It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness

Everyone has their own opinion on issues that revolve around us and decide not to take action to solve global issues or a simple matter that has a very simple solution. The Chinese proverb, “It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness”, has a lot of meaning that should be put on practice in life and that should be valued and followed by others. It purports that it is better do something, no matter how small the action is about a problem, rather than complaint about it and aggravate the situation. The candle in the proverb is a small answer to a large problem, it can be a laudable choice in the right way to solving it than just worsening the problem (darkness). In this speech, I will share a life experience that changed school life and why Eleanor Roosevelt used it as her saying that impacted others.

One of my classmates at school had the brightest idea to make a difference in the world, of course it sounds impossible, but she had the will to make it happen. This idea she had was to move our school from “Me to We”. It was an idea to stand up for human rights, to make a difference in our school, and to be heard by others. This program is sponsored by the Free the Children program. “Me to We” provides people with as life-changing international volunteer trips, leadership training programs and materials, an inspirational speakers’ bureau, and books that address issues of positive social change. “Me to We” transforms people into world-changers, one action and experience at a time. Living Me to We means walking softly, travelling lightly and making a difference in your actions.

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On the other hand, Eleanor Roosevelt had so much stress in her life as a little girl that got her down a lot; her parents wanted a boy, which made her feel the disappointment since she knew about her parent’s wishes. Her mother told her that she was homely, but she died when she was eight years old, and her father died a year later. She didn’t let it bother her. When she was older, she married FDR, but he was disloyal, he had an affair and did not have a good marriage, and there were other issues that made her life more miserable, but she didn’t let it bother her. She knew that it was up to her to make her life better and to take control over her anguishes. She left a legacy for others to look upon as a role model as the most hard working presidential wives. Eleanor started many organizations that helped the needed. She was admired by many and is still remembered.

“It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness”, should be practiced by everyone, including those who think that they have an impossible life, because just by taking the littlest step to solve a problem, would make the person feel better, there could be worse situations that the person has been part of, but since they took a step to have a solution, he/she should be glad that they don’t have such a hard situation as they did before. Moving my school from “Me to We” has made a difference on people’s perspectives and to stand up for what’s right and what isn’t; and Eleanor Roosevelt has shown that there is no barrier on achieving the best and to prove others wrong. Everybody needs to take a stance for what can be solved, and to try to solve the impossible, everything in this life has a solution, but death.

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