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Marketing Plan for a Bakery

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  • Pages 8
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    Chad Bakes outlet in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi offers a casual, bistro-style seating and a mouth-watering variety of bakery specialties made fresh each day in the kitchen. Open from 11am to 11pm, Chad Bakes is the ideal place for gathering with friends and family, meeting business partners or have a romantic date over sweets. Featuring an extensive menu of Gourmet cupcakes, Baby shower cakes, Wedding cakes, Picture or character cakes, Children’s birthday cakes, Anniversary cakes, Cupcake bouquets, Whimsical or topsy-turvy cake, Cinnamon Rolls, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Cream Puffs, Gourmet Brownies, Mousse Cakes, Pies & Cookies Chad Bakes is a truly tasteful experience. Savor our world class pastry chef’s scrumptious treats in the air-conditioned indoor dining area, relax in our outdoor tropical garden or take away a parcel to enjoy it at home Chad bakes is located on the main road of sector c-6 right opposite Delhi public School.

    It can be described as a quick service bakery shop where customers can sit around and watch their desserts being made. The show as well as the desserts, is the main selling point. We plan to manipulate our location in Vasant kunj to our utmost advantage. Both tax incentives and high traffic due to the mall location and School will give us an edge as a new business. Therefore, we are aggressively planning for a 50% increase in sales the second year of business. By creating a new niche in the restaurant industry, Chad Bakes will increase sales by more than Rs 7lacs over three years while maintaining a gross margin of 80%.

    Chad Bakes sells gourmet desserts coupled with exceptional customer service in a comforting atmosphere. Customers can dine-in and watch the chef create their dessert. This is the most different and new way of attracting customers. We also offer special cake for a celebration likes birthday or anniversary parties, wedding and baby shower cakes. These cakes are specially baked and decorated on order. Customers can choose from the catalogue or give their own designs.

    Cake decorators may also choose to specialize in a style or theme of cake decorating, such as gumpaste flowers, marzipan figurines, royal icing, fondant cut-outs, or intricately piped buttercream lacework or roses, just to name a few. Every month customers can join in the fun and take a baking class taught by a trained chef. We will also offer special promotions such as After School Cookies and cupcakes which will be served from 1. 30 to 3pm. INDUSTRY DESCRIPTION Delhi is the place for food lovers. From 5 stars to street food, food from all parts of India can be found here. It has one of the best Mughlai,

    Chinese, Thai, South Indian food available. Delhi could also boast of having the finest bakery delicacies. The Luxury circle in Delhi is increasing day by day. People who have the money don’t know where to spend it. Thus come parties!! They have a graduation party, a getting a job party, a promotion party, a youngsters party before the wedding, baby showers, Diwali parties, Holi parties. You name the occasion and there’s a party. All Delhiites are foodies and with that comes the love for sweets. The bakery industry in Delhi is growing, but at a slow pace. Very few people specialise in baking custom made cakes and desserts.

    That is where Chad Bakes steps in. South Delhi being one of the posh areas of Delhi, opening up Chad Bakes somewhere in south Delhi would be the best idea. Although Chad Bakes is creating a new niche in the food service industry, we do share similarities, and therefore compete with several kinds of quick-service dessert businesses: 1. Restaurants: any restaurant offering dessert. 2. Ice Cream Shops: Baskin & Robbins,Nirulas,Cocoberry etc. 3. Donut and Coffee Shops: any place coffee and pastries are available for carry-out or dine-in consumption, Like barista, cafe coffee day, Cinnabon, Donut Master 4.

    Supermarket: in-store bakeries as well as frozen specialty desserts offer some competition. 5. Bakeries: free-standing traditional bakeries. Some of the major players in the bakery industry would be Wenger’s, Angel’s in my Kitchen, Nirula’s, Breads and More etc CUSTOMER DESCRIPTION Market Segmentation Our market is divided into four different psychographics: Workers, celebrators, children, Gourmet Wanna-bes Workers will include people who can have a meeting over a plate of dessert. With a quiet ambience of indoor and outdoor Chad bakes will be a good and central place to meet.

    They may stop in on their own or bring clients in for a gourmet dessert experience. Celebrators are just that – people celebrating special occasions. Birthday, anniversary, graduation, valentine’s day, etc. , families and loved ones will gather at Chad Bakes over sumptuous desserts and a festive atmosphere. Chad bakes is a gathering place where families are welcome and feel comfortable. Being located right opposite delhi Public School, it will cater to children for special after school cookies and muffins. Gourmet Wanna-bes are people who watch cookery shows and buy cook books worth 200rs each.

    Since Chad bakes offers baking classes every month, there will surely be the adventuresome diners at Chad Bakes who would sign up for our baking classes. We have specifically targeted segments of people with an appreciation for delicious desserts and a need for comfort and relaxation. Chad bakes is a haven for the busy & successful who want to treat themselves to something soothing and a little sinful! It doesn’t take a lot of time, yet is so rewarding. These people will value the high quality product presented without pretension.

