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Easy Air is a major air hose viing with other short-haul and long-haul flights which operates in an oligopoly market construction. This market construction is considered to be an imperfect competition, where a limited figure of air hoses dominate the industry. Easy Air is registered in the United Kingdom and harmonizing to British Air Transport Association ( BATA 2009 ) , there are 9 other rider air hoses registered in the state[ 1 ]. As it has been stated by Hornby, W ; Gammie, B and Wall, S ( 2001 ) one of the most of import facet of determination devising in any concern is to put the monetary value of the good or service that the company offer. It is a instead complicated issue as this can take to the success or failure of the concern[ 2 ]. This paper will analyze the possible concern and pricing schemes that Easy Air Airline can utilize for net income maximization. Unlike houses runing in monopoly market construction where they have the control on the monetary value they charge, and in perfect competition market where the houses are the monetary value taker ; in an oligopoly market construction, the houses have the power to alter their monetary value at different degree of end product. But because all the houses viing with each other offer same merchandises or service, the action of one house is noticeable by the other. When one house changes its concern or pricing scheme, non merely his net income is affected but that of his rival as good[ 3 ]. Harmonizing to writers Peppers, L and Bails, D ( 1987 ) , single house has greater grade of control if there are fewer rivals in a market[ 4 ].

The cardinal features of the Oligopoly market are ( 1 ) an industry which is dominated by a little figure of big houses, ( 2 ) houses selling either homogeneous or differentiated merchandises, and ( 3 ) the industry has high degree ofA barriers to entry[ 5 ]. The air hose industry of most states is dominated by merely a few air hoses companies, depending on the size of the population. For case Easy Air has to vie with 9 other air hoses aiming the population of the United Kingdom. All of them offer homogeneous service get downing from ticket engagement, in flights service, flights frequences, and similar finish around the universe. But the barrier to entry in the air hose industry is important. As writers Peppers, L and Bails, D ( 1987 ) stated ; “ If the oligopoly is to keep its long-run place, there must be significant barriers to entry into the industry ”[ 6 ]. There are high hole costs associated in the air hose industry doing it hard for new participant to come in the market. These high capital investings include the purchase of aircrafts.

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Base on old theoretical and empirical grounds, there are different concern schemes that Easy Air can follow in order to maximise its net income. Wei, W and Hansen, M ( 2006 ) , carried a survey to research how air hoses make determinations on the size of their aircrafts and service frequence from net income maximising position in duopoly markets. They apply the game theory theoretical accounts to analyze the air hose companies in two different markets: the short-haul and the long-haul market. The research was based on cost, market portion and demand theoretical accounts obtained from empirical surveies. By utilizing the sensitiveness analysis for the short-haul market, they found that there was a strong advantage for a leader in Stackelberg game in pulling more demand. Although demands were higher in the short-haul market ; the companies were doing more net income in the long-haul. This is because air hoses made usage of smaller aircrafts for short distance as being cost effectual and besides, there were high competitions. They concluded that due to increase in demand on the short draw market, and because airdromes can non increase service frequence due to their size, aircraft maker should therefore reinforced larger and more cost efficient aeroplanes to function the short-haul markets therefore increasing its profitableness.

In this facet, Malighetti, P ; Paleari, S and Redondi, R ( 2009 ) conducted an empirical analysis of Ryanair ‘s to cognize if they have changed their pricing scheme. They have created a panel dataset for Ryanair European flights over a period of two old ages from 2006 to 2007. They found that the company adopted a low-priced bearers pricing scheme as being one of the outstanding factor in increasing the demand for short-haul finishs in Europe. As such, surprisingly this low cost bearer continued to turn overly at an dismaying rate. However, now that the company has become the dominant low cost bearer in Europe, it appears that it is cut downing its dynamic monetary value which used to be a major stimulation to promote people to go to touristic parts of Europe.

Giaume, S and Guillou, S ( 2004 ) , has provided grounds that concentration and monetary value favoritism are negatively related. They have to the full underpinned the account of monetary value favoritism that in a monopoly market, consumers are more willing to pay any sum. However, when it comes to competition, houses non merely see the monetary value the consumers are willing to pay but besides consider their pick and penchants. On the other manus, Moyer, K ( 1996 ) studied on how British Air passages used Scenario Planning to develop its concern schemes in position of future uncertainness. The company was transformed from a loss devising and a province owned air hose in the early 1980 ‘s to universe leader in the rider air hoses industry in the 1990 ‘s and became more client oriented. In 1994, because of rapid alterations in engineering and instruction degree, the company started to utilize scenario analysis to develop new strategic docket in order to react instantly as air hose industry is extremely sensitive to the economic rhythm. Scenarios were reviewed on a regular footing in assisting the concern to prolong growing.

Because of the fiscal crisis in 2008 and its consequence it had on the operations of British Airways, the company had to alter their construction and map their long-run vision to be the universe ‘s taking planetary premium air hose as depicted in their one-year study of 2008/2009. Furthermore, due to the addition in fuel, British Airways had to cut its operation cost through the new terminal 5 at London Heathrow cut downing its employees as the terminus is good equipped with the latest engineerings cut downing the demand of work force in certain countries. They have besides as a mean to salvage cost made usage of frequent fuel efficient aircrafts for both short and long draw flights. In order to go the air hose pick for long-haul premium client, the company has now set its nonsubjective in giving clients more satisfaction at every touch point, cut downing CO2 emanation, turn the presence of the company in all major metropoliss in the universe and run into the client ‘s demands and better borders through grosss watercourses.[ 7 ]

