Design-Build Project Delivery Method

This method is found as the best alternative for delivering the public projects (Design-Build E ffectiveness Study, 2006). As per the position of the design professional, the design build project delivery methods are suitable for the delivery of the projects. The use of this method has become widespread in the recent times.

Due to this much of application of this method, the need of the project designers is much to be involved in the development of the projects to ensure that the design plans are being executed properly in addition to the contemplation of the challenges in the entire construction process, which are caused by the design prior to its completion. The method of Design Build project delivery is the paramount method for the project delivery because with this method, the overall cost of completing the project can be reduced to a certain extent.

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In addition to this, the capital facilities can be brought more quickly on line through this technique. The method of design build project delivery holds the interface of owner, designer and builder at a promotional position by the development of a sole unit, which is stimulating with the client program’s transformation, in the form of a cost efficient and aesthetic actuality. In the previous century, the rate of disputes and conflicts related to designing and construction works were very much common not only in private sector; but equally in the public sector.

The reason was all the things in which manner they were conceived to work, were not working in that manner. The design consultants were blamed by the contractors for preparing the documents of construction in an incomplete form. In the same way, the contractors were blamed by the architects for making changes in the order mania and bids low balling. The owners used to claim that they are the most prone victims of this entire process as all the prices and damages related to imperfect drawings and opportunistic contractors were afforded by them (Levy, 2006).

System started the testing of flow of entire system of project delivery with the assurance that it would abolish all the negative aspects of the old system. If it would not be able to eliminate all the negative aspects, the adversarial relationship between different individuals involved in the process would be reduced to a certain extent. With the implementation of the design build project delivery system an environment can be established, where all the challenges related to construction projects could be resolved in a non-confrontational way. With the analysis of the all the favorable aspects, it is evaluated that the design build project delivery system is favorable system for the purpose of project delivery.

The hiring of the design professional is done before the completion of the design phase under the design build project delivery system. In this process, the construction manager works as a design professional and executes the duties of the general contractor and project manager. There arise several issues in hiring of the professional, which are as under:

  • As per the confirmation of the professional disciplines, development of trust and confidence is required.
  • The hiring of the design professionals is conducted by the persons not by the owner or the user.
  • The associations at state as national level defines some levels related to performance of particular professional, some ethical codes and varied levels of competence for assurance of public security.
  • By certain order, there is a great requirement for the professional to acquire the license. With the acquisition of license, the clients are satisfied that the professional has acquired the required level of competence. Any kind of improper practices by the professionals is prohibited.
  • The hiring of a contractor is done by conducting bidding for the completion of the project on a set price.
  • The hiring of the contractor does not include any kind of competitive bidding due to which, special legislations are essential to be considered in the hiring process (Understanding Project Delivery for the Design and Construction of Public Buildings).

This way, several issues arise during the process of hiring or contracting the design professional in the given economic landscape.

These issues include ethical, financial, legal and some general as per the above discussion. According to the personal observation, the effective coordination with all these issues is essential for an individual to have the delivery of the project on the required beneficial level. Impact on Individual Hiring a design professional, impact the individuals from two sides positive, as well as, the negative. From the positive perspective, all the interests of the individual or owner are protected with the assistance of the responsibilities taken by the design professional.

The quality building aspects and the other functions related to construction works are also addressed by the hiring of the design professional by the owner. In addition to this, the time and cost of the owner are also saved by this contract between both the parties. The delivery of the project becomes fast with having contracts with such professionals. All the responsibilities related to the overall design and construction process are held responsible to a single entity with which the responsibilities of the individual reduces to a certain extent.

The conflicts between the projects’ professionals are internalized with which, the owner has no relation. This way, several positive impacts are seen on one with this contract. In contrast to this, some impacts of this contract are negative for the individual or owner. At the initial stages of the particular project, the owner has a limited level of involvement. This makes him unaware of the degree of the project progress. The margin of profit is protected at lesser degree with this contract between the two. There are possibilities in the reduction of the quality in a hidden manner.

