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The Head, superior, chief or ‘Leader” are amongst the most influential and major person in a team or a group in which its primary role is to – guide, bond together and lead its people towards the precise road to success. In general the role of a leader is to serve and lead its people to reach the goal of the team as well as personal objective. In most common term a “leader” is the major servant, which he or she serves as the – inspiration, commandant and the mentor of his or her people to reach their unified goal of success.

A good leader serves not only as the chief officer rather a friend, motivator and a guide towards the improvement of its people. According to “Max De Pree” the characteristics of leaders does not only support monetary and grab power to the society rather leaders must promote servant hood, which involves – cooperation, lifting up, enabling others to stand out and the importance of storytelling. (Ken Castor Readings)Max De Pree is an American writer and was the founder of Herman Miller, one of the most successful furniture companies. As a founder of a successful furniture company and a writer, Max De Pree is also famous for his outstanding leadership in which he led his furniture company to reached success in its industry.

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During his term as the leader or chief executive Herman Miller, his company was listed as one of the 500 most profitable companies in the United States published annually by the “fortune magazine”. Furthermore, the success of Max De Pree in all of his works as a – leader, businessman and writer is generally appreciated when he was honored to be the American National Business “Hall of Fame” by fortune magazine. As an inspirational writer Max De Pree had shared its beliefs and principle in leadership through his 148 pages published book called “Leadership is An Art”, which is a composition of inspiring lessons about his successful point of views of leadership. (De Pree Leadership Training)The book of Max De Pree “Leadership is an Art” is composition or summary of factual lessons about leadership based on his own experiences as the leader and the founder of the successful Herman Miller furniture company.

Max De Pree as the author or the writer  reveals in his book “Leadership is an Art” that Leadership is not a science rather it is an Art, which Leadership does not only focused to personal goal rather initiates harmonious relationship on its people towards the achievement of united organizational goal. Moreover, the book of Max De Pree “Leadership is an Art” is considered as an informative source of reading for leaders due to its factual lessons,  which is broadly appreciated with more than 800,000 sold copies after it was published. (Ken Castor Readings)Furthermore, in accordance to “Ken Castor Readings” the book”Leadership is an Art” by Max De Pree Highlighted three aspects, which he believes are essential for effective and competent leadership – integrity, nurturing relationships, and community building. Max De Pree’s book of leadership raises that purpose of leadership aims not only to generate profit and holds control on its organization or society, moreover, De Pree’s book “Leadership is an Art” promotes the characteristics of servant hood in leadership as – cooperating, lifting others up, enabling others to shine, and the importance of storytelling.

The book “Leadership is an Art” tells that a scientific leadership can only be effective for a minimal period of time in which the book teaches that nurturing a relational community or group bound with trust and honesty is the major key to a successful organization or company. That Leaders must continually share the story of the organization – communicate the identity, the values and the vision of the group so that members the organization will share united organizational goal; that in Every family, every college, every corporation and every institution needs tribal storytellers. The book explains that Storytelling of organizational moral values and history helps sustain the passion as well as the definition of a group.  (Ken Castor Readings)Moreover, according to “Ken Castor” the 148 pages composition of Max De Pree’s experience and views about on leadership reveals his principle that “Leadership is Art” not a science, which aims to work closely with the members of the organization, honor and improve the capabilities of its people for the achievement of united organizational goal.

In the book Max De Pree had further characterized “Leadership” to aim for the future of the organization rather than the management of today in which he said that as long as trust and honesty is maintained the organization has a bright or manageable future. Also, the book “Leadership is an Art” tells the perception of Max De Pree that organization facilities reflects the values and vision of the organization or company, which he said that  facilities must be a place that develop the capabilities of people, determine their potential and gained confidence for better execution of their role in the organization.On the other hand, I can say that my own characteristics as an aspiring leader is somehow the same with Max De Pree’s. For my past experienced I usually take bigger responsibility to lead a group or a team in which I was in-charge to guide the whole group towards the achievement of our goal.

As an aspiring leader, in my past experience I usually serve as the motivator and mentor to improve the capabilities of my group mates or teammates within my command. As I finished the book “Leadership is an Art” by Max  De Pree, I was able to acquire essential information,which I can apply to be an effective leader in the near future. Moreover, as an aspiring leader I understand that I will face more challenging experiences in the future, which will test my competency as leader. Nevertheless, the book of Max De Pree’s “Leadership is an Art” will definitely help me become effective and competent leader in the future, which will help me surpass future challenging experiences as a leader.;;;ReferencesKen Castor Readings (2007), Leadership is an Art- By Max De Pree: Retrieved April 28, 2008 from http://www.kencastor.com/jesusfollower_readings/2007/07/leadership-is-a.htmlDe Pree Leadership Training (n.d), Leadership is an Art: Retrieved April 28, 2008 from             http://www.depree.org/html/moremax.html;;

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