Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 Analysis


The conspiracy of United States Government and the events of war between the Afghanistan are the main points exemplified within the movie. However, at some points, the arguments being introduced by Moore arise as heavy controversies due to his intense revelations. Within the context of this study, the arguments proposed by Moore as shown in the following statement is further analyzed and evaluated in terms of validity and its implication towards the American society, “we are living in fictitious times, with a fictitious president, fighting a fictitious war for fictitious reasons”, Michael Moore

 The movie of Moore has evidently caused intense controversies for the Bush presidency, relationship with Saudi Arabia, military groups of United States, the war occurring in the Middle East and the issues of terrorism during September 11, 2001 attacks. Moore has regarded all these events as product of a conspiracy going on between the President and the antagonist leaders, such Osama Bin Laden’s family. This controversy has greatly influenced the view of American society towards their government and the military efforts of war. However, the claims of Moore arise heavy in his film that somehow attained the notion of false accusations or exaggerations.

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Discussion. Film Overview

In the movie, Moore discusses the compromised standing of the Bush administration and his complex relationship towards the Bin Laden family and the government of Saudi Arabia. The author of the film contends that the President George W. Bush himself possessed hidden relations with the enemy and every event that occurred within the States of America, war in the Middle East and issues of terrorism are part of the conspiracy occurring inside the administration.

BY doing so, Moore considers different scenarios in order to portray his theme, namely the events that occurred during September 11, 2001 attacks, 2003 Iraq invasion, the Air national Guards, and the military soldiers and the lives of those left behind. Michael Moore provides a distinct attack against the Bush governance as illustrated by his frequent revelations involving the Bush administration, which somehow became the main climax in the controversy exposed by the film.

Film Analysis of the Moore’s Statement

In the analysis of Michael Moore’s statement, the study scrutinizes his statement further and tries to implicate it with the events of the movie and historical facts in order to determine the validity present in it. Somehow, Moore encourages a sense of doubt among the public with his claims that every angle of the terrorizing terrorism and the United States government has all the time conspired towards a higher form of evil. In his first line, “…we are living in fictitious times…”, Moore contends that a certain conspiracy occurring in the society hinders the civilian from knowing the facts of what is really happening.

In the movie, Moore is able to illustrate this by his statements that the government has manipulated the reports provided by the journalist groups. In addition, as supported by Rall (2002), the government has utilized the power of media in order to inflict exaggerations as to what really are occurring between United States and Afghanistan (9). Unfortunately, the United States government and the military are implicating the conspiracy through the means of media. The impact of journalism and news to the public catered to division and doubts of false accusations against Afghanistan.

Moore has evidently attacked the administration of the presidency under his claim, “…with a fictitious president…”. This notion has provided significant doubts on the president’s true intention against the fight of Middle East war. As supported by the conspiracy theory of Thomas and Poppen (2004), Bush administration has the potential of being involved in the planning and conspiring to invade the nation of Afghanistan since it has one of the largest oil storage in the Middle East (124).

From the analysis of the events that occurred during that time, violations, such as illegal use of taxpayer funds from the United States’ taxpayers for an illegal invasion, pre-emptive invasion of Iraq under false proofs, theft of resources from the nation of Iraq, causing death-by-deception of Armed Forces of the coalition member nations, degradation in human life of Iraqi citizens, and inappropriate use of CIA and FBI (Thomas and Poppen 124). Moore has directed the fierce accusations towards Bush in a more complex scenario as shown in the movie.

 Lastly, the argument of Moore wherein he directed the spotlight to the wars and the purpose of United States invasion has also caused impact and confusion in the minds of the public, especially considering the information laid down to them by the media (Philips and Tomorrow 48). With the statements, “…fighting a fictitious war for fictitious reasons…”, Moor has created an accusation depicting the irrelevance and inappropriateness of U.S was against Afghanistan.

In fact, Moore’s idea is supported by Thomas and Poppen (2004) and Rall (2002), wherein they considered the media’s attempts to inculcate the modesty of Bush’s military mission against Iraq and Afghan nation. As according to them, the United States are trying to invade Iraq due to the vast oil reserve present in their country. In addition, with the personal perspective of Bush, it has always been evident in his speeches that he has certain misunderstanding with Saddam Hussein, who tried to kill his father.

In addition, Thomas (2006) supported Moore’s argument by questioning the sudden and seemingly non-hesitant admittance of Osama Bin Laden in the events of September 11, 2001, which gave the connotation that everything has been initiated by the United State’s Bush administration in order to obtain the resources of Iraqis and Afghans.


In Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11, the theme comprises more of a documentary to prove the conspiracy occurring between the United States and the Afghan nation. As according to the movie, the wars, terrorizing events, and the issues of Osama Bin Laden are all fabricated in order for the government’s purposive invasion of Iraq.

In conclusion of the study, the statements of Moore have been validated by the possible conspiracies and the awkward political response of the United States government to the issues of Iraq and Afghanistan. Moore’s most prominent attack is most commonly observed as against to the department of Bush.

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