What is the minimum wage?
the lowest hourly pay that workers can receive
Which workers are most likely to be in demand in the future?
those with high tech skills
One argument in favor of labor unions is that they
give workers job security
What event had an enormous effect on US workplace safety?
a deadly factory fire
Why must the government consider companies’ needs as well as those of workers?
Regulations can be costly and may drive companies out of business.

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What does the author believe about factory owners?
they are greedy and selfish
What is one benefit for US workers who have a college degree rather than a high school diploma?
Those with a college degree earn nearly twice as much as those without college.
What is the most likely reason why many of the New York Factory Investigating Commission’s suggestions were not implemented immediately?
Factory owners resisted the suggestions because they would be costly to implement.
If union contracts raise wages above competitive levels, what might be one negative outcome?
Companies will move overseas to escape unions and hire cheaper labor.
In the year 2013, which of these fields has the largest percentage of workers?
education and health care
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