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Identity Unrelated to Their Relationship with Their Parents

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  • Pages 2
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    Shaping Identity Identity. What is identity? One will say that it is the distinct personality of an individual. Others will say that identity is the behavior of a person in response to their surrounding environment. At certain points of time, some people search for their identity in order to understand their existence in life. In regards, identity is shaped into an individual through the social trials of life that involve family and peers, the religious beliefs by the practice of certain faiths, and cultural awareness through family history and traditions. These are what shape the identity of an individual. In today’s world, society creates an impact on human life. More of an impact can be seen among family and peers. They can …show more content…

    Work creates an identity for a person also. Whether its promotions to a higher position or being unsatisfied and distraught with their job. People who enjoy their job and work environment will create more of a confident identity compared to someone who does not will have an un-motivated identity. School has an impact as well when it comes to identity. It is where a children, adolescents, and adults are influenced by acquiring knowledge and constantly being surrounded by peers. Through school, memberships in friendship groups, cliques, or “crews” helps build an identity apart from their relationship to parents. However, over-identification with a clannish group that rejects anyone who looks or acts different can limit personal growth. Religion plays a part in a person’s identity structure. It is the search of what one calls faith in one’s self and the worship of either one supreme being or numerous beings. But religion comes in different formalities. There are those who were raised practicing their religion, those who were influenced and converted, and those who were brainwashed. People who practice a certain religion will more likely raise their children under that same religion. Being raised practicing a religion creates the virtues and morals for that person’s identity from an early stage. It helps parents create a sense of direction and inflict the core values their children need. Some people have .

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