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Executive summary

A strategic plan is the process by which summarizes  of developing and maintaining a strategic fit between the farm’s goals and capabilities and its changing marketing opportunities Its main aim to trying to accomplish something. It involves defining a dynamic company mission, vision, setting others supporting aim and objectives. It also plans a sound business portfolio, deterring its goal, and trying to coordinating functional strategies. Objectives will be more specific, measurable achievable and timely.

Camel milk ice cream is making the way homemade ice cream is made without using automatic mixing and filling equipment to ensure that the mixture obtains all flavors of the ingredients and these are imported from Italy. Italy acquired its reputation as the one of the oldest ice cream manufacturing countries. Mr. Enzo La Blunda, renowned Italian chef and ice cream specialist supervises the manufacturing process to ensure that each pack of camel milk ice cream has passed the quality standards that Al Ain Dairy has been known for.

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Most of the companies operate without planning and manager of that companies think only large companies need formal planning. But the larger companies thought sound planning helps to foresee risks, to anticipate environmental changes and respond quickly. At corporate stage, the company first decides about overall mission and purpose.

The planning of Al Ain Dairy farm is eventually drafted by one or two efficient individuals, often an executive director. And this work is not done by a whole group. Here the writer simply drafts the representation the ideas of a group. The executive director delegated that task to a staffs, board members, or a consultant has with the planning committee. At last it really irrelevant who writes the strategic plan and what matters is there, if it has the supported by responsible members to carrying out the decision then Al Ain Dairy can set out its vision and mission.

After number of meetings among the members, the Al Ain Dairy has reached on strategic issues, goals and plans the organization faces. The organization occurs short or long meetings, and it’s willing to commit to make a strategic planning. Here readers should understand from this summary, what is the most important for the Al Ain Dairy Farm (Camel milk ice cream)? It should be summarized the strategic plan, reference the mission , as well as the vision, objects and highlight its  long-range goals which  the companies is seeking to accomplish and perhaps take the initiatives to process for developing the plan and thank participants involved in this process.

Mission statement

Why do we exist? A mission statement answers this question and provides a brief description of a company’s fundamental purpose. A mission statement mainly focuses on a company’s present state but a vision statement focuses on future development of a company. Their mission to maximize profits and reduce the cost of researching .

The Al Ain Dairy Farm’s trying to improved profits by increasing sales or reducing costs. There mission to improving profits by increasing sales. It aims to enter new foreign markets and increase its product’s availability. A mission could fit the market environment and must be motivating. Al Ain Dairy Farm’s mission not only increases sales and profit because profit is only rewarding for undertaking useful activity. Now is the time to discuss about the Al Ain Dairy Farm’s that produced Camel milk ice cream.

Camel milk ice cream is free from allergy. So children who have allergy against products made from cow’s milk can now enjoy their taste of ice cream.  And it is also safe for people who are suffering from lactose intolerance. Camel milk ice cream is a welcome treat for both young and old alike because of it is safety.

Mission describes how it will be achieved. It may define the purpose or broader goal for being in existence or in the camel milk ice cream business. It serves as an ongoing guide without time frame. The mission can remain the same for decades if crafted well. Vision is more specific in terms of objective and future state. Camel milk ice cream content is maximum 2.5 % and the average ice cream contains between 6 to 9% percent fat content so weight watchers will also enjoy the delicious taste of ice cream.

To expand market Ain Dairy Farm’s has been merged with large international company. For example, the total sales of the company increased to Dhs. 260 million from Dhs. 219 million in the previous fiscal year showing a growth of 17.5%. In 2005, there was also an overall increase in its production side. The raw milk production was increased by 15% while the production of pasteurized milk increased more than 11%. Al Ain continued to maintain its Number 1 position in Fresh Milk.

Camel milk ice cream is not only one product of Al Ain Dairy Farm. It always expands business and keep eye on another old business to maximize profit. Such as the poultry division, chicken production increased by 3% to a capacity of 3,866 tons of chicken meat. Egg production increased from 60 million to 64.8 million in 2005 showing a 7% growth rate.

