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Lizzie Borden Story

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  • Pages 4
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    Took an Ax Hot summer day In 1892, August 4, at Second Street, Fall River Massachusetts, hired girl Bridget was resting in her room when the daughter of Andrew Borden screamed for help calling Maggie come down! At the time Border’s called Bridget a Maggie. When Maggie came down from her room, she saw Andrew Borden had been killed horrifically. Andrew Borden was a richest man In Fall River director, landlord, and was a banker. At the time he was living with his second wife and two daughters. He was taking a nap on the sofa when he was hit with an axe.

    It was on its right side n the sofa, his feet were still resting on the floor. Andrews head was bent slightly to the right and his face had been cut. One eye had been cut in half and was protruding from his face that nose had been severed. His wife Baby was on the floor of the guest room upstairs killed by same hand with same weapon that was used when the elderly man was sleeping. This was the most horrific and dastardly killing in Massachusetts history ever. Baby was a short, shy and was an obese woman. Border’s had been slain by sharp tool that Mrs..

    Borden head was kicked with sharp instrument over eighteen times, thirteen of them crushed through the skull, Mr.. Border’s body was mutilated and had eleven strokes In the head, four of them crushed the skull. Liege Borden case is one of the mysterious and interesting cases for people who interested in crime for centuries. In American history very few cases attracted much attention as Andrew and Baby Border’s case. This murder case was found not guilty of gruesome killing of two people. The morning of the murder began with Bridget- Maggie started her duties at 6. 5. At 10. 55 Maggie went up to her room to rest. Between 6. 15-10. 55 numbers of things happened like Uncle John and Andrew have had breakfast together etc. Liege who was at home during these hours went in to yard or barn for about twenty to thirty minutes. She later said in the trial that she went to barn to some metal for fishing sinkers and also Intended to Join Emma at Fairness and to do some fishing. When she returned at 1 1:10, she found her father dead. The trial lasted fourteen days, from June 5, 1893, toque 20, 1893.

    After a day to select the jury twelve middle-aged farmers and tradesmen were the juries and the prosecution took about seven days to present its case. Liege was supported by religious organizations but some hated her and believed she did the horrible killing. There were four people as a suspect. One week into the investigation local authorities arrested Liege Borden and indicted her for the murder of her parents. Newspapers and media heard about the horrific killing and were covering the trial and news. Often they would name the case as Notorious killing of wealthy family etc.

    Local newspapers of Massachusetts and Rhode Island were covering the whole events with titling the paper “Shocking Crime: A Venerable Citizen and his Aged Wife Hacked to Pieces In their Home”. These newspapers had different story about who committed the crime and why. They were covering the testimonials In the newspaper bout five to SIX pages. Lezzy was the primary suspect because; Fall River drug store owner has told that Liege went into the store to purchase some deadly poison and didn’t get along. Also newspaper like New York Times also published few newspapers after the trial ended.

    Whole story of the murder was shocking the nation. How can she do such a crime or she hated her step mother that she had killed them in angered rage etc. Police came to conclusion that murder have committed by someone within the Borden, but they were lacking the evidence such as blood that it was only on the bodies of the victims, also they didn’t find the murder weapon. In November grand Jury met and after the first refusing to issue an indictment, the Jury reconvened and heard new evidence from Alice Russell, a family friend who stayed with the two Borden sisters in the days following the murders.

    Russell told grand jurors that she had witnessed Liege Borden burning a blue dress in the kitchen fire allegedly Liege explained her action simply because the dress was covered with old paint. The earlier testimony from Bridget Sullivan that Liege was wearing a blue dress on the morning of the murders, the evidence was enough to convince grand jurors to indict Liege for the murders of her parents. However, Jury returned with verdict saying Liege is not guilty, because there is not one particle of direct evidence in this case from beginning to end against Liege A.

    Borden. There is not a spot of blood; there is not a weapon that they have connected with her. As a suspect Liege probably had very difficult time whether she killed her parents or not. Every suspect goes through difficult treat from the society. Liege Borden was a girl who had whatever she wanted because of her rich father. Some people didn’t believe that she was capable of the killing because the background that she has. After the trial Liege and her sister Emma returned to Fall River and purchased a big home they called Manipulator.

    She was interested in acting so often she would take small roles in act or play, and she continued to live in Fall River until she died at the age of 67. Borden saga never ended until these days. However, Liege was imprisoned for about 10 month during her trial. When she was in the cell, she was catered with meals, letters and visits from her sister and friends. That people thought of it as wealthy people always gets treated better than normal working class.

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