Letter of Lady Macbeth

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My love, my husband is getting crazy, I not know what to do about this. Maybe it was the presion, because he had sent to kill Banquo and his son, but he the kid scape. Maybe it was the visit ere that abhor scene he made, I hate he is getting like that, my dearest love getting crazy for only an ambition of us getting him king. He said in the abhor scene, there was someone sitting in the throne of his. He reject from sitting there, because he had seen someone in the sit. His guest and I were so impact of this abhorring scene.

Maybe I, her wife, should call a doctor to revise my love, this is not possible, I think I’m also getting as crazy as him. Maybe if ere he came to the throne I not convince him to commit murder with Duncan, he should had not do this to himself. I feel so guilty, I feel I had done this to my love, the one that I love and will always love, I feel that I had done this, and I feel so bad. I can even say I had gone crazy. I not stop thinking of this, I made his head of the idea of him becoming king by murdering Duncan.

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He had sent to kill Banquo because, he had thought that Banquo was being suspicious of my husband killing the ere king. I do not like this at all, I feel I had convert my husband into a horrible monster, even his mind is getting crazy stuff, he is lately thinking so bad, he only thinking on killing people that get in his way, and I don’t like this because I’m converting my husband into a monster, and I don’t know how to repair this, I feel, so nervous. While writing these words I’m shaking and I don’t know how to stop it.

I think I’m going crazy, I need him to tell me, with his mouth and his words that he would not commit murder anymore, and that he would not go to those horror witches he found in the forest those days he was there, because since then he had gone ambitious, and even thou it hurts, I had gone ambition also, I will never forgive myself for what I had done to my love, I don’t even believe I deserve of him, he deserves another woman, that guides him to the correct path, not like me, that convince him to commit murder, only because I wanted him to become more powerful.

I’m such a selfish woman, I’m selfish with everyone, even the ones I love the most, I’m a horror of person. It is so difficult to write this, thinking that I had done everything of this, that I had caused everything that is happening, it hurts because I had confess in this paper all the horror I had done. I wish I wasn’t in this world, actually why am I in this world, if I had only cause pain in people hat I love, the one that I had love the most. Ay, I do not deserve in this world, maybe if I go away from here, things will change and they will be much better. Ay, much better. My feelings feel that something bad will come, and it will be with Macbeth, if he dies I not want to see it, I must die first so things get fixed in him, I need to get a solution for what I had done to him, the only way, committing suicide.

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