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Amul Company Business Management and Marketing

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  • Pages 4
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    Analyze the customer value chain of marketing GCMMF Amul India using holistic marketing? Holistic Marketing Orientation and Customer Value provide approaching process for customer capturing value one beginning of holistic marketing views it as incorporate the • Value exploration: • Value creation: • Value delivery: And this used for the long term mutually satisfying relationship.

    The chain of holistic marketing framework, shows how the interaction between relevant actors Customer focus: customer bonding towards amul milk and other products is very strong because amul company always focus on their customers and increase value in their brands value based activities Value exploration, Value creation and Value delivery which are used for creating and maintaining customer value. Company & (core competencies): Every cooperative needs to strengthen its core competencies because unlike in the private corporate and the public sectors, they cannot be outsourced without risks.

    The ‘Amul Pattern’ of cooperatives has been a model that has stood the test of time and adversities with flying colors. Developed over more than a half century the Amul approach has been successfully replicated in other states over the last quarter of a century. Company also face competition from two sides; one from the milk procurement side and the other from marketing and distribution. Because of our business strategy which is to give the highest price to the farmer and also value for money to the customer we are able to counter competition to a great extent.

    Collaborators (collaborative network): Amul Company has integrated technology at all stages of distribution by implementing software solutions across the entire value chain on a robust and reliable communication backbone. These include software focused on automating rural operations to enterprise-wide SAP implementations. We are also improving our distribution reach through robust GIS-based analytics. • Value exploration:

    Many products by Amul exploring the value such as Amul is exploring the possibility of launching Amul Ice cream in gulf, across the entire value chain gives India a competitive advantage. • Cognitive space • Competency space • Resources space • Value creation: Amul simply means ‘Value For Money’ and Quality Customer benefits: • Average product Mix length:4 • Pricing and product strategy make products available to all socioeconomic segments • Product variants for different demographic and behavioral segments • Provide value across the pyramid

    Amul know the importance of healthy life style which goes hand-in-hand with the healthy and balanced nutrition The recently launched Amul CALCI+ contains high amount of calcium derived from natural milk solids and Vitamin D to serve the daily requirements. Business domain: Amul, an acronym for Anand Milk Union Limited, was adopted as the brand name by the cooperative for its branded milk and milk products. The brand is collectively owned by over two million farmers, who are members of around 10,000 village dairy cooperative societies throughout Gujarat.

    Value Creation for business partners: • Made modern technology available to member producers • Producers trained to optimize their resources • Encouraged participation of women in the cooperative • Institutions built to provide medical services to cattle and farmer • Value delivery: Amul is offering the best marketing mix to its customers in order to meet their needs. Delivering great quality products since many years Awareness level is very high Brand Recall is 100%Butter = Amul Emotional connects: High Bond with the motherland Brand Imagery Brand Performance Brand Salience.

    Customer relationship management: Under this head AMUL used to do lot of sponsorship shows they use lot of medium like advertisements, hoardings, news papers, TV shows and many more to create awareness in the public and make proper relation with customer after product sell by taking feedbacks. Internal resources management: A systematic & well-defined organizational structure plays a vital role & provides accurate information to the Top- Level Management. An organization Structure defines a clear-cut line of authorities & responsibilities among the employees of GCMMF.

    The Organization structure of AMUL is well-arranged structure. At a glance a person can completely come to know about the organization structure. Business partner management: • Amul makes over 10 million payment transactions daily. On the logistic more 5000 trucks move milk from villages to 200 daisy processing plants twice a day. • It’s ERP software named as Enterprise Wide Integrated Application System(EIAS) covers a plethora of operations like market planning advertising and promotion, distribution network planning.

    Each of amul offices are connected via internet and all of them send daily reports on sales and inventory to the main system at Anand. • Has also connected all zonal, regional & member dairies through VSAT Supply management through internet 2: Construct value creation and delivery sequence for Emmental cheese? “The value creation process applies to the management of customer relationships with the aim of providing practical guidance for enhancing customer value and thus shareholder value. ” Choose the value:

    Customer segmentation: Amul Emmental cheese famous in Youth like amul emmental cheese, amul cheese spreads. Market selection focus: Amul brands and markets itself as the largest vegetarian cheese producer in the world since all its cheese varieties are made from microbial rather than animal ran net. This immediately makes the brand’s’ cheese products favorable in a country with the most vegetarians in the world. Available in (Segments/Markets) Top Gourmet Stores/APOs/MFS in Major Metros and Mini Metros [pic]

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