged by good teachers. )Rob •More than ever, teaching is still a profession.

To become a teacher, you need to take classes in EVERY subject area, not just one. It’s one of the few undergraduate degree programs that require you to o actual work in the field of study before graduation, as student teachers. In US, teachers are required to obtain a masters’ degree before being considered for tenure. Many states require a certification for teachers- they need to take multiple exams that test their knowledge and ability to teach.

•It is very much a profession; however, people not involved in teaching do not always view it as such. Many people believe that teachers have an “easy” job with short work hours, lots of vacation days, and a long summer’s break.Unfortunately, this is not true; teachers need to prepare large amounts of work OUTSIDE of the classroom; it’s one of the few jobs where, when you leave work for the day, you frequently need to work for at least five hours more. • Teacher salaries HAVE been lowered due to the economy, in certain cases, but even in areas where this hasn’t happened, teacher salaries are surprisingly low when you consider the work and money that is required to become one.

In short, it IS a profession, but for various reasons people do not PERCEIVE it as such. Teaching has not achieved professional status because teachers do not act professionally. When the school bell rings at 5:00 in the afternoon, the parking lot of a nearby Elementary school empties out. •“Teachers are at the heart of the problem” or Teachers are poorly trained or There is low quality of students enrolled in teacher training or Teaching is perceived as a poorly esteemed profession so it does not attract the best • R.

A. 7836 – Known as the Philippine Teacher Professionalization Act of 1994 or Declared the policy recognizing the vital role of teachers in nation building or Created the Board of Professionals.

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