To expand business Al Ain Dairy Farm (Camel milk ice cream) mission to merge with large company. Social welfare is one of the most important missions of Al Ain Dairy Farm. It caps another first with the launch of a tour bus specially designed for students to visit the plant and know about milk production. The tour bus, a luxury 62-seater air conditioned van complete with TV monitor and a mini-chillier is especially made to educate UAE students to know the processes of milk production.

Al Ain Dairy is in the middle of very dynamic and exciting times. It has been the number one dairy in the UAE and wants to build on our trusted reputation. A first of its kind to hit the UAE market, camel milk ice cream is the healthy alternative for people with sweet tooth to satisfy their craving for ice cream. No less than Mr. Enzo La Blunda, renowned Italian chef and ice cream specialist supervises the manufacturing process to ensure that each pack of camel milk ice cream has passed the quality standards that Al Ain Dairy has been known for.

A mission statement has no formula to finding or wording that best expresses the collective intention of a organization may be for a large organization. It can be written by one or two persons only and after input it to grant at leadership retreat. Here the most important issue is that the questions used in developing the mission statement, there is consensus on the answers to.

A approach is to use time by the board to retreat and discuss mission related questions and scrutiny where the areas of consensus are and find out where there are differences. It has a “process” benefit over mission statement as well to hashing of an organization. After several courses of discussion, settlement and debate, members are introduced to nuances mission and changes in the environment of an organization and old members retract their understanding of both. As a result, the organization will has confidence towards the mission statement which emerges (whether it is a new statement or a rededication to the old mission statement) is genuinely an articulation of commonly held ideas.

Mission is mixes with passion, most important that is humanity, as well as an eye on the big picture which keep refreshing the mission statement until it has a version that people can positively support.

Survey Aims And Objectives

Al Ain Dairy Farm (Camel milk ice cream) it has long time and short time aims and objectives. It should have some objects, goals and be responsible to reaching the goal. Mission statement deals with short time aims and objectives, which will be discussed, in different head.

The long-range plan Al Ain Dairy farm (Camel milk ice cream) draws an attention on goals that will take four to six years or more to perform. It accomplishes an implementation plan–strategies for achieving the goals. The long-run goals and the implementation strategies provide us a strong foundation for decision making by the various people involved in implementation of the plan. As a result, it provides a basis for work to achieve the goals specified in the plan.

Technological development is both a challenge and opportunity for Al Ain Dairy farm (Camel milk ice cream) long-term aims and objectives. So long term marketing Plan should accompany with long term Technological development that is also a good way of expressing a marketing plan. Therefore, the process can take a great deal of time and effort. However there is no guarantee that the marketing plan procedures will be successful. Even though, the undertaking marketing plan is worth the risk. The long-term consequences of plan- less- ness are a serious injury for Business and a successful planning process brings greater Al Ain Dairy Farm (Camel milk ice cream) effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction.

It is important to know what is meant by vision statement. In the view of Martin Luther King, a dream, which followed was a vision, and that can change a nation. This popular speech has a dramatic example of the power which could be generated by a person who communicates an imposing vision of the future. Author of Management, Tom Peters discovered a clear vision of the desired the organization’s future state of as an essential element of high performance.

Product Offering

From camel milk ice cream, people will get to enjoy the healthy benefits of camel milk and the creamy goodness of ice cream as well. This product is free from allergy. Camel milk ice cream is safe for people who are suffering from lactose intolerance. The main raw material of ice cream, camel milk will be sourced from Al Ain Dairy subsidiary camel farm.

These products content the vitamin C in camel milk which is about 3 times more than in fresh cow’s milk. Since the fat content of camel milk ice cream is maximum 2.5 % and an average ice cream contains between 6 to 9% percent fat.

It offers three delicious flavors – strawberry, caramel and chocolate in 100 and 350 gram packs. Al Ain Dairy Farm is making ice cream the way homemade ice cream and is made without using automatic mixing and filling equipment. They ensure that the mixture obtains all flavors of the ingredients.

