Macbeth Plot Analysis

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Element Definition ACT the Play Exposition What you need to know. Background information is presented, main characters are introduced, and the conflict is established. Machete’s encounter with the three weird sisters. Lady Machete’s reaction and response to the news of Machete’s predicated rise to the crown. Rising Action The conflicts and challenges encountered by the characters. Lady Macbeth and Macbeth plotting to kill the king. King Duncan is murdered. Macbeth and Lady Machete’s reaction and response after the murder. Climax The turning point in the conflict.

Tension builds until the main character makes the key decision in the story. The climax is the appearance of Banquet ghost at Machete’s coronation celebration. Falling Action The events that occur after the main character makes the key decision in the story. Machete’s increasingly brutal murders (of Dunce’s servants, Banquet, Lady Macadam and her son); Machete’s second meeting with the witches; Machete’s final confrontation with Macadam and the opposing armies. Resolution The resolution is where all the questions are answered and loose ends are tied, providing a clear ending. Macadam kills Macbeth and Dunce’s son Malcolm becomes the king.

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Event Text Support Why is it important to the story? The three weird sisters meet Macbeth. All hail, Macbeth, that shall be King hereafter! It is the exposition of the story. This is what starts the story and the main conflict. Macbeth kills King Duncan. If it were done when ‘its done, then ‘there well It were done quickly. This is the rising action of the play, this is what leads Macbeth to start brutally murdering people. Macbeth dies in battle losing to Macadam. And thou opposed, being of no woman born, Yet I will try the last. Before my body I throw my warlike shield: lay on, Macadam; And damned be him that first cries, “Hold, enough!

This is the resolution of the story. This is when all the problems are solved and when all the questions are answered. Reflection Macbeth killing King Duncan is one of the most important events that lead to the climax. This is the event that builds up most of the tension in the play. This is what leads the main character to make the most important decision in the story. Macbeth just starts making rash and brutal decisions in this play. If this event was changed, then Macbeth would not have died in the end of the play and he would have Just remained a soldier. The story will not be interesting because there is no conflict in the story.

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