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Management and Mallard Manufacturing Company

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What is the balance between vertical and horizontal structure in Malard Manufacturing Company? Is it appropriate that department manager always turn to the executive vice-president for the help rather than to one another? An organization structure clarifies who is given with the authority, how authority has been divided in the organization among employees and who are responsible for what kind of job. Generally we can see two kind of organizational structure.

Vertical management approach is a hierarchical organization structure in which management or supervisors pass information and orders from top of the organizational pyramid down toward the bottom.

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Management and Mallard Manufacturing Company
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In this structure, Employees are required to report to the person directly to top level of the organizational structure. In Mallard Manufacturing Company we can find vertical approach of functioning very little. In this manufacturing, departmental managers must check with executive vice-president before making major decision. This process will enable to centralize all the power to top management which helps in creating high control and low autonomy environment.

Horizontal management approach is also known as flat organizational approach that has with few or no levels of middle management between staff and executive. Instead of each person having clearly defined duties, employees may work in teams, with everyone on the team having input. An organization which has self-managing teams that organize their own work without the need for a middle manager or supervisor above the team.

In Mallard Manufacturing Company we can see that before the development of final product different department have different job according to their specialization. The departments in operation are research and development department, engineering department and marketing department. We can also get hint of the fact that these department work in their own, no communication and coordination between other staff due to which should be reviewed by executive vice-president. Therefore, the balance of the structure in Mallard Manufacturing is very flat and horizontal, and basically has very little vertical structure at all. Julie Crandell, who is the executive vice president, likes to keep very tight control among the organization in which she controls. Julie demands that department managers check with her before any significant decision are made or changed, by doing this Julie has made her span of control too big for her to handle in the due time she has to complete it by, it’s become very difficult for Julie as she has to deal with new inexperienced department managers, who are becoming uncommunicative and frustrated with each other. In the case study, we can know that there is minimal communication between executive vice president Julia and other department managers.

According to me, it is not appropriate that departmental head need to turn to the executive vice-president for any kind of help rather than other member In my view it is not appropriate that departmental head need to turn to the executive vice-president for major assistant. The major problem with this practice could be that employees in lower of the chain may feel less valued then higher in the chain which will lead to de-motivation and increase employee turnover. This practice may also slow down decision making process and organization to adopt changes immediately seen in the business environment. On the other hand horizontal approach may make feel that each employee is being count, it increase team work, communication throughout the organization. This will increase the organization culture.

If you were Julie Cardell, how would you resolve this problem? What could you do to facilitate production of the CV305 over next 30days?

The problem Julie Cardell facing currently is that she is not being able to give enough time shepherd the CV305 production. This may be because of lack of time with her. Currently all department manager are responsible to report Julie Cardell for major decision.

If I were Julie Cardell, the step I take will be to hand over all the responsibility (i.e to oversight the market demand, production design, production plan and marketing plan of CV305) to a few group of people (special task force) especially assigned to handle this regular operational activity. This team of people will be handling all operational tasks in my behalf and I will make myself free to concentrate in more strategic areas. As soon as the above said team will take charge I will break down the current management style (Vertical approach). The implementation of horizontal approach will obviously lead increase sharing and communication between different departments which have been stopped now.

And finally to oversight whole process, I will arrange time to sit together with departmental heads and team leader of especially created team in frequent interval.

What structural changes would you recommend to prevent the problems in future new product development? Would a smaller span of control help ? A project Manager with responsibility for coordinating the CV305? A task force? Before recommending the appropriate structure for Mallard Manufacturing Company, I would like to list out the problem that this organization is facing currently. It is seen that there is lack of departmental communication due to large span of control and research & development departments are keeping their development plans secrect. Market is being very high competitive and Mallard is not being able to introduce their product. This is lead their costumer to move toward competitor product. The vice-president time is very limit to communicate with all departmental head in individual basis though she will make final decision. We can also see that several department manager are inexperience and new to organization. In my view all this problem can be resolved by introducing horizontal structure and reducing span of control and giving more authority to line manager or departmental manager to take their own decision in urgency.

This is obviously lead to more communication between all departments and departmental manager will start to share their development work and future plan to other department such as marketing department, production department and engineering department. This will also develop sense of ownership and responsibility to departmental work and will work being single team rather than working for their own department only. By this approach the two problems seen in bulletin number 1st and 2nd can be eliminated to some extent. As we see that vice-president took major decision and currently she is facing lack of time and this problem can also be eliminated by horizontal approach. With horizontal approach more authority will be given to departmental manager and as there are also more inexperience manager Mallard can hire a certain group of people or create a special task force to oversight all the activities of department independently.

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