Situation Analysis

Marketing plan must include an assessment of the Al Ain Dairy farm (Camel milk ice cream)’s environment because no organization operates in a vacuum. The very definition of Marketing planning stresses the importance of focusing on the future within the context of an ever-changing environment. And the myriad of political, economic, social, technological, demographic, and legal forces that change our world daily.

Skill at assessing environmental situation and then being proactive in responding to that environment such as strategic planning, thinking, and management, which determines who is effective in using their resources and, ultimately, who survives. The situation assessment outlines the process by which gathering and analyzing the information needed to make an explicit evaluation of an organization in its environment. However, The situation assessment includes the following activities:

  •  collecting internal and external stakeholders’ perceptions about the organization
  •  evaluating the programs’ impact on clients
  •  evaluating programs through cost and benefit analysis
  • analyzing programs through competitive analysis
  • defining the previous implied strategies

At the conclusion of a situation analysis, a market planner of Al Ain Dairy farm (Camel milk ice cream)’s will have a database of quality information that can be used to make decisions and a list of critical issues that demand a response from the farm and the most important issues for Al Ain Dairy farm (Camel milk ice cream)’s  needs to deal with in the strategic.

Identifying Cultures

The business consultant of Al Ain Dairy farm (Camel milk ice cream)’s most generally starts with identifying and analyzing the following aspects of the farm, also see the corporate strategy development method.

  •  Visionary aspects like goals and objectives.
  • Situational aspects such as financial information, company structure, systems and the business which the Al Ain Dairy farm (Camel milk ice cream) is operating in.
  • External aspects concerning the environment, market findings, competitors as well as rules and legislations that apply to the region the Al Ain Dairy farm (Camel milk ice cream) is in.
  • Technical aspects that concern the amount of risk involved in the new strategy enrolled in and resources and inputs needed.

Al Ain Dairy was the first dairy established in the UAE some 20 years ago and currently commands a 36 per cent market share.

The company ownership is vested in some 7600 shareholders (nationals) who received free shares totalling almost 55 per cent of the total ownership with the remainder owned by the government of Abu Dhabi and the private department of H.H. the President of the UAE.
Al Ain Dairy produces some 40 high quality milks, milk products and juices. It was awarded the HACCP certification recently, assuring the quality and safety of all Al Ain Dairy products. In recent years, marketing has become a major component in the strategies of many farms.

Market Demographics

Some changes are totally predictable. The most obvious, and possibly the most important, are those resulting from demography. The baby boom of the 1960s, and the subsequent dramatic decline in birth rates, has produced very different cohorts of population; with accompanying and totally predictable changes in earnings and consumption.

The Al Ain Dairy, known to be the trendsetter in the dairy industry, and once more pioneers the launch of another innovative product – camel milk ice cream. Italian technology is used. By this he means making ice cream the way homemade ice cream is made without using automatic mixing and filling equipment to ensure that the mixture obtains all flavors of the ingredients which are imported from Italy. Italy acquired its reputation as the one of the oldest ice cream manufacturing countries. Camel milk ice cream which is about 3 times more than in fresh cow’s milk makes the ice cream indeed a healthy dessert. So sales and profit will be increase.

Camel milk ice cream can be found in popular supermarkets and gasoline stations. It has in three delicious flavors – strawberry, caramel, and chocolate in 100 and 350 gram packs. Children will be attracted for different tests. To increase sale, market needs to produce hygienic food. So to fulfil its trend, Al Ain Dairy Camel milk ice cream is made with out using chamical.

Camel milk ice cream is better then cow’s milk ice cream because children who have allergy against products made from cow’s milk can now enjoys their taste of ice cream. Camel milk ice cream is safe as well for people who are suffering from lactose intolerance.

Market growth depends on Advertising, sales promotion, and public relation. The Al Ain Dairy has become synonymous with quality and freshness since its establishment from a vision by the late H.H. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. There aim to ensure the nutritive security of the residents of the UAE. To discuss the growth about Camel milk ice cream it is essential to clear knowledge of Al Ain Dairy Farm.

