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Juliets Relationship with Her Parents

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Juliet has a strained relationship with her mother, who loves her but is rather distant. It is the Nurse who has brought Juliet up, having been her wet-nurse and then her Nanny and continues to be employed by the Capulets in this capacity. It is no surprise, then, that Juliet finds the Nurse much more mother-like than her own mother. Her father is more interested in seeing that she marries well and soon rather than her personal happiness. He tells Paris that although she is “free to choose” her own mate, it must be from a narrow pool that he has approved of, and what’s more, he has already selected Paris.

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Juliets Relationship with Her Parents
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He sees no reason why his daughter would object. In 3. 5, Lady Capulet believes Juliet is weeping for Tybault. She is suprised by the reaction and more or less tells her to get over it, she looks stupid. Not exactly a kind response! (Not to mention off-base. ) She says: “Evermore weeping for your cousin’s death? What wilt thou wash him from his grave with tears? And if thou couldst, thou couldnst not make him live.

Therefore have done: some grief show much of love, But much of grief shows stills some want of wit. ” (3. 5. 70-73)

Her refusal to marry Paris meets with anger, not understanding. She sees no reason why such a match would not “happily make thee a joyful bride,” but when Juliet protests, Lady Capulet exasperatedly tells her that she’d better take it up with her father: “Here comes your father now, tell him so yourself / And see how he will take it at your hands” (3. 5. 124-125). She doesn’t truly side with anyone, but it is clear she is not much on her daughter’s side. The loyalty that Romeo and Juliet feel toward their parents lies at the root of their dilemma. It’s called filial duty.

In the medieval world of Verona, as well as in Elizabethan England, this duty was more than just being respectful and doing chores around the house. Parents, and fathers in particular, were entirely in charge of their children. There was generally no room for debate, especially for daughters. Accordingly, Juliet is extremely respectful toward her parents. When her mother first broaches the subject of a marriage to Paris, Juliet makes an obliging reply, though she is not really interested in getting married. She doesn’t want to contradict her mother.

So, she doesn’t say no. Juliet I’ll look to like, if looking liking move; But no more deep will I endart mine eye Than your consent gives strength to make it fly. (1. 3. 98-100) Juliet not only says she will try to like Paris, but further emphasizes her filial duty by saying she won’t look at anyone that her parents have not approved of. Falling in love with Romeo, then, is a clear departure for this obedient young woman. And she knows it. She is certain that the relationship with Romeo and the duty she owes her family are incompatible.

She immediately realizes that one of them — she or Romeo — would have to disassociate from their household to make this union work Themes- Hastiness- Romeo is hasty to fall in and out of love. The two are too hasty to get married; they never thought about what could go wrong. Infatuation- Romeo and Juliet, in all probability, were not really in love. They were infatuated with each other. They were in love with the idea that they were in love. They could not have fallen so deeply in love with only one conversation. Selfishness- Everyone in this play (except Benvolio) acts selfishly.

Juliet never told her parents about Romeo and did the selfish act of faking her death, which greatly upset them. The Capulets were selfish for making Juliet marry a man that she did not love. Both of the families were selfish for continuing the fighting. Friar Lawrence ran away when they saw the two families go into the tomb. He wanted to prevent himself from getting in trouble. Tybalt was selfish for killing Mercutio. Romeo was not thinking of Juliet as he killed her cousin. Key Issues Feuding- The feuding of the families was the whole reason for the tragedy.

They should have reconciled their differences years ago. They didn’t even know what they were fighting about. Stereotypes-Some members of the Capulets and Montagues have never even met and yet they hate each other. Why? Because of a person’s last name. Dreams- The whole story had occurred in a dream which foretold their fate . This was a warning for Romeo yet he chose to ignore it. Decisions- Many difficult decisions had to be made. Friar’s decision to marry them was difficult. He could have told their parents. He risked taking the responsibility for marrying them knowing it might cause upheaval.

Juliet had the difficult decision of how to get out of marrying Paris. She was also confronted with the dilemma of whether to appease her parents and follow their wishes which would mean marrying Paris or follow her heart and marry Romeo. The families made the decision to end their feud to prevent any more unnecessary deaths. Sacrifices- Romeo and Juliet were willing to sacrifice their relationship with their families in order to be together. Fate- It was considered fate that they would meet and fall in love and then die for each other. Fate brought them together as well as ended their lives.

It was in the stars. Moral lessons There is more to love than lust. Romeo and Juliet did not take the time to get to know each other and form a deep intimate relationship. They rushed into their relationship. They were also very young to be experiencing love . Even people much older than them do not know what love means. It may have really been true love that was mutually felt by both of them though. Labels mean nothing- Their last name was a label. Their names were what almost kept them apart. . But love saw through that. They saw each other in secrecy and soon fell madly in love.

Love sees no barriers. Listen to advice-If the families had listened to the Prince of Verona and made peace, then Mercutio and Tybalt would not have died. If Romeo and Juliet would have listened to the advice given to them by the Friar then they would not have died so young. The Friar cautioned them about acting hasty and irrational. But instead the star-crossed lovers meet the fate of death. Don’t seek revenge-The families sought revenge for things that did not even involve them and happened years ago. They needed to forgive and forget.

Yet when both parties are stubborn it takes the death of two young lovers for them to realize that their actions were wrong. . Tybalt called Romeo a villain and dared him to fight. With his refusal Mercutio began to fight Tybalt to defend the family name. Romeo tries to stop them, but it is too late when Tybalt kills Mercutio. In anger and guilt Romeo than retaliates and catches Tybalt. In Romeo’s rashness Tybalt dies . Don’t act hastily- This involves the manner in which Romeo and Juliet acted . They should have thought things through first before they jumped into matrimony. Matrimony is a lifetime thing and not just a teenage phase

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