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Love as a Painful Challenge



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    What types of challenges do you face every day? Is it not pass a class, or having physical and mental health problems, or feel loneliness, or being rejection by the person you liked. Well yes, I do know that many people have a challenge which one is survivor the one most painful thing in earth and which is called “LOVE”.

    But many people go through these moments, just like they say, “Seize your moment.” But there is so many more challenges in life that everyone deals with. Do you ever wonder why love is so painful and feeling like someone shoot a bullet in the heart? But to be honest love always be that way and it will continue be that way.

    Now images being in a situation like, after class you heading to your next class and you see your crush eye to eye pass each other, knowing both of us felt like we know each other yet we are just stranger, but in a really awkward way. It started, when soccer season started the day I miss the photoshoot for varsity photo, after that day they send me to take it with the guys. Passing by I have noticed a good-looking guy, overhear his attractive laugh also his way of chatting, and he seen to be sociable, humorous, ambitious person. After the photoshoot, I went back to practice, then accidentally told some of my soccer teammate that I thought he was charming, which he is. During in time I was feeling a bit self-conscious,amazed,and crushed. The only reason I told them is because they might know him and they could told you anything about him, like if you have a change or if he is in relationship or not and that is the easy way to get information for any person you might like.

    Later, you found out they told your crush that you “like” him and then you realize that was the reason why you have an awkward moment with him that day with him. You went to look for them, and told them why in earth they tell him about that, but their excuse was “we are just trying to help you out, cause we notice you like him.”They are not lie,it so true but it was I felt kinda ashamed about it, knowing he would never like me back. Days pass by, we was still overpass each other everyday, later on we stop see each other, because he found a new path.

    All of a sudden, on my way to practice I see him with a girl, who was one of the girls I told that he was charming. After discovered that, I was envious of her. During the soccer practice they put me with her in a group, I was being cruel with her, I felt vanished, tore, and bitterly. Unearthed, they were “just talk”,which some other girls know I “liked” him, after she finished showing-off, she sound like she was blackmail me, the bevy were argued about that with her because she don’t even notice hin in the first place, if it wasn’t for me asking them questions about him she wouldn’t be talk to him . Ever since then, you would see them together, he would carry her bag back and take her to the first of the football stadium, where ours looker would be. At last they stop being together, I was concern that happen between them. But I have to mind my own business and continue my studies since my grade were poor. One day, I was gossip with my mom and told her about the guy situation. She know I’m kinda rebel in time. Then, she told me to be brave enough and text him, whichever I did but he left me on read, after that I realize I just make a huge mistake for doing that. Yet it was huge heartbreaking though, he make me felt like I was not good and alluringly enough. Then finally I have courage to confess my feeling for him but in person, after that happen he seen like he doesn’t care about it. I try to be there to support him and communication with him, but it don’t work out. There was no reason for me to continue, it felt like I was a bugging him all the time. He would talk bad about me with his friends.

    The most important thing was I try but it didn’t go well so you just move on. And it’s funny cause when you are interested in them, they are not but later they start to miss you because you were always being around with them and they are interested in you after you start to move on.

    That’s when they start to realize that you were worth it, but they lose their change. Unfortunately, there nothing they could do about it, probably you might felt like you wouldn’t find someone like them, like the way you first notice them, but you just remember there is 7.53 billion people in earth, still you might have other change with someone else, who you were meant to be with. I know love is difficult challenge and only 5 out of 10 people will found actual love, which is kinda sad because you might not be able to share some unforgettable moments with them. With this in mind being in love is never too young or too old.

    The challenge was to get to know the person and be friends, so later you could confess your love to him, hoping he could give you a change, and trying not to get rejection by him because you know it would hurt after confessing your feelings to the person, which it’s not easy to confess feelings to a person.

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