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Macbeth Reaction Paper

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Shakespeare, a well-known playwright on his generation has written many tragedy-dramas. One of this is Macbeth, it is considered as one of his darkest tragedy ever written. Predominantly, the main character has evolved from being a protagonist in the story to a villain. In the beginning, Macbeth was considered as a hero for defeating the army of the traitor. However, as the story progressed, Macbeth became overcome by his insatiable greed for power. Thereafter, he himself treacherously murdered his king and ruled his kingdom.

He reigned in tyranny which made people despise him.

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Macbeth Reaction Paper
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In the end, he was eventually killed by Macduff. In the animation, the witches did not have a physical form. One of the possibilities is that the animator did not give it a physical form is because; their role on the drama was only to tell what they foresaw. Though they only act as fortunetellers, this also made Banquo, who knew that Macbeth would eventually be king made him suspect that there was indeed some deviousness and treachery involved when King Duncan was suddenly murdered.

Banquo who has this knowledge was ordered to be assassinated by Macbeth to avoid any further suspicion on him.

Also, in the animation; most of the lines were shortened. This made some of the parts of the story barely understandable. Another one is that when Macduff and his army were on their way to siege Macbeth’s throne. It did not clearly show that they cut off the trees from Birnam wood and made it their shield. Though it was said by one of Macbeth’s soldiers, it was not sufficient enough for one to understand this without knowing the drama itself. One thing that I like about the animation is the character designs. Just by looking at the characters, one would know what type and personalities they would entail.

Macbeth for example gave off a very distinguished feeling of being a coldblooded killer and a tyrant. The witches who were constantly given various forms because of their role and Lady Macbeth depict a manipulative lady who only cares for herself and Macbeth. The Story for me did not portray the impression of a drama. One of the reasons is that the main character’s death did not create the feeling that one would have on a tragedy. The main character dying in Macbeth would be one of those things the reader would like to see.

Started off as a hero in the story and eventually being a tyrant ruler, almost everyone would like to see a main character of this type to die in the end. The gist of the tragedy-drama is to be considered a cliche because the ending is so hackneyed. Lastly, there is some semblance of the story in our daily affairs. The Government taking almost everything from us without even caring. Most taxes paid by the people are not used for the development of our country; instead of helping those below, they only use it for their own personal benefits.

Like in Macbeth, he was consumed with all the power and greed during his reign in the kingdom without even caring for the welfare of his people. His egocentric attitude is manifested blatantly when he almost fled his kingdom when he realized that his troops were outnumbered by the enemy. Normally, after abandoning or losing his status as king, the commoners would eventually fall into anarchy. However, such occurrence was prevented when Macduff governed the kingdom after Macbeth was slain. Therefore, the story entails that justice would still prevail despite of all the travails in life.

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