For the representation of the interests of the owner, any objective agent in this contract process is not involved. The conflicts between the interests of involved parties are also a negative impact. From this analysis, it is analyzed that hiring a design professional who protects the interests of the individual on one side, harms some of the interests on the other side. But the positive aspects are more effective, which shows that involvement of the design professional is favorable for the contract process.

The design-build method is an important method in which a single entity s hired for design and construction. The single entity, which is hired, plays the role of the design professional, as well as, the contractor. The relationship of the design professional and the prime contractor is also impacted in this project delivery system. In the design-build project delivery system, the design service provider and the prime contractor are engaged with one contract, which establishes an organizational relationship between both the parties. The relationship between design professional and prime contractor also cause the formation of a contractual relationship among both of them.

This contractual relationship clears the responsibility and accountability of both the parties (Hovet). The sole responsibility under the design-build project delivery assigns the sole responsibility to the design professional instead of the prime contractor for design and construction. The design professional has to make his efforts in the coordination with the prime contractor, as the former is responsible for it. This shows that relationship between the prime contractor and the design professional is quite important in this project delivery system.

This project delivery system also enhances the communication between the service provider and the prime contractor, which helps to increase the effectiveness in their relationship. The increase in communication between prime contractor and design professional would also enhance mutual understanding between both of them, which would provide more effective results.

At the same time, this project delivery system also enhances the accountability of design professional as he is the solely responsible for design and construction. The increase in the understanding between both parties would also produce a value based project feedback, which would help the design professional to make his efforts according the requirements of the prime contractor.

The given project delivery method exploit several personal affinities, as well as, the strengths and weaknesses of the design professional. In these three aspects; distinct factors would be included: Personal Affinities: The professional designers would not only be hired for only the private projects, but favorably hired for the public sector projects.

The engineers seeking for the potential profits in the employment in the private industry would be undertaken by the industrialists. The professional expertise of the designers is also improved by working with varied construction works. The interaction of the professional with the owners becomes effective. The quality control and quality assurance make the capabilities of the contractors improved due to the cooperation of the design team. New projects require innovative and unique designing patterns due to which, the capabilities of the contractors enhanced at a great level. This way, the personal affinities of the professional designers enhances to great extent by going with such methods of project delivery.

Among strong points of this method, money spent by the owners is given the highest value by the professionals. This methods leads to the lower cost as the owners of the project are given high level of value. With the team efforts, the capabilities of the professionals become stronger. As per the weaknesses, the sole responsibility of the project is put on the design professional.

The relationship between the owner and the professional, changes radically. Liability and the license issues are the limiting factors for being involved in the design build team. All the risk related to the project with design build is associated with the contractor (Levy, 2006). Case Studies & Ethical Implications Case Studies: The appropriateness of the design build project delivery system can be proved with the help of some case studies. A case of State of California proves the favorable applicability of design build method in public sector project.

This project method was implied in the construction projects of highways. The LAO (Legislative Analyst’s Office) reported the performance of this project with the new system. As per this report, the design build method has price certainty, as well as conflicts and disputes are also avoided in this project. The project delivery also becomes faster. There is no need of the assistance of large technical staff in this method. These favorable points show that the design build system is entirely appropriate for such public sector projects (Levy, 2006).

The Journal of Management in Engineering published an article during the year end of 2000. As per the article, several projects worth $37. 2 billon with the implication of design build method have been developed. It was mentioned in the report that more than $2. 6 trillion worth projects have been completed with design build project method since 1994. This data has been given approval by the Federal Highway Administration Special Experimental Projects Program (Levy, 2006). Ethical: There are some ethical implications which surround the delivery method.

The designs made in this method are aesthetic. These projects require having full functionality and affability with the project team. There is no involvement of fraud in this method. The interests of the owners are protected under this method. The code of ethics and standards are required to be followed. From these ethical implications, it is evaluated that design build project delivery method is not only cost beneficial; but as regards to the personal aspects, it is equally suitable too.


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