Love of All Things Family Guy Essay

If you come for an normal life based sitcom comedy ,that’s all ways kept in line you’ve come to the wrong place. Family guy is an outspoken,random and hysterical comedy animation its not like South Park nor The Simpsons its individuial in its rights ,The Simpsons you see is way to mellow to Family Guy and South Park is too crude family guy is crude but in a better way to South Park. Family guy is individuial and I have to say I adore it.

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Love of All Things Family Guy
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When you first see family guy you think this is going to be some sort of childs show then you hear one of the characters speak and you would instantly burst in to a fit of laughter and just know this aint no show for kids . The show hits you like a slap to the face and its more additive than chocolate you should watch it , no! You must watch it. The setting is based on when Seth MacFarlane the creator lived in New England , Qoughog and he has based every house on what he remembers when he was there .

Which is very clever as people in Qoughog or have been to Qoughog relate to the program and fall in love with the show and say “that’s ours town” or “I’ve been there”.

The storyline is different everytime but the most of the shows go like this one person has a problem solves the problem then it goes wrong again but this is what makes family guy great sometimes there is a happy ending and sometimes in the last second or so it’s a ironic bad ending. The Characters in family guy have single personailtys that’s what makes it so fantastic everyone has there own story so if you got bored of one story there’s another around the corner.Peter Griffen played by Seth MacFarlane is what I might call “speacial” in his own way hes is one of the reasons that this comedy is so shocking because you just think to your self “how could you be so stupid” but you’ve got to love him hes an overwieght ,crude and obscene ,Hes always getting himself into some sort of trouble because of his lacking of knowledge. Louis Griffen played by Alex Borstein is Peter’s wife and you don’t really know what to think about her one minute she’s a normal typical housewife next thing you know she’s a criminal.

I wonder why louis would marry peter ,Louis has a rich family and is beautiful and Peter is one of the main reasons louis turns corrupt . But they are much in love and you can sometimes see the love between the two. Stewie also played by Seth MacFarlane is my favorite chacarter he is Peters youngest son he’s about two years old and you would think that he would be a cute little baby who does nothing wrong…You must be terribly mistaken! Stewie is hell bent on conquering the world he is always thinking of evil ways to do it in every episode but fails everytime even though hes a genius.Stewie is also what you call a possible homosexual as he like to dress up as women and also enjoys the gay community.

You would think that a baby child would love his mother but no sadly you’ve come to the wrong place again stewie wishes to murder his mother and enjoys ploting ways in which to do it he despises her. Brain also played by Seth MacFarlane is the only one that understands stewie he is a dog who understands polictics and can talk hes always saying the government does his mistakes and that but in the end its usally his fault but sometimes he forms a protest and the protest succseeds and things usally don’t go so well from there on.Brian is a mellow sort of guy a classy sort of guy who only wants one thing an intellectual women this is why he loves Louis but he knows he cant have her so he dates what he calls “bimbos” in other words idiotic girls and sometimes he gets a smart girl but only mucks it up in the end. Chris played by Seth Green is much like his father but more sweet and quieter.

Chris has the same problems as his father but hes more suttle about it than peter.Meg played by Mila kunis is the most hated one in the family all he family hates her and every time she speaks peter would shout “shut up meg” and the family would agree I feel meg is the most emotional out of the bunch as she is an outcast in school and home but the family do love her they put it on to show apperance she is the wiseist of the bunch and knows a lot about feelings as shes felt them and cryed so much but she is a happy person and just wants to be accepted and she will do anything to do it and I mean anything!Family Guy is usally on BBC Three at 10pm on Sundays and 11pm on other days. The music on Family Guy has annoying habit of sticking to you. Family Guy is extremely musical and usally has a fanastic number sung with Seth MacFarlanes voice which i find is a pleasing melodic sound .

It be a created song by the Family Guy team or and old song that hasent been heard for years and the both seem to stay with you thoughout your life.Family Guy has won 4 emmy awards the teen choice awards and the peoples choice awards so why on earth wouldn’t you watch it. To conclude everything I really enjoy Family Guy and I hope you will enjoy it. I find it hysterical the characters are amazing the storylines different everytime and setting is brillient and clever.

And if you do watch this program you will be addicted to it more than anyother program that’s on and will never want to miss it again and you will wish that you watch it over and over again.It litteraly hits you with a ton of bricks and shocks you so much you want to keep watching. Its even shocked some people too much and Family Guy had a lawsuit put againist them that’s how brave and outspoken the Family Guy team is . There willing to do these things in order to make you laugh come on there doing it for you so watch it and if you don’t your just daft

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