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Lewis and Clark Reloaded Case Study

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  • Pages 2
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    Complete the Answers to Parts I, II, and III

    Part I
    1.What body systems are primarily affected and what physiological changes would you expect Joe and Frank to experience during such rigorous exercise? 1.The body systems that are primarily affected are the respiratory, circulatory, cardiovascular, and muscular systems. The changes that they would probably experience would be that their muscles would probably become fatigued because the heart would be working at its maximum level and they would be losing breath. 2.List the symptoms Joe is manifesting on the 20th day of cycling. 1.He is feeling dizzy, bleeding, and feeling fatigued.

    3.Could Joe’s symptoms be explained by your answers to Question #1 alone? 1.Yes, they could because he is working the cardiovascular system very hard which causes the muscular system to work hard and become fatigued. Part II

    1.What, if any, of this new information might be relevant to this case? 1.The new information that might be relevant is that Joe has started throwing up and was drinking way more energy drinks than Frank.

    2.What can you determine from the clinical lab results of Joe’s blood work and urinalysis?

    1.We can determine that Joe has an infection and is not getting enough water. We can tell this because he has an above average count of neutrophils in his blood and his urine is a dark yellow color.

    3.What additional information or tests would you request?

    1.I think it would be a good idea to check his heart rate to verify if his cardiovascular system is working too hard.

    Part III
    Your Task

    From this point forward, you will role-play Dr. Smith’s medical consultants. Your task is to gather “missing” information from Joe and Frank, asking additional questions about their daily habits, activities, and experiences on the bike trail. What other questions would you ask Joe and Frank in order to gather pertinent information necessary for you to make an accurate diagnosis? Write down a minimum of 5 questions that you would ask.

    My questions:

    Were you experiencing any signs of illness before you began the bike trip? Have you ever been on such an extensive bike ride before?

    1.Weeding out misinformation and piecing together the many facts presented, what is your diagnosis of Joe’s condition? 2.What signs, symptoms, risk factors, and conditions lead to this diagnosis?

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