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    Masks Of Hamlet Essay, Research Paper

    Masks of Hamlet

    In Shakespeare ’ s calamity, Hamlet, there is a prevalent and about overpowering subject. All throughout the drama, all of the characters appear as one thing, with one point of view, and one mentality. However on the interior, all of these characters are wholly different. This “ mask ” subject, the manner that all of the characters portray themselves as one individual on the outside and one different one on the interior, is non in the least cloaked by Shakespeare. Claudius, the slaying male monarch, appears to be a slightly sort, lovingness, and friendly individual. But inside he is different. He is cold, calculating, and self-serving. But this might besides be a mask. The adult females in the drama, Ophelia and Gertrude, both use a type of mask to cover what is obvious in their lives, dissembling it so that they can go on populating as if their being was without inhuman treatment. And eventually Hamlet fells behind his lunacy, be it existent or make-believe, a individual who is indecisive and vindictive. Masks in this drama are non merely a subject ; they are the whole footing of it.

    The mask subject develops throughout the drama as assorted characters try to cover their secret purposes with a veneer of a whole other individual. One of the most obvious, of class is Claudius. Claudius murdered his brother, the former male monarch Hamlet, in order to go male monarch himself. This slaying, which was done in secret, with no 1 but Claudius knowing that the act was committed by him. Not merely is he the King of Denmark, but he is besides married to Queen Gertrude, his brothers former married woman. These horrid and atrocious offenses have non been punished, and no 1 knows that Claudius has done this. When Claudius confronts anyone, he must go person wholly different. Claudius puts on a mask of his ain. He is no longer the self-serving, cold, ciphering adult male that he truly is, out he becomes a sort, caring adult male who does his really best to guarantee that Gertrude corsets with him, and besides so that he can make his best to maintain Hamlet from seeking to take the land and destruct what Claudius has worked for so long to gain.To this terminal Claudius wears his mask. But is Claudius truly the mask or what he is underneath? This is called into inquiry when Claudius tries to seek salvation for his wickednesss. This scene shows that his character, like Hamlets is non rather as clear cut as most work forces. Claudius wrestles with his guilt by inquiring himself, ^ У Where to function mercy/ But to face the countenance of discourtesy? / And that^ Т s in supplication but his double force, / to be forestalled are we come to fall, / Or pardoned being down? ^ Ф He so answers his ain inquiry by stating, ^ У But, O, what signifier of prayer/ can function my bend? ^ У Forgive me my disgusting slaying? ^ Ф / That can non be, since I am still possessed/ of those attempts for which I did the slaying! / My Crown, mine ain aspiration, and my queen.^ Ф So Claudius comes to the apprehension that, even though he wears salvation like his outside ego, his existent ego can non give up the furnishings of this place. Claudius, in his inquiring, has separated the mask from the individual and has found that the mask is the bogus Claudius. Not every character is so baffled as to their nature, nevertheless.

    The females functions in Hamlet are confused in a much different manner. Both Ophelia and Gertrude mask themselves to the rough worlds of their life. Ophelia^ Т s mask is far more delicate than any other. Despite Hamlets about incessant inhuman treatment to Ophelia drives her, finally insane. She puts up a defence at first, seeking to protect herself from Hamlet^ Т s inhuman treatment, but it fails. Ophelia believes for awhile, that Hamlet loves her deeply, and that he would ne’er harm her straight. But shortly,

    through his words and his actions, such as killing her male parent, shatters her mask that served to protect her from Hamlets assaults. When the truth and world spot her, she breaks under its force per unit area and commits suicide. Gertrude, the other adult female in the drama, has a much alien mask. She refuses to see or believe the truth that Hamlet shows her, the truth that Claudius murdered her hubby for the land. She is besides convinced of Hamlets lunacy, but what he says does non impact her much at all. Even at her decease she does non recognize of see the truth of Claudius^Ò treachery. Her mask is one that puts herself into her universe. Equally long as she lives her life unaffected, she is happy, and she will non allow anything shatter her phantasy.

    But the most complicated, and one of the best illustrations of a mask is Hamlet himself. The line between Hamlet^ Т s mask and his world is really all right and hard to understand. His mask, or as it would look to be, is his lunacy. Hamlet surely acts the portion good, for even if his lunacy is existent, it is still a mask to cover his existent ego and his existent programs. In his huffy psychotic beliefs he hurts infinite people with his verbal onslaughts. He ruins his standing and the standing of others as good. Either manner his lunacy can be looked upon, it still acts as a mask of his existent ego, an open, barbarous, leery individual who care for small but those who either are close to him, or have wronged him. Hamlet kills guiltless people such as Rosencratz, Guildenstern, and Polonius, with no idea at all to the possible reverberations that slaying could hold.

    After killing Polonius, Hamlet encounters Laertes, Polonius^ Т boy. Laertes, cognizing that Hamlet was responsible for Polonius^ Т decease, onslaughts Hamlet. Hamlet can non understand why ; he literally does non recognize that Laertes might be enraged with choler. Later Hamlet blames Polonius^ Т decease on his ain lunacy, stating to Horatio, ^ У If Hamlet from himself be ta^ Т en off, / And when he^ Т s non himself does incorrect Laertes, / Then Hamlet does it non ; Hamlet denies it./ Who does it so? His madness.^ Ф The fact that Hamlet can distinguish between his lunacy, his mask, and himself shows that non merely does he non care about the harm he causes, but besides that he has a mask and it. If he has a mask of lunacy, so it proves that he cares non for Ophelia. His actions towards her are flagitious, his onslaughts fundamentally unnarrated. After she kills herself, Hamlet finds her sedate site and says, from his true ego, ^ У I loved Ophelia, Forty thousand brothers/ could non with their measure of love/ Make up my sum.^ Ф If Hamlet loved Ophelia so, so he would non hold treated her so severely. His lunacy was a mask, no affair how thin, that covered up his bitterness of Ophelia, and adult females in general. He treats his female parent dreadfully, endangering her, and coercing her to subject to his will. Besides Hamlet shows his existent ego by hammering a decease warrant for them, and holding them killed without their last rites. This unembarrassed inhuman treatment is non madness- it is Hamlet himself. His lunacy is a simple screen to dissemble his existent behaviors and feelings.

    Everyone in Hamlet has a mask. These all serve to supply their ^ У interior egos ^ У with protection, and besides to enable them to have something that they want to acquire. From the adult females desiring a perfect universe ; to Claudius seeking to convert everyone of his kindness, while inside he is deadly, and to Hamlet and his huffy cover of his interior malice and indecision. The subject of masks is developed early on, and reaches a flood tide where all characters at one clip hear false visual aspects. And as such, this subject is the control footing for the actions of the characters in the drama.

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