Since it was founded in 1981, Al Ain Dairy has grown to become the one number tried and trusted fresh milk in the UAE with a comprehensive range of nearly 60 high quality milk products and juices. It was with his wisdom and guidance that the ownership of the company was distributed amongst over 7,600 UAE citizens and each received free shares, totaling 55% of the total ownership and the remainder owned by the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.. The total sales of the company increased to Dhs. 260 million from Dhs. 219 million in the previous financial year showing a growth of 17.5%.

In the poultry division, chicken production increased by 3% to a capacity of 3,866 tons of chicken meat and Egg production increased from 60 million to 64.8 million in 2005 showing a 7% growth rate. In the poultry division, chicken production increased by 3% to a capacity of 3,866 tons of chicken meat. Egg production increased from 60 million to 64.8 million in 2005 showing a 7% growth rate.

Marketing Recommendation

As Al Ain Dairy Farms plant is expected to come into production in June 2006, and will have a capacity of 50 tons per month. The plant will be under the supervision of an Austrian team, seconded by Hochleitner Ltd. Key customers to be targeted in the first phase are the duty free of Abu Dhabi and Dubai and the deluxe hotels.

As Al Ain Dairy Farms Farms Camel Milk has a great impect in its quality, Al Ain Dairy should agressively drive in the local market with to achive a large segmant of market. When Al Ain Dairy has the Production capaciy over the local market demand , it must drive for international market. Al Ain Dairy can easily drive in export for it’s ice-cream in the Asian Markets like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and so on.

Al Ain Dairy Farm has launched Camel Milk Ice cream  with there is no above the line activities existing in UAE,  Al Ain Dairy Farm allow to go for advertising on TV, radio, poster, banner for this product. There are some other marketing activities we propose to approach their targets

Al Ain Dairy Farm can organize an occational free lunchuan in it’s UAE retail outlet for the potential target groups as an aalternative Advertising. The products should be demonstrated in the stores.  If so, this would be a great way to introduce your product. Prepare small samples for a mother to take home with her. Include a coupon for a future purpose. That gives you the measurement tool by which you can begin to gather numbers on usage.

Finally, Al Ain Dairy Farm perhaps could prepare an Internet based marketing plan. Such as direct mailing. Al Ain Dairy Farm also donate to charity that provides assistance to the students transportation which was a publicity . This could create a very strong Public Awareness campaign of the product. Perhaps TV, and newspapers will print the story of this wonderful organization that is helping women to feed their children.

Al Ain Dairy Farm can try using the doctors offices as a distribution medium. Sell Camel Milk Ice Cream to them at a discount (after the initial free samples) and have them sell it to their patients. If they can make a profit in it they might be more motivated to do so. I don’t know your country or the accepted practices there, so I apologize if this idea is not applicable. The intent is for you to develop some motivation for the doctors to refer people to your product. If the fact that it serves the interests of their patient is enough, then just reinforce that principle

We need to assume the role of an international account executive at a prestigious milk manufacturer in UAE that can affect Al Ain Dairy Farm as a competetor.  Using the knowledge that we have learned in this case and the creativity of our teammates, we need to adapt camel milk ice cream for UAE and another country.  Knowing that it is a staple item and has inelastic demand in the Muslim community, the product life cycle is at the maturity level.  We have been given the responsibility of extending the product life cycle into the international standard.  Al Ain Dairy Farm and it’s partners need to search for easy going developed market.


Successful Farm like Al Ain Dairy (Camel milk ice cream) exploits the strengths more than just focus on weaknesses. This process is not only about fixing the things that are wrong, but also works on to nurturing what is right. Organization or internal environment: This includes those activities, contained totally within the organization itself that make up the daily life of most organizations. We may say the company’s microenvironment. Strengths and weaknesses are essentially concerning to the internal organization and matters related to the resources, programs, costs, and organization in key areas. These include:

  •  Sales to marketing, distribution, promotion, and support,
  •  Management with systems, expertise and resources,
  •  Operations including efficiency, capacity, and processes,
  •  Products, services, quality, pricing, features, range and competitiveness,
  •  Finances, resources and performance,
  •  R&D, effort, direction, and resources,
  •  Costs, productivity and purchasing,
  •  System, organization, and structures.

