Many Different Interactions with Our Body Systems

Essay Question 1 : Describe how VCOM’s post-baccalaureate program will help you to meet your long-term professional goals. Already coming from a family with a background in the health professions field, I pretty much had a view of what it would be like in the medical field. Going back to my senior year, I had alot of medical experiences that I enjoyed. I enrolled in a special medical program, Aurora LIGHTS, in my highschool in which I shadowed many physicians, physician assistants, dental assistants, midwives and so on. It was challenging and overwhelming at the same time. I got to help people everyday.

With less than a year left of school, I’ve been applying myself in so many different areas in order to better myself as a future doctor. Volunteering, shadowing and extra-curricular activities have all been part of my doings. I’ve got to admit these past three and a half years have been, by far, extremely interesting and challenging. I have been learning about life, health, body systems and their functions. It is fascinating to learn about the biological and chemical make-up of the human body and the countless processes that are occurring constantly within us. I am looking forward to entering medical school to learn in an even greater detail about the many different interactions with our body systems.

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Out of all programs, VCOM is especially appealing to me because it has the unique opportunity of actually helping the students learn study skills and get the proper knowledge to becoming a successful scientist. They provide you with a solid foundation for the first year of medical. I love the fact that they provide an excellent learner-centered education to a diverse body of medical and graduate students. They provide students, like me, who need to strengthen the requirements and foundation for whatever health profession school they may later on pursue in life. They carry on a high acceptance rate of 74% into their medical school. As a participant in the program, you get the experience of biomedical & research coursework, clinical experiences, and most importantly, and my favorite, an international missions/Appalachian outreach experience.

One of the mission of VCOM is to provide global health by providing care to underserved and disadvantaged individuals in developing countries. Around the world, VCOM has developed various partnerships with organization such as free clinics, faith based organizations and other non-profit organizations to provide care and outreach to these individuals. The experience of working in these developing countries will provide me with the skills and experience working in a real-time intense situation. Reading through their previous years’ achievements, I noticed that since 2004, their students have provided care to disaster areas to the tsunami in India, to hurricane disaster victims in Biloxi, Pass Christian, and Waveland Mississippi from the Katrina hurricane, floods in Honduras and so much more.

I chose VCOM is because of the friendly family oriented environment. Just as an applicant, I felt that VCOM really cared about me and did not simply view me as a number. VCOM has a community atmosphere that promotes teamwork, and this is evident from the application process and on into the medical curriculum.

VCOM’s post baccalaureate program prepared me so that I could handle the rigors of a medical curriculum and provided me with a solid foundation for the first year. I also had a special clinical experience during that year in Veron, Dominican Republic, reinforcing my commitment to becoming a physician.

I love the community feeling I had while attending the Post-Baccalaureate Program so that is why I wanted to stay at VCOM. Every person I interacted with makes me feel like I belonged here. The VCOM environment will allow me to grow as a medical student into the best physician I can be. Plus, Blacksburg is great because it is close to great hiking spots, as well as a bigger city.

Applying for this program allows for me to expand on my opportunity for advancement. It shows my dedication to advancing myself in a medical career path. I wish to participate in VCOM’s post-bacc program because, in short, it would be the fulfillment of my dream. It would enable me to work in an environment with people who share similar interests, providing me with an opportunity to contribute to my classmates therein. It would provide me with the practical experience that would help me tremendously in pursuing my future goal, and might even reveal to me other career paths that I might otherwise never discovered. I am prepared to enroll in the VCOM program because I am an enormously hardworking person with high esteem who is devoted to her career. I’ve worked so hard to get to this point in my life and just not ready to give up here.

My education means so much to me; I paid for it, I struggled through it, and I gave up a great deal of my life for it. I believe that my struggles, perseverance, and triumph through my undergraduate studies qualify me as an excellent candidate in this program. I expect the graduate work at VCOM to be demanding, challenging, and ultimately rewarding. I look forward to the experience from an intellectual as well as social point of view. I trust that the program will prepare me extremely well for my future goal of going into medical school. I desire for more sophistication, knowledge, and wisdom necessary to succeed as I want to in the medical field and that is why I want to expand on my current knwodlege by applying for this prgroam. I believe that VCOM program , above all others, can guide me toward the path of success that will make me great. I know that VCOM provide me with the tools become a sucessful scinetiist and as a potential medical student. I believe that I have what it takes and I will strive my hardest to becoming an outstanding doctor.

Essay Question 2 : What are the top five qualities you feel you bring to VCOM that would enhance the overall climate of our college?

Growing up I’ve never felt like I was placed into a specific category or group. I’ve always stood out amongst others as long as I can remember. I never liked being a part of the crowd; It never made sense to me why I “had” to wear matching clothes to school. I’ve always stood out amongst others because of my outlook on life. My parents describe me as “unique” and I couldn’t agree with them more. My ability to captivate others with my unique perspective has been nurtured by my creative intelligence. I have the ability to be able to cope with new/unique situations by drawing on my esisiting knoeldge and skills. I see the world different from others in my own unique way and i’m able to devleop ideas that have never esisited before. I’ve persoanlly applysuch quality almost on a daily basis in my school works.

When things do not go as planned, everything seems to fall apart. I Apply my creative intelegence in such such a manner to devise new ways around the problem to find a solution. I beleive i can bring determiniation to VCOM. When I want something in life, I will do whatever it takes to reach my goal. I never give up on something or someone. The obstacles in life are there for a purpose, so we can overcome them. With determination comes focus; and is needed espacially through the hard times when things you down but you get righ tback up and keep pushing forward. It gives you that strnehgt ot push youself evene hwen you dont want to. I belive i have the drive to work through whatever difficult circumstances that comes my way and overcome them.

Determination and diligence work hand in hand. Often taken granted of, diligence is one of the key ingridiengt for sucess. It’s important to understand the need to complete small tasks, because when you dont follow through and complete small tasks, you will find it dificult ot complete big taks that take persistence over a long time. I experienced such circumstance during my research preject. I was tempted many times to overlook minor details in order to get qquick results. But i’m glad i went back to fix an errors i overlooked; payed careful attention to the details, stayed focused and at last i achieved quality results.

I beleve i can bring punctutlaity becuase i am able to complete a required task and fulful an obligation before or at a previously designated time. Being punctual is extremely important for many reasons but most imortantly because it shows that you have respect for others. If someone is consistently late to events it shows others around them that they have little or no respect for others and their time. Time is a valuable thing and it should be viewed as such. If a person has commitments and responsibilities involving others, they should realize that others time is just as important as their own. Another reason that being on time is important is because it shows that a person is responsible, credible, and dependable. It shows that someone understands and honors their commitment. I believe that i have what it takes to be punctual becuase It shows that i take pride in whatever task i am given and that i can be depended on to complete any task fivien at hand.

Humility is vritue. True humily i believe is one of the most expensive of all virtues. Not only does it mean you value other people above you but you take their words into consideration. It implies that one treats others with equal valuesto give consideration to their veiws. I belive i can bring humily to not only my colleagues but also to the faculty memebers by giving them the respect they deserve.

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