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After a series of interviews with the customers using the lakme products and after studying the marketing strategy of the company in regard to competition, it can be said that lakme is here to stay for long. The company is under the umbrella of Hindustan lever ltd. which itself is a big name.

The backing of HLL is enough for the company to go on producing high quality cosmetics to suit every need of the Indian woman. Also the company has adopted a new marketing strategy hereby the company has started organizing lakme India fashion week, which has gained a lot of publicity for the company. Any other multinational cosmetic company has not been able to gain so much of publicity for itself. This promotion strategy of the company has been able to retain its market share, which is largest in the country.

Also the products are priced very competitively in regard to competition and this makes them affordable for the average Indian middle-class women. This way company has been able to gain a large market share for itself.

Distribution of products is also no problem to the company as there is a backing of HLL which itself has a very strong distribution network. The products of lakme are available at every outlet in the country so that most of the Indian women can have access to the products. So at last it can be said that with a perfect marketing mix the company is able to retain a large market share for itself and there is a long way ahead.

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