Marx German Ideology Summary

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Karl Marx was home schooled until he was twelve years old. Marx was an average student in schools. He started his college studies at the University of Bonn. He didn’t take his education seriously at this point in his life. He did a lot of partying that caused him to go to jail and end up in debt. His father pushed him to enroll in the University of Berlin. There he studied law and philosophy. He graduated with his doctorate from the University of Jean. He couldn’t get a job teaching because he belonged to a radicalism group known s the Young Hegelian.

They were known for criticizing religious and political establishments. Marx became an editor for a liberal influential newspaper. His articles made the Prussian government get rid of the newspaper. He questioned their economies and they didn’t approve offbeat. He then moved to Paris where he started to series, Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts. He focused them on communist in the eyes of a humanist. He studied history and developed, The German Ideology. Joined the communist league and rote, The Class Struggles in France, and The 18th Barmier of Louis Bonaparte.

Marx believed that in order to know about things you had to study. Human history had to be studied to understand what really went on. He saw it as stories of social classes and their struggles. He didn’t believe that there were differences between classes. Marx was elected to the First International by their General Council. He led the struggle against anarchist. He helped prepare the annual congresses of the International. He fought with a passion hen he felt strongly about something.

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