    We intend to make enough profit to generate a fair return for our investors and to finance continued growth and development in quality products. We also maintain a friendly, fair, and creative work environment, which respects diversity, new ideas, and hard work. Our competitive edge is our unique niche in an old market. Although restaurants, cafes, bakeries, ice cream shops, etc have an established position in the marketplace, none are quite like Chad bakes. We are offering the customers a completely new experience and far higher quality product.

    Nowhere else will they find a professional chef preparing gourmet desserts right in front of them. The amazing popularity of the Food Network is proof of the public’s new-found interest in being a spectator in the kitchen. Marketing Strategy Chad Bakes marketing strategy will be education of the consumer and subsequent word-of-mouth. We will become known as a unique and superior pastry shop. Customers will be reached through fliers, newspaper advertisements and special festival promotions. Location will also play a crucial role in marketing and promotion.

    The business will be located in high-traffic retail area in Vasant Kunj opposite Delhi Public School Chad Bakes will target progressive and generally well-educated and affluent consumers who are interested in trying new products and experiences and are dissatisfied with the limited selection and lack of personal service found in grocery store bakeries, neighborhood cafes and ice cream shops and area restaurants. Sales Strategy 1. We need to sell the company as well as the product. Just as barista and cafe coffee day became synonymous with great coffee drinks, Chad Bakes will come to be known as a gathering place with spectacular desserts. . We have to sell not only an amazing “show” as the desserts are created, but also an above and beyond service team who are knowledgeable and friendly. People will always feel welcome and at home at Chad Bakes. Sales Forecast Our Sales Forecast shows modest estimates for the first year of operations beginning in December 2010. After establishing Chad Bakes as ‘the’ place for sweets and celebrations, we project aggressive sales increases for the following years. In the second year of operation we estimate sales increase of 50% and of 30% in the third year.

    We are planning a 10% increase in monthly Lesson fees each of the two following years while keeping costs constant. Our cost of sales is based on an average food cost of 20% for dine in desserts and 15% for point of purchase items, carry-out and weekly lessons. We project a consistent food cost percentage of these amounts for the following two years. Keeping food costs low while sales increase is vital to the profitability of Chad bakes. Chad bakes plans to be profitable within the first year of operation. Our goal is to reinvest in the company and expand to three stores by the third year.

    From that point we hope to hire a master chef for each store and more employees, and the owners will take a step back and look over the profits and finances.  Product Chad bakes takes pride in itself for decadent treats served in a classy setting Each dessert is made from organically tasted and tested recipes and have proved to be delicious. The best thing about this bakery is that all your desserts are prepared infront of your eyes. The icing and the presentation including the packaging is beautiful. Pricing Being a very new concept our introductory price is set a little below the price of our competition.

    We expect to make good profits with this price and the prices shall stay the same for the next three years atleast. Place Chad bakes is located very centrally close to the residential area, school and malls. You can order your cakes on the phone or choose the cakes from the cataloque put up on the Chad bakes group on social networking sites. Promotion The company will advertise by using a special logo. All employees will wear the same color tshirt while they are working or delivering a product. Fliers will help a lot. Also advertising in the local yellow pages magazine.

    New customers will gain through the company blog, social networking sites, Sampling at various places and word of Mouth. Marketing organization Company Ownership Chad bakes is opened with a partnership between Sadhvi Kapur , a graduate from Culinary Institute of America, Napa, CA ’03 and her brother Anirudh Chawla, a graduate in hospitality from Oberoi school of learning and has a work experience with the Oberoi hotels for 7years. Sadhvi has been decorating wedding and birthday cakes for the past 5 years. She always dreamed about opening her own family owned and operated cake shop bakery.

    When the opportunity arose, Sadhvi and her brother Anirudh started looking for locations in South Delhi. They both wanted to start something small and local. Sadhvi Kapur being the head chef if well trained in the bakery section. She and Anirudh Chawla will be equal profit sharing partners. While Sadhvi will take care of things happening behind the counter, Anirudh will take care of things beyond the counter. He will be the customer’s man. Taking orders or various desserts and making sure they are delivered on time to the right person. A few part time workers will be employeed for the peek hours like between 1. 0 to 3 pm and during the evenings. Action programs Anirudh will be taking care of the financial orders. He will ensure that the company is efficient and up to date with payments and is still making profits He will make sure that all employees will be well behaved and will adhere to the rules while on the job. Floors are spik and span and all tables are clean after every customer leaves. He will also see to it that all orders are completed on time and the customer is well satisfied. Whereas, Sadhvi will keep herself up to date with the flavours, the new styles and designs, and also new equipments that she will need.

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    What is the marketing plan of a bakery?
    There are two kinds of campaigns that a bakery can do: wholesale marketing and consumer marketing. Wholesale sales cater for large-scale clients like farm shops, cafes and restaurants. While marketing to the consumer involves attracting (and retaining) customers who will purchase and consume your baked goods.
    Who is the target market for bakeries?
    Demographic. Demographic segmentation criteria include age, gender, family status and income. Younger customers may order pastries from a bakery, while families may drop by for breads and rolls. Orders for tiered cakes for birthdays and other special events may come from high-income households.

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