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Management Skills of Cheryl Womack

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Management Functions and Skills Case study Cheryl Womack Management Functions as Cheryl’s Strength The main basic functions of management are abbreviated as POLCA namely a) Planning b) Organizing c) Leading d) Controlling And Assessing It is very difficult for female entrepreneurs to make it big in the competitive business market but Cheryl, with her proper planning, her customer care, employee benefits and good leadership qualities, made it big in this industry and became one of the most the successful women entrepreneur in the world.

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Management Skills of Cheryl Womack
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Analyzing her strengths as a manager in terms of functions of management tells us about her skills to run a successful business efficiently. Cheryl Womack seems to be particularly strong at the management function of leading which includes staffing and directing. She knows how to choose the right person and giving him the right place but more importantly she is an expert in the four aspects of directing i. e. Supervision, Motivation, Leadership and Communication. The statement that she has built a $45 million company VCW Inc.

y caring about her customers and her employees gives answer to the question of which management function she is particularly good at. She, now, trains other women entrepreneurs to be a good leader and a mentor in order to be successful business women. Management Skills of Cheryl Womack The three important skills that a successful manager must possess are a) Technical Skills b) Human skills c) Conceptual skills The most optimal and advantageous skill of Cheryl is her Human and Inter-personal Skill.

One of her greatest talents is instilling belief in others that a person can change his life by believing in one’s self. She leads The Star Group team in program and partnership development for annual events recognizing and honoring The Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World and participates in mentoring programs sponsored by The Kauffman Foundation for Entrepreneurial Leadership, The Committee of 200, Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government, and the Women’s Leadership Board.

She is one of America’s most successful entrepreneurs, innovators and business leaders. She’s a highly respected role model and, through her motivational talks and mentoring programs, an inspiration to thousands of people around the world, particularly women. Customer Care Cheryl’s belief that ‘If you can help solve a customer’s problem, you’ll be successful. ’ shows that Cheryl has built her empire on the fact that customers must be satisfied by providing them outstanding customer service and finding the best solutions for their problems.

She came up with innovative ideas and faced market risks to provide best solutions to her customers which lead to growth of satisfied customers’ everyday. She came up with easy insurance plans, discounts, low interest credit cards and other benefit plans for her customers. She is known for her utmost care for her employees. She calls herself a “Mentor” to the employees rather than a Boss. She believes in the fact that happy employees make happy customers. She makes it sure to provide leisure to her employees to make them happy and meanwhile motivate them enough to get the work done in time and efficiently.

She provides on-site day care for employee’s kids, well furnished offices, excursion trips, formal dinners and home cooked meal for the lunch services. The employees feel themselves less stressed in work environment which boosts up their motivation and creativity. To further encourage them to work better, she provides them incentives and percent share in profits which invokes a sense of ownership for the company and employees work responsibly for the betterment of the company.

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