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Luneta Park in Manila-Philippines

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    Rizal or Luneta Park should make it to the top 5 tourist spots in Manila-Philippines. It was where the national hero, Jose Rizal, was martyred through a military musketry when Spain occupied the country in the 19th century. It is also among the places in the country known the world over since early times. Rizal Park includes the Chinese and Japanese Gardens, Manila Planetarium, Quirino Grandstand, Ocean Adventure, Part of Manila Bay, and the giant map of the Philippines. Fort Santiago Visitors and tourists often have Fort Santiago next in their Manila itinerary after visiting Rizal Park.

    It is just adjacent to it, so this makes it among the top 5 tourist spots in Manila-Philippines. Moreover, Fort Santiago is as historical as Luneta and also had to do with the last moments of Jose Rizalhe was imprisoned there for some time before being shot at Luneta. In fact, metallic footsteps can be seen today from the prison cell of Rizal in Fort Santiago to Luneta to mark where the hero was said to have walked during that fateful morning. Fort Santiago also features dungeons, cells, ruins, and a museum for Rizal, among many others.

    Fort Santiago was used by the Spaniards, Americans, and Japanese. Intramuros After visiting Fort Santiago, tourists might as well tour Intramuros or the Walled City, where Fort Santiago is located. It is just one among many forts located around the walls. Visit also old century-old buildings like the Manila Cathedral and the San Agustin Church, all within Intramuros. There are colorful horse-drawn calesas or carts reminiscent of the Spanish time that bring tourists around the restored walls and stop at each historic spot.

    The calesa drivers prove to be expert tourist guides. Bay Walk Area The long stretch of national highway from the US Embassy to a portion just before the Coastal Road to Cavite offers a panoramic view of Manila Bay. It is most picturesque in the afternoon as the dying sun emits golden rays and lends golden tones especially to the towering hotels and office buildings nearby. The renovated bay wall is now a tourist-class promenade known as Bay Walk Area where stylish benches are propped up for frolicking and where people roam around for fresh air or jog in early mornings.

    Being now a popular sightseeing destination, it is among the top 5 tourist spots in Manila-Philippines. Quiapo Church Most tourists in Manila never miss the old Quiapo Church. It is located in Plaza Miranda, the historical center in Manila where so-called parliaments of the streets congregate and boldly air their political agenda or grievances against the government. Quiapo Church is home to the Black Nazarene which is paraded each year with crowds of the faithful escorting it in a very emotional procession.

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