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Lipton was created at the terminal of the nineteenth century by Sir Thomas Lipton. Under the slogan “Direct from the tea gardens to the tea pot” this entrepreneurial man of affairs wanted to do tea a popular and accessible drink for everyone – with a high quality but moderately priced merchandise. The Lipton concern was acquired by consumer goods company Unilever in a figure of separate minutess. get downing with the purchase of the US and Canadian Lipton concern in 1938 and completed in 1972 when Unilever bought the balance of the planetary Lipton concern.

Over a 100s old ages on. Lipton now possesses 1000s of estates of quality tea gardens in East Africa. In 1991. Unilever created a first Joint Venture with PepsiCo. the Pepsi Lipton Partnership. for the selling of ready to imbibe ( bottled and canned ) teas in North America Under the slogan~ DIRECT FROM THE TEA GARDEN TO THE TEA POT. he made tea a popular and accessible drink for everyone high quality but sensible priced. The Lipton tea is his heritage and they are more popular than of all time. Thankss to him. LIPTON TEA is now Global LEADER and present in more than 150 states. Over the class of a century. Lipton has become a dominant tea trade name in many markets. The trade name is well-represented in many states across the Earth. including the USA. France. Japan. Saudi Arabia. Australia. Sweden and Pakistan.

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Compared to other tea trade names. Lipton has ever had a strong focal point on invention. given its uninterrupted launch of both leaf tea and ready-to-drink tea merchandises. Merchandises target the mass market and are by and large positioned in the center of the monetary value spectrum for tea. Due to its size. Lipton is besides a dominant participant in tea expertness in the universe. The company employs professionals in tea growth. tasting. purchasing. blending every bit good as Research & A ; Development squads. Unilever/Lipton owns Tea estates in Kenya and Tanzania. doing it one of the few companies that is actively involved in the whole value concatenation of tea. from turning it to marketing it.

Like most branded teas. Lipton teas are a blend selected from many different plantations around the universe. from well-known bring forthing states like Sri Lanka. Indonesia. China. and Kenya. Lipton Yellow Label is blended from every bit many as 20 different teas in specialised tasting suites in seven regional hubs scattered all over the universe.

Get downing in 2006. Lipton has served as rubric patron to TEAM Lipton. an elect women’s professional route bike racing and triathlon squad in the USA Unilever has consolidated its green tea line under its Lipton ‘Clear Green’ trade name. which includes its original pure spirit alongside three freshly launched spirits – Jasmine. Lemon and Mint. “Lipton tea can make that” is the positioning statement of Lipton. LIPTON- THE KING OF TEA:

It was launched in 1890 and is the No. 1 tea trade name owned and arising from any tea growing state. Lipton Tea is now exported to about 150 states worldwide. Lipton is rated amongst the top 3 international tea trade names and is considered the No. 1 for Quality.

This company generated turnover in surplus of $ 4 billion. in 2003 with employment in the Group’s production installations and offices of 800 individuals. The Group excels in its committedness to fabricating excellence ; in its committedness to quality. mills in fiting the quality of Lipton Tea with first-class fabrication pattern. the company has gained ISO 9001:2000 accreditations. The Group invests over $ 10 billion yearly in guaranting that its fabrication capableness remains province of the art.

The Company is world’s No. 1 maker and exporter of teabags accounting for over 57 % of the country’s entire exports of tea in bags. The focal point on branded. high quality tea has made Lipton a major participant in the premium section of the planetary tea market. while re-establishing Yellow label Tea as the world’s finest.


“Lipton` s vision is to available within an arm `s range of every person desire”


“Our purpose in Lipton is to run into the every twenty-four hours needs of people everyplace to expect the aspiration of our consumers and clients to react creatively and competitively with merchandises which raise the quality of life” “Objectives”

* The purpose is to supply quality tea that is safe for the wellness and stimulating for the head and organic structure with an unforgettable spirit. * Lipton has to retain its place as a market leader against all its rivals particularly TAPAL who is its rival. * It has to interact straight with the consumers in order to be cognizant of the demands and outlooks of its consumers. * It has to keep the highest satisfaction criterions and good will amongst the consumers. * It has to keep its trade name name and trueness.

