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Jack Roosevelt Robinson was born in Cairo, Georgia. , on January 31, 1919 to Jerry and Mallie Robinson. He grew up in Pasadena, California. In high school and at Pasadena Junior College he showed great athletic accomplishment in path, hoops, football, and baseball. He left school in 1941 and was drafted the undermentioned twelvemonth for Army service during World War II. After having a medical discharge in 1945, Jackie Robinson decided to tryout for the Boston Red Sox, but ended up non doing the squad. He spent a twelvemonth playing baseball with the Kansas City Monarchs of the Negro National League. Later he played in the 1946 season with the Montreal Royals, a Dodgers farm nine, and led the International League in hitting with a.349 norm. He stole 40 bases and scored 113 tallies.

When the Dodgers opened their 1947 season, Robinson was playing 2nd base. On April 10, 1947, Jackie Robinson became the first black participant to subscribe a major conference contract in the twentieth century. During his first game, Jackie went hitless in three at-bats, but cleanly handled 11 opportunities at first base. In 1947, Jackie hit 297 and stole 29 bases while besides playing first base for the Dodgers. Jackie led the National League in stolen bases and was named cub of the twelvemonth. The chief job he had to get the better of was commanding his short pique after hearing so many racial comments from the crowds and other ball participants, including his ain teammates.

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On July 12, 1949, Jackie Robinson made his All-Star game introduction for the National conference. This was the first clip that a black participant participated in an All-Star game. On October 6, 1949, Jackie Robinson scored the lone tally in the Dodgers 1-0 win over the New York Yankees in game two of the World Series. This was the lone game that the Dodgers won in the 1949 World Series. In 1949, with a 342 norm, he was named the most valuable participant in the conference. He was one of the game’s best base smugglers, with a sum of 197 stolen bases.

The Dodgers won six National League crowns during Robinson’s ten playing old ages. On December 13, 1956, the Brooklyn Dodgers traded Jackie Robinson to the Dodger’s rival squad, the New York Giants in hopes that Robinson would be able to hike the low attending. He was being traded for a hurler named Dick Littlefield and $ 35,000 in hard currency. At this clip, Robinson was holding jobs with his legs and was believing about discontinuing baseball. Less than a month subsequently, Jackie retired from baseball in 1956 with a life-time batting norm of 311.

On January 23, 1962, the Baseball Writers Association of America elected Jackie Robinson to the Hall of Fame in his first twelvemonth of eligibility. Robinson became the first Afro-american to be elected. After retirement he became a vice-president of a New York eating house house and the president of a land-development company. From 1964 to 1968 he served as particular helper for civil rights to Governor Nelson Rockefeller of New York. He besides worked with drug-prevention plans. Robinson starred in the gesture image The Jackie Robinson Story which was made in 1950 and was the writer, with Alfred Duckett, of I Never Had It Made in 1972.

On October 24, 1972, Jackie Robinson died from a bosom onslaught at the age of 53 in Stamford, Connecticut. Ten yearss earlier, Robinson had thrown out the first pitch at the beginning of the 2nd game in the 1972 World Series.

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