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Loveliest of Trees: An Analysis

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Words have a way of bringing out the best and worst emotions of people. The creativity that may be formulated from the sentiments of people at a particular time is extraordinary. The poem, Loveliest of Trees, is a reflection of the author’s life, and how he reminisced everything that happened in his life. As one reads the poem, emotions would be felt. At the same time, the imagination of the readers are given heightened, for they are given a description of the cherry blossoms that caused the author to reminisce.

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Loveliest of Trees: An Analysis
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The poem starts with a compliment of how lovely the cherry blossoms have become. As the poem progresses to the second and third lines, more description are given about the cherry blossoms.

 The second stanza becomes more personal as compared to the first stanza. From the first line, the readers are given a glimpse of how the author is reminiscing about his life. The second and third lines show a feeling of regret on the side of the author.

For the fourth line, the readers are given the impression that the author was not able to understand things the way they should be when he was younger; he only realized the realities of life when he grew older and turned seventy.

The third stanza is mostly focused on how the author was able to mature and develop as an individual over the past fifty years. The first line opens the hearts of readers that heartaches and problems are there to strengthen individuals more. Like cherry blossoms, it takes time before people can realize that there is indeed hope for everything. One must only learn to rise up from the mistakes committed and change for the better.

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