“Composition Of Business”cleavage:Lipton is presently utilizingI. Geographical cleavageII. Demographically cleavageIII. Psychographic cleavageIV. Behavioral SegmentationCleavage Variables DataGeographic Cleavage: -* World part Asia* Country Pakistan * Cities All major metropoliss of Pakistan * Density Urban-Rural * Climate Hot & A ; dry Demographic Cleavage: –

* Age All age group * Gender Male. Female * Family size 1-2. 3-4. 5 above * Family life rhythm Married & A ; Unmarried * Income12000 above * Occupation White neckband & A ; service workers * Education School. colleges & A ; Universities * Religion All * Nationality Pakistani Psychographic Segmentation: –

* Social Class Middle category N upper category * Lifestyle Fulfilled. trusters. experience shapers Behavioral Cleavage: –

* Occasion Any juncture* Benefits Quality. gustatory sensation. spirit and trade name position * Loyalty Status Significantly high * Readiness Stage Awake & A ; interested * Attitude towards trade name Positive & A ; enthusiastic

Target MarketTargeting a section means the company is doing a choice and aiming a certain group of consumers or purchasers for its merchandise or services. Evaluation of different sections that companies make is most critical before aiming any section. every company have its ain standards of choosing a section such as size. potency of growing. profitableness. economic systems of graduated table. or low hazard in the section. Lipton Yellow Label has aim different market sections. Lipton Yellow Label fundamentally has targeted the urban countries and has concentrated on the upper and in-between categories. Therefore despite the fact that it uses a mass selling attack it can easy be denoted that this merchandise is catered to a peculiar section. Even in its selling attack for Lipton Yellow Label. the merchandise is presented in a different manner for case the teabags are targeted toward the upper high category. while soft battalions and jar battalions are targeted for in-between and in-between lower category. Today as both work forces and adult females consume equal sums of tea the age group section selected for Lipton is for all age group for they want to aim those people who are immature. trendy. and cosmopolite. “Strategies”

Merchandise Scope* Lipton Yellow labble* Lipton black tea* Lipton Flavored black tea* Lipton Green Tea* Lipton Herbal tea* Lipton Iced TeaMerchandise analysisAs against it Competitors:

For its merchandises

Yellow label TEAIceTeaGREEN TEA

Entry Maintenance Proliferation ExitTime

Expanded Boston Consulting Group MatrixRelative Market Share

Market Growth| High| Low|High| Lipton Green Tea| Lipton Black|Low| Lipton Yellow label| Lipton Herbal tea|Negative| Lipton Ice Tea| Lipton flavoured Black tea|

Swot MatrixStrengths: * Experienced and quality direction. * Strong Ethical value ( civilization and heritage ) * Strong supply line * Highly advanced * Strong fiscal place * Strong company image * Success of the slogan * Quality & A ; assortment * Effective & amp ; attractive packaging * High quality adult male power * Help people acquiring more out of life * Brand acknowledgment * Accessibility| Opportunities: * Brand is the portion if traditional imbibing wonts * Research & A ; development * Makes people active * Expansion in other countries of state | Failings: * High monetary values of the merchandise * Substitute products| Menaces: * Strong completion in rural and urban countries * Internationally increasing tea monetary values * Political conditions in the state may be obstacle to exports * High rising prices in the state can negatively consequence the brand|

Directional Policy Matrix

Lipton Tea

PositioningPositioning Of Lipton Yellow LabelPositioning involves planing the merchandise and image that will busy a typical topographic point in the heads of the mark market. As can be seen. Lipton xanthous label have the largest net income borders and market portion in the industry. Thus the sellers at Lipton have decided to make its ain alone image and so beef up the place in the customers’ heads. The Lipton Yellow Label has positioned its merchandise in the heads of the consumer as * Active

* Reviewing* Colour* Aroma* Taste* Flavour* Outstanding Quality* Slogan

“Pricing”LIPTON would follow market incursion scheme for its Yellow Label Tea in the beginning. Factors which would be involved in puting monetary value are:Costss:Fixed and variable cost would act upon the pricing of Lipton Yellow LabelTea Elasticity:Our Tea drink is non considered a luxury merchandise and non an indispensable nutrient point therefore it has elastic demand a rise in monetary value would do the demand of Instant tea drink to diminish and a lessening in monetary value would likely take consumers to purchase more. Competition:

Our Lipton Yellow Label Tea monetary values may non be affected by competition as Lipton Yellow Label Tea is the advanced merchandise that is uninitiated in Pakistan and a niche that’s un- touched by other competitory companies. Lipton Yellow Label has ne’er wanted to compromise on quality so they adopted value based pricing. “Branding”

Since 1890. “Lipton Tea” is being sold as a refreshment drink which is mostly popular and accessible drink for everyone in Pakistan with high quality and at low-cost monetary values. Over the last decennaries. it has become a house clasp name in the state owing to its good gustatory sensation. In last decennary. many alterations are being observed in Pakistani society sing their life style and nutrient and drink picks. maintaining these factors in position “Lipton Tea” is turn outing to be the figure 1 pick of the people of Pakistan and in return “Lipton Tea” has invariably been coming up to the outlooks of the clients. so it would non be incorrect to claim that it is dependable drink in drink industry in Pakistan Brand image

•100 % natural•Accessible•Consistent quality•VersatilitySo. Lipton is utilizing aggressive stigmatization scheme.

