Market Segmentation

The vision of the company is to walk at the pace of society, dressing ideas, trends and tastes that society itself has matured. (Essays, 2013) On the other hand the mission statement is to be an CEO-friendly shop which is environmentally aware team which save energy, produces less waste and recycles and committed to all the staffs they own. ( Ezra, 2013) Government and political parties In a country are responsible for developing political environment. Government Is the major and silent factor in a business; In form of policies they may support an industry.

Ezra has been in Spain till now and only one more major distribution centre for Europe. Ezra has options to expand its business in European countries because of their safe and predicable economic circumstances. (Academicwritingsamples, 2012) Ezra has also advantages about labors, plants and export taxes. They do not have to pay anything when they are exporting their products in European Union Free Trade Area. That is an important fact a company like Ezra because they produce over 10,000 models in a year and they have stores In every European country. Furthermore, they can build plants with out a payment In any European country.

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For ample Ezra has plants in every European entries but they do not pay specific taxes for each country. Also because of the labor laws In European union labor can Immigrate to anywhere In Europe with out an extra permission and that’s life changing factor for big Europe manufacturing companies like Ezra. Ezra has been dealing in a single currency since it was founded. The financial conditions all over the world have been in change since 2007 because of the recession but Ezra has not been affected by the recession and comfortable about getting in new markets because they have been dealing with a safe currency.

When entering new markets the economical conditions can be unpredictable and currency rates can be fluctuated but Spain had a stable market and predictable demands before the crisis in Spain. ( Academicwritingsamples, 2013) So these reasons helped the improvement of Ezra. Also Ezra has an survival structure for the recessions. Moreover, recessions can be better for them because In recession people stops to buy luxury products and totally starts to buy cheap products. And Ezra has one of the best bottom line quality In the world.

In other words recessions would be harmful for their rival brands but could improve bigger and bigger by numbers nowadays. Their sales before the big world crisis in 2008 were 6. 633 billion euros but last year in 2012 their sales were 20. 6 billion dollars. ( Inedited, 2007) For example the same thing happened to Tests in I-J after the big world crisis in 2008. Ezra founded the formula of success: Company gives to people what it wants basically, at the lowest possible price, in the shortest time. In the last few years market has shaped by two different categories one of them producers of luxury products at the most expensive level.

The other one is the much cheaper producers, often foreign international operating chains like the Swedish Hahn H (Hennas & Mauritius), the Dutch chain C (Clemens and August ), the Spanish chains Mango and Ezra or the American chain Gap. Inedited describes Ezra in this way: “Ezra is a high fashion concept offering apparel, footwear and accessories for women men and children, from newborns to adults aged 45. Ezra stores offer a compelling blend of fashion, quality and price offered in attractive stores in prime locations on premier commercial streets and in upscale shopping centers.

The in- house design and production capabilities enable us to offer fresh designs at out Ezra tortes twice a week throughout the year. “( Trips, 2007). In other words, Ezra has more profits than their competitors because of they are flexibility. They design clothes for nearly every age group. They are much cheaper than the other companies and also they are the fastest fashion company in the world. They created a new concept which is fast-fashion. They became the McDonald’s of the fashion sector in a way. They are cheap, fast and suitable.

They have also a perfect combination with technology. They have online stores in every country. Furthermore, they have even apple applications for online shopping. Today technology has a big role to reach all over the world and today Ezra has reached all over the world nearly with their technology. Technology has an important role in cloth manufacturing too especially for the cheap companies because if you produce cheap you can not keep your quality high but Ezra also keeps the quality high by using the technology in the fabrics of clothes.

In the web page of the company it says that they have a clear to wear policy and they are careful about the chemicals which can threat human life like remolded, Airlines, Phenols (PC and Tech), Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, Chromium, Chromium VI), Nickel, Phthalate, Polycarbonate Flame Retardants, Pesticides, Short Chain Chlorinated Paraffin’s, Protuberance Sultanates (POSS.), Timely Fumigate, Irrigation Compounds and Allergenic Dyes. (limited, 2013) With these regulations they also keep their customers loyalty moreover they earn more customers.

As suggested above, also they care the Corporate Social Responsibility. In 2011 the one of the biggest environmental organizations, Greenback accused Ezra to produce harmful products for human life. In November 2012, Greenback published the “Toxic threads: the big fashion stitch-up” report, in which identified Ezra as the worst letter. (Greenback, 2012) After this accusation with the intensity of public pressure Ezra changed their policy in manufacturing and became a totally toxic-free manufacturer.

They created the policies of clear to wear and safe to wear which are explaining the importance of producing products from %OHIO healthy fabrics and being careful about the chemicals in the clothes which can threat human life. In addition they also do some charity Jobs like global water management strategy they resources protection is also related with their activities directly and indirectly. ( Inedited, 2012) The company has some codes which they are devoted. These are the Code of Conduct and Responsible Practices ,and Code of Conduct for Manufacturers and Suppliers.

These codes explains the position of the company in every tiny detailed CARS issues like no forced labor, no child labor, safe and hygienic working conditions for employees, wages are paid, working hours are not excessive, health and safety of products, relationship with customers, relationship with companies and etc. ( Inedited, 2013) Although Ezra has all these codes and they are careful about all these issues like healthy products and safety of employees, it can still has some problems in legal areas. For example a television show called A Alga accused Ezra of using suppliers who were running sweatshops for their productions.

On August 17, 2011 the Regional Superintendent of Labor and Employment of SAA Paulo, Brazil closed a plant of Ezra by showing the poor labor conditions they reported that there are some illegal Bolivian labors that works for over 12 hour a day, for a dollar per cloth, not given food and water and not permitted to leave their job places with out a permission from a supervisor. After the event Sara’s representatives made an announcement and commented these event as “a serious reach in accordance with the Code of Conduct for External Manufacturers and Workshop of Inedited. ( Natures, 2011) Penthouse they fixed the problem and promised not to occur again, the company lost the trust of the people a bit and it became a bad mark on their images. After the big event in Bangladesh, Saver building collapse, global brands come together and signed the Accord on Factory and Building Safety in Bangladesh. There were big brands such as Firebombed and Fitch, John Lewis and Benton. Also Ezra is included that list. ( Grinner and Elliot, 2013) In conclusion, Ezra is a well ruled company by good strategies. It has advantages costly in every area of Pestle.

It has political advantages about labor immigration free trade area and building plants because of being a Spanish company. It has advantages in economical ways also because of their using a safe currency and having the best quality of bottom line. Furthermore, since they are cheap, fast and suitable to nearly everybody they have a good position in Social and Cultural way too. They also reached all over the world with their aggressiveness in technology. Unlike the most retailer company they invest big moneys in technology in both ways online stores and the chemical fabrics in their clothes.

Moreover, their caution about the healthy production for human life helped to fix their image and also with their charity works they became strong in CARS too. Unlike these areas penthouse Ezra tries to fix their image they lost the trust of people a bit because of their legal issues. It is a hard thing to control all the suppliers and the manufacturers when you are a such a big company like Ezra but also it has big results when you have problems in legal issues about manufacturing and the human rights. Ezra should increase the number of their officers which controls the standards of the suppliers and manufacturers.

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