As noted by Schwartz, M ( 1986 ) , there are 215,396 alterations in airfare every twenty-four hours. This resulted in Domestic air hoses passing immense sum of money to supervise monetary values of other houses[ 8 ]. They do this because there are a big figure of clients who chose a flight on the footing of the monetary value, and in order for houses to acquire these clients, they have to put the lowest monetary value possible in the market[ 9 ]. There are four possible pricing theoretical accounts that can be used in an Oligopoly market construction that directors can utilize to maximise net income. They are ( 1 ) Sweezy, ( 2 ) Cournot, ( 3 ) Bertrand and ( 4 ) Stackelberg Oligopoly theoretical account. Based on the industry features in which Easy Air operates, Sweezy Oligopoly theoretical account will be the best theoretical account to find the monetary value at which the company can maximise its net income. Sweezy Oligopoly theoretical account is based on the premise on how other houses respond to monetary value addition and monetary value lessening by one of the rival. The feature of this industry is that there merely a few houses functioning a big figure of clients and each house produce differentiated merchandises. Each house have the premise that their rival will fit any monetary value lessening but non monetary value addition. This is because the rival thinks that if the other one will increase its monetary value, they can derive the clients who are non willing to pay more, but if the rivals decrease their monetary value, so they have no pick instead than to diminish their monetary value in order non to lose their clients.

Apart from utilizing the MR=MC regulation for puting net income maximization monetary value, Easy Air can utilize Price favoritism to give even greater net income. Price favoritism is defined as the pattern of bear downing different monetary values to consumers for the same good or services ( Baye, M 2009 ) . Price Discrimination is a common pattern used in the air hose industry. In An air hose industry operates within different section with different demands and penchant. The section is divided into First Class, Business Class and Economy Class. If for case, concern rider who is monetary value sensitive, and willing to purchase an Economic category return ticket, he can non make so as most of the clip air hose companies set the demand that Economic category will hold to remain over the week-end, therefore doing the concern rider pay more to return before. And in the same state of affairs, if the concern rider wants to alter the day of the month or clip of his flight, and because of high demand in the flights he want to utilize, air hose companies might inquire the concern rider to upgrade his booking to First category in order to acquire a place.

Another common illustration of monetary value favoritism in the air hose industry is when riders paying different monetary values for the same section on the same flight. Often, rider air hoses offer price reduction for individuals who do early booking comparison to the 1 who buy at the last minute. This is a signifier of monetary value favoritism as both riders at the terminal will bask same service. But in this circumstance, the rider who bought the ticket in progress can non resell it to person else, and if they want to call off the engagement, they will non acquire full refund, which in other word increase the gross of the air hose as it can sell that place to another rider.

There are three different types of monetary value favoritism ; foremost, 2nd and 3rd grade. The information that the director needs to hold about the client varies for each class. In the first grade, the director uses the monetary value favoritism scheme to bear down the client the highest monetary value he is willing to pay. For Easy Air, it is truly hard to utilize such scheme because the degree of competition in the industry is high, and riders have the ability to compare monetary values with other air hoses before booking. The 2nd grade is seldom common in the air hose industry. This scheme is usually used in concern with high hole cost, where company sell merchandises which are deemed to be surplus at lower rates. In the air hose industry this scheme does non work, because if person cancel his engagement at the last minute, the company can non publicize that place for sale as they know if person will hold to go to other finishs, they have to do several agreement in footings of vacation at work, and adjustment at the topographic point the flight is traveling, and besides should carry through the entry demand by the in-migration authorization in that state. So it is unrealistic to hold person waiting hours at the airdrome to the full prepared, for the proclamation when another individual will call off his booking so that he can purchase that ticket to wing to that finish.

The concluding type of monetary value favoritism is the 3rd grade scheme. This is the most common scheme used by houses, which accepts demand of their merchandise differs consistently by consumers in different demographic groups. In this scheme the houses can increase its net income by bear downing different group of client different monetary values[ 10 ]. For case in Easy Air state of affairs, the company can bear down different monetary value for each section the company is functioning. They know if a individual is booking a First Class ticket, it means that he has the ability to pay. In this state of affairs the company can absorb the full consumer excess from the clients, therefore increasing its grosss.

Another state of affairs where the 3rd degree monetary value favoritism applies for Easy Air is for client who booked their ticket at the last minute. There are many clients who use to be after their vacation good in progress, and book their ticket before. This allows rider air hoses to cognize whether the flights are to the full booked or the figure of staying seats available. Besides, the gross received from clients is like an excess cash-flow for the company good before the going day of the month. But for clients who booked their ticket at the last minute, it shows that they truly need to go to their finish. Because the consumer demand becomes more inelastic at that point, it would be advantageous for Easy Air to raise its monetary value at the point where it absorbs the full market excess.

We will utilize the Sweezy Model of Oligopoly to find the monetary value degree at which Easy Air can maximise its net income. The diagram below shows the degree at which the company can take the best monetary value.

Since we assume that other houses runing in the same market as Easy Air will fit any monetary value addition, but non monetary value lessening, the demand curve for Easy Air will so be ABD1 as shown in above diagram. Normally net income maximizing happen where MR=MC, and it is the maximal monetary value a rider will pay for that flight. The net income maximization of Easy Air if fringy cost=MC0, will be at point C, where MR2=MC0. In this instance the net income maximization of end product will so be Q0 and optimum monetary value P0. The advantage of utilizing this theoretical account to find the monetary value is that it state the scope at which alterations in fringy cost does non impact net income maximising degree of end product. On the diagram above it is the scope between C and E.

In this paper we find that Easy Air operates in an Oligopoly market construction because of its features. Possible concern and pricing schemes were discussed into how the company can maximise its net income. To reason we found that by utilizing the Sweezy Oligopoly theoretical account, the company will be able to maximise its return and by using the 3rd monetary value favoritism method, the company will be able to give even higher net income.

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