Placement ( Distribution )Lipton Yellow Label has a distribution web spread across Pakistan. The popularity of the trade name is so much doing it the No. 1 National Tea company in Pakistan. Lipton Yellow Label caters to its clients by supplying Lipton Yellow Label to more than 150000 mercantile establishments in Pakistan. which includes super shops. general shops. food market shops and price reduction shops and all departmental shops. Lipton has it’s headquarter in Karachi and 650 distribution offices all over Pakistan

Distribution plays an built-in function in any company whether it’s a FMCG or public-service corporation good. The function of distribution in the selling mix is to present a merchandise to its mark market or concluding consumer. Between the maker and the concluding consumer stands a set of mediators executing a assortment of maps. These mediators constitute a selling channel besides known as trade channel or distribution channel. The selling channels are set of mutualist organisations involved in the procedure of doing a merchandise or service available for usage or ingestion. Selling channels overcomes the clip. topographic point and ownership spreads that separate goods and services from those who need or want them.

Lipton Yellow Label is known for its broad distribution web. The Lipton Yellow Label distribution channel is:






The Lipton Yellow Label does it promotion in following ways. The company uses different publicity techniques they provide different points to people such as: * Caps* Tea bags* Cups* Printed Jerseies* Discounts* Basant festivals* Avant-gardes* WatchsThe company is different gross revenues publicity techniques at different clip of the twelvemonth depending on the gross revenues of the merchandise.

Electronic Media:The company is passing a batch on electronic media. In there advertizement they hire celebrated famous persons.Ad:The Lipton Yellow Label uses different types of advertizement as followsTelevision:Lipton yellow label spends a batch on telecasting advertizement. Commercial during overseas telegram web films. Television shows such as particular play. intelligence. talk shows and Sitcom Product arrangement is besides done in many of the shows.

Magazines:Full page advertisment including Akhbar-e-Jahan. Mag. Family Magazine. Fashion & A ; Business Magazine.Internet:Lipton Yellow Label advertises on web sites such as Face book & A ; Yahoo.Co-Branding:Available at large shopping promenades.Competitive Analysis

COMPETITOR’S ANALYSISThe tea industry is divided into two sections. They are:* Branded Tea* Unbranded TeaNo uncertainty Lipton is the selling leader but in order to prolong this leading it should follow the place defence scheme Lipton is confronting a tough competition from both the sections as the unbranded tea has about half the portion of the entire tea industry. The current tea imports are 140. 000 dozenss. The major rival for Lipton is TAPAL particularly as the gross revenues competition from this trade name in the tea industry is acquiring cut pharynx. Tapal is a clear market follower in all over Pakistan as it caters to all the countries rural and urban alike. Lipton Yellow Label is decidedly a market leader claiming that it is a premium top of the line merchandise with “a mark of good taste” . Lipton has countered this competition strategically by making placement and trade name pull in clients mind so that they have a separate individuality of their ain. Catchy mottos like “HER LAMHAY KI CHAH” for Lipton Yellow Label Tea. concentrating on the free and beaming liquors of the young person which has besides been tagged along with “ZINDAGI MAIN BHARO NAYA RANG” is the motto For Lipton. this places on the completeness and togetherness of the household and place Lipton built-in portion of the Family. Suggestion and Recommendation

* Increase the advertisement:* Increase the trueness of clients* Increase the inducements* More promotional activities* Conduct a preparation session for gross revenues force.* Should diversify the merchandises.Budgeting

Questionnaire for ConsumersName: ________________________________Age: ________________________________Profession: ____________________________1 ) Gender?a ) MaleB ) Female

2 ) Age group?

a ) 1- 15B ) 15-30degree Celsiuss ) 30-45vitamin D ) 45-60vitamin E ) 60 above

3 ) Marital position?

a ) UnmarriedB ) Married

4 ) How many cups of tea you consume every twenty-four hours?

a ) 1-2B ) 2-3degree Celsius ) 3 above

5 ) Which tea do you imbibe?

a ) Lipton Yellow LabelB ) Tapal


Our respondents of 100 sample size.


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