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Management Information System

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Two scheduled interviews are going to be conducted. First, an initial interview will be directed for the purpose of identifying this study objectives. These objectives are to identify the offices’ current payroll system, the distribution and documentation of the employees’ salaries, and the cognition of problems and issues encountered in the payroll system of the office hall. After the initial interview, the data documented will be the basis for analysis and design for a feasible automated payroll system.

An additional consultation will be conducted for any information not gathered in the initial scheduled interview via telephone.

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Management Information System
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The researchers will consult for additional information through telephone to be time efficient and provide comfort for the respondent which is the office treasurer. The data gathered will be analyzed by the use of flowcharts and diagrams which ill represent the current payroll system. Any underlying issues concerning the current payroll system of the office hall will also be listed and will be the focus of improvement for the researchers.

All output gathered will be the basis for the blueprint of the automated payroll system. This only will only use one type of research instrument which is a questionnaire for the scheduled interview. The researchers concluded that an interview composed for queries will be enough to gather the information needed as this study is only for a conceptual design of an automated payroll system for the bargain hall. Also, the objective is most applicable to be achieved through inquiry of information and that a questionnaire is needed to accomplish the goal.

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