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Just Lather Thats All

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Throughout a lifetime we will read enormous number of books and stories and only some will inspire us. But have a reader ever wondered why the stories are so effective and great? After reading the short story, “Just Lather, That’s All”, the opinion of the book was positive and there are three elements that made it strong and great. They are: conflict, point of view, and dialogue. One of the elements that make this story really effective and well presented is the conflict.

This story has an internal conflict and person vs. person conflict. The person vs. person conflict happens in some parts of the story.

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For example, when Torres came into a barber shop, sat on the chair and begun to talk about how cruelly he is going to torture barber’s friends. In addition, Torres have even invited him to come and watch the amusement. So the conflict is Torres is killing barber’s friends and barber wants a revenge.

“Torres did not know that I was his enemy. He did not know it, nor did the rest. ” (pg 15) “So it was going to be very difficult to explain that I had him right in my hands and let him go peacefully-alive and shaved. ” (pg. 15) Throughout the story the reader will also notice that internal conflict presents.

Barber is trying to decide should he press a little harder with his razor and be pleased by a revenge or let Torres go perfectly shaved and alive. “Damn him for coming, because I’m a revolutionary and not a murderer. And how easy it would be to kill him. And he deserves it. Does he? No! What the devil! No one deserves to have someone else make the sacrifice of becoming a murderer. What do you gain by it? Nothing. ” (pg. 16) “ And what of all this? Murderer or hero? My destiny depends on the edge of this blade. ” (pg. 16) As it seems the two conflicts, internal and person vs. erson, makes the story rich. Any reader will notice that most of the stories are written in first person of view. These kinds of stories are well detailed and makes the reader participate in the story as it happens in a real life. The story, “Just Lather, That’s All”, is narrated by the barber and every detail is told. For instance, throughout the story barber explains every move and feeling that he experiences, which a third person might not even notice or know. The quote that is great example for this, is: “I was passing the best of my razors back and forth on a stop.

When I recognized him I started to tremble. But he didn’t notice. Hoping to conceal my emotion, I continued sharpening the razor. I tested it on the meat of my thumb, and then held it up to the light. ” (pg. 13) “I can turn my hand a little bit more, press a little harder on the razor, and sink it in. The skin would give way like silk, like rubber, like the strop. ” (pg. 16) The actions that are clearly described in first person, making the reader connect with the story and imagine themselves making a decision, doing the actions, and experience the feelings that are hidden in the atmosphere of the story.

A book or even a shot story will be boring without any dialogue. What is the use of a story without conversations? The story, “Just Lather, That’s All” is full of details and narrated by a barber, so we know everything about a barber but not about the second character, Torres, so the dialogue between the two characters is used. The dialogue plays an important role for connecting the characters and allowing a reader meet other characters and know some facts about them.

For instance, we know that barber hates Torres, but we do not know how does Torres feels about a barber. That is why in the end of the story Torres have said: “They told me that you’d kill me. I came to find out. But killing isn’t easy. You can take my word for it. ” (pg. 17) From this sentence of a dialogue we know that Torres actually knew that the barber considered him as an enemy. He came to a barber and put himself under the blade to just find out whether the hand of the barber with a razor will slice the thread of his life or let him go with peace.

In addition, from the dialogue the reader of this story can easily find out how was Torres testing the barber by making him angry. “But we did all right, you know. We got the main ones. We brought back some dead, and we’ve got some others still alive. But pretty soon they’ll all be dead. ” (pg. 13) The dialogue not only gives a life to a story, but it also makes it interesting. In closing, any story can be either great or bad. This story appeared to be great because of the three effective elements: conflict, point of view and dialogue.

The two conflicts, internal and person vs. person, makes the story shine with richness. The point of view is told from a first person, barber, which makes the story much more interesting of its details. Lastly, the dialogue gives a reader more information about other characters and makes a story gain a life rather than boredom. In my opinion, the story, “Just Lather, That’s All” is amazing for students as an example of how use of different elements make stories interesting and doesn’t allow the reader to drop the book in the middle of the sentence.

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