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Life Lesson That Give Us Our Parents

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    Parents are often the ones which give us a different life lesson. Most of the time, we learn lessons when we experience it in real life. There are various instances when we have had a setback and we understand the things we should not do the next time. I strongly agree with the saying that, “What your parents do not teach you, the world will?” The most important life lessons I have learned from the school of life are things do not come easily, do not be afraid of failure and be flexible with your goals.

    Firstly, to become successful in your life, we have to work hard. For having a good life with emotional satisfaction and trustworthy friends, we need to take efforts. The amount of the work we put in to achieve our goal decides our destiny. For example, to pursue to Masters in Canada, I studied hard in Bachelors as I knew my academic grade was a must in order to get admission in Canada. I also needed to make my resume strong and also at the same time gain technical knowledge. That is the reason; I completed the training of various courses and also participated in various competitions. I read several novels, online articles for learning new words so that I can score well in my IELTS. To sum up, in return for all the efforts I put in, I finally got admission in Canada.

    Secondly, even after preparing thoroughly for a thing, there is a chance we might fail in accomplishing our goal. In a fear of failing, we should not stop trying new things in life. For instance, I have a passion for playing cricket, so in my grade 8, I went for selection in my school team. But as I was not good enough, I was not selected. Instead of being afraid of fear, I worked hard on my skills and next year, I again went for the election. Having improved my skills, the coach was impressed and I got selected in the team. In addition to the selection, I was made the vice-captain of the team. To conclude, if I would have been afraid of going for the selection the second time, I would not have got the chance of playing for my school.

    Finally, changing our goals does not mean that we have failed in our life. Instead, the right to do is to analyze our current position and how our activities could influence our future. It is better to sometimes postpone a goal or even modify it for the time being. To illustrate, being born in a cricket-loving country, growing up I wanted to be a cricketer. During my school days, I used to play cricket a lot with my friends. But, as our financial conditions were not that good, I could not get a professional cricket training required. So, I decided to change my career goals and become an engineer. It has been an important decision that I took in my life. In conclusion, changing my career goals has turned up very good for me. Also, I still follow my passion and play cricket whenever I get time.

    To conclude, I strongly believe that the world teaches us what our parents do not. Things do not come easily, do not be afraid of failure and be flexible with your goals are the three important lessons I have learned from life.

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