The strengths and weaknesses are related mainly to the promoter(s), who experience, expertise and management abilities – other than to the project, if a start-up is being planned. Modern microeconomics experiences no theoretical problem in describing the activities of the perfect firm. Al Ain Dairy (Camel milk ice cream) is involved in perfect competition, where price is the one dominant factor. All decisions are taken rationally, based upon maximization of monetary outcomes (profit). All the relationships are exactly known, and can be plotted upon definitive graphs.

Microeconomics finds considerable difficulty in dealing with imperfect competition, since no generally agreed model for representing the state of affairs has yet emerged. Worst of all, particularly in the current climate of uncertainty, it cannot easily handle the fuzzy relationships, which do not fit neatly into the exact equations. Finally, as Kenneth Galbraith and others so succinctly observed, management decision-making is often anything but rational, and is frequently not designed to achieve the simple monetary outcomes which are the staple diet of economics – and instead reflect rather more complex motivations.

Marketing mix

Retailers and wholesalers must decide on product assortment and services, prices, Promotion and place.

  •  Product Strategy: product is the assortment products and services that it is offers. Wholesalers are under great pressure to carry a full line and to stock enough for immediate delivery, but this practice can damage profits. Wholesalers are cutting down on the number of lines they carry, choosing to carry only, and the more profitable ones. They are also rethinking which services carry count most in building strong customer relationships and which should be dropped or charged for. The key is finding the mix of services most valued by their target customers.
  • Promotion Strategy: although promotion can be critical to wholesaler success, most wholesalers are not promotion minded. There use of trade advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, and public relations is largely scattered and unplanned. Many are behind the times in personal selling – they still see selling as a single salesperson talking to a single customer instead of as a team effort to sell, build, and service major accounts. Wholesalers also need to adopt some of the nonpersonal promotion techniques used by retailers. They need to develop an overall promotion strategy and to make greater use of supplier promotion materials and programs. As part of their involvement, the Al Ain Dairy Farm (Camel milk ice cream) will print the Tedad logo on more than 250,000 Al Ain milk bottles sold across the country. The Tedad campaign, which will continue till December 2005, is aimed at providing better and efficient services to all the residents of UAE by calibrating the demographics of the country.
  • Pricing Strategy: Here we must look for start-ups cringe at the thought of having to develop financial statements. Most of them are obligated to learn the basics of what each financial statement represents, how it is used to analyze the financial condition of the company and how to create it. Fortunately, they learn to use these documents as tools to measure levels of failure and success. These tools must be properly learned and monitored on a regular basis; actual financial statements can be used to compare performance and the projections, and to potentially identify wasted resources, as well as factors of success. Simultaneously it is important to begin the projection process by overestimating expenses and underestimating sales. The decreasing expenses and increasing sales in the projections should come only with viable financial assumptions to justify our revisions.

Cost of Goods Sold (COGS): A Company decides the price of its products with the method of all begins with determining the cost of goods sold (COGS). We have to know the cost of our products before deciding on the sale price. Manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers must determine the COGS. Here is an example of a company that sells finished goods:

Cost of Goods Sold = Beginning Inventory  + Purchases  – End Inventory

Breakeven Analysis:  This formula indicates how much sales volume must be accomplished in order to cover all costs (fixed and variable). It begins generating a profit. In other hand, it is the point in sales volume at which we have no profit and no loss. It is a most commonly applied to a business that sells product. The following formula should be applied:

Breakeven = Fixed Costs / (Revenue – Variable Costs)

In the 2005 UAE census has been divided into two phases. The first phase began in September, is calibrating the type of businesses, buildings, residential units and flats. The population census, slated to begin in December, will focus on families as well as individuals. Apart from English and Arabic, Tedad will also be undertaken in Urdu and Malayalam with an objective of reaching out to all sections of the population.

To increase the distribution efficiency of Dubai and Northern Emirates, the operations and distribution centre was established in Jebel Ali in Dubai on 40,000 square feet, with a built up area of 25,000 sq. ft. And the total cost for the centre was 8.5 million dirham.


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