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Nostalgia in When the Dancers Came

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Bienvenido Santos When the Dancers Came, portions a common trait with the remainder of his short narratives in Scent of Apples. It is the trait that examines the sense of loss in the Filipino American community & # 8211 ; a loss of place, state, and household. In When the Dancers Came, Santos portrays this loss through the chief characters of the narrative, Filimon Fil Acayan and Antonio Tony Bataller. Therefore, the chief concentration of this dramatic narrative is the nostalgia that goes on between the two characters & # 8211 ; how the yesteryear is impacting their ain sense of emotion and how the yesteryear is delusory in a societal sense and how this is impacting them in their present lives.

Fil is a really simple character in the narrative. Oftentimes, he seems to convey a really na ve character in comparing to Tony, who sees life in a really different manner as you will see subsequently. Fil has a longing to hold a connexion with his ain countrymen. When he finds out that these terpsichoreans from the Philippines were coming, he was truly looking frontward to see them and take them for a circuit in Chicago. He s more in touch with his Filipino side and he s non willing to allow himself be Americanized. He shows that he s really proud of his civilization. While he works he s humming faintly remembered melodies from the old state ( 116 ) . He besides showed command in the Tagalog idiom: His manner, nevertheless, was aureate, sentimental, poetic. Fil mentioned that when he foremost saw snow, he grabbed a smattering, crunched it together, and stuffed it in his oral cavity. He instantly recalled the minute when he was place in the Philippines and the times he d used to make that there: it reminded him of the grated ice the Chinese sold near the town place where had played tatching with an older brother ( 115 ) . The twenty-four hours the terpsichoreans came, he still remembers this minute because he thought that they would make the same when the terpsichoreans see the snow. But subsequently, he sees that they don t even acknowledge the snow.

Tony, on the other manus, is on the opposite side of the spectrum. Unlike Fil who s really eager to see these terpsichoreans, Tony seems really irritated and tense about it. Tony seems to be a more complex character than Fil. It seems that deep interior, he longs to be in his state and to be with his fellow countrymen but at the same clip he shows that he s like resenting himself for non being every bit successful as he thought he d be populating in America. Filipinos have this term called balikbayan. It s the thought Thursday

at the individual would go forth the Philippines and finally come back to their fatherland wealthier. In the narrative, it seems as though Tony is non happy with his life state of affairs and shows a sense of shame because he didn t achieve the end he had set out for himself in America.

Like most Filipinos, he likely didn Ts have really high paying occupation. Filipinos around that clip were likely looked down upon and discriminated. Fil really described his thought of a occupation is for a U.S. citizen: To a new citizen, work meant many topographic points and many ways: mills and hotels, server and cook, which are occupations that are non considered as good callings ( 114 ) . One Christmas, they both got rummy and Tony fell tittering and cursed all the railway companies of America ( 118 ) . This merely shows what sort of occupations Filipino-Americans had at that clip occupations that are underpaid or occupations that trade with really difficult labour. It s evident that they can t be populating that comfortably because Tony asks Fil, What for you want to ask for them? Here? Aren t you ashamed of this hole? ( 116 ) . With this in head, he likely had excessively much pride to allow his household back place think that he was a failure and his declaration is merely to seek to bury his household or the past. Fil had no household to travel back to because all of his household members are dead. Possibly this is the ground why he doesn T understand where Tony is coming from and why he s so hopeful that the terpsichoreans will really come with him for dinner.

It s interesting to see how Tony attempts to go more American than Fil. As he said one time when he was jesting about with Fil, I m going a white adult male ( 114 ) . This is an interesting remark to analyse because it can be looked in two ways. Physically, Tony is enduring from a disease that is doing his face a white skin color. It s the gradual desquamation around the cervix and had spread to his appendages, and whiteness distributing on his tegument ( 114-115 ) . He was more willing to travel on and he fundamentally gave up on returning back place. Fil says that, It was apparent Tony was the better talker of the two in English ( 117 ) . This shows that he speaks less of his ain native lingua.

A batch of the imagination in this narrative deals with the snow. The twenty-four hours the terpsichoreans came, it started snowing and eventually stopped at the minute when Fil eventually meets the terpsichoreans at the hotel room subsequently on. This is a really interesting observation because in a sense, it gave a symbolic significance of hope and promise that Fil was hankering for a connexion with these other Filipinos.

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