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Sicko by Michael Moore: documentary film review

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The first one is Tracey Pierce. Tracey was a 35 year old man who one day out of the blue got the bad news that he was suffering from kidney cancer. Tracey’s wife Julie did however have insurance for Tracey trough her job, or at least so she thought.

As the doctors prescribed medicine for Tracey, the insurance company kept coming up with new excuses to deny insurance payouts for his treatment. Finally, a treatment that could have helped Tracey to get rid of his cancer completely appeared.

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Sicko by Michael Moore: documentary film review
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A bone marrow transplant from one of his brothers might have saved his life. Unfortunately, the insurance company denied to pay for this very expensive treatment because they thought it was “experimental”.

The second is Laura Burnham. She was unlucky enough to be in a head-on collision with her car. She was knocked unconscious by the accident and was driven to the nearest hospital in an ambulance. The insurance company later denied to pay for her ambulance ride, because it wasn’t pre-approved.

Why is Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon mentioned in the film?Nixon is mentioned in the movie because was the person which first implemented the private Health Care system in the US. He claimed it would give Americans the “finest healthcare in the world”, but knew that this system was founded on making profits, not helping people in need.Ronald Reagan was part of a commercial campaign that was meant to convince people that a government controlled healthcare was not something they wanted. That it was a socialistic idea, and that they don’t want anything like that in the US.

What do we learn about the Health Care system in Great Britain?We learned that they have a Health Care system which very much resembles our own here in Sweden. British healthcare doesn’t cost anything, and their medicine is either very cheap or completely free (depending on age). They have had it this way since 1948. In WW2 a lot of people joined up in the military and got paid for killing Germans.

So after the war people figured “If I can get paid to kill people, surely I can get paid to help them”. The implementation of this system did however not affect the doctors and other healthcare professionals in a bad way, as previously thought. They still had the same wages, it not better. Only now they could help a lot more people.

Why is Guantanamo Bay detainment camp mentioned in the film?Mr. Moore mentions it because he felt it was important to show the hypocrisy of the US. You see, in Guantanamo some of the worst criminals in the US are held. In Guantanamo there are mostly terrorists with American blood on their hands.

They do however have free healthcare. Not only is it free, but it is actually better than that which most hard working Americans can afford.What can be said about the Health Care system in Cuba -compared to that of the USA?The Cuban Health Care system has so little in comparison to the American. They get by on the taxes from this small nation, and yet, somehow their level of care and availability is so much better than the American.

In Cuba, medicine is extremely cheap compared to prices in the US. Their hospitals are also completely free. You can stay for as long as you need, in Cuba they will not charge you a dime.How does the 9/11 rescue workers react when treated in a Cuban hospital?They burst out in tears of joy.

All of them have had to fight so hard for the few treatments and medications they have managed to get in America, and here in Cuba, just a couple of miles from American shores, you can get it all free of charge.Please describe the final scene in the movie!In the final scene Michael Moore is walking up the steps to the white house carrying a basket of laundry. This is his way of saying that he will fight to try to make American healthcare free too.Please, give your honest opinion about the film!I must admit, at first I thought this was just going to be some boring documentary, as most other you watch in school.

However, I have to say that this film really stirred up some emotions in me. It really made me think about why the Americans not seem to want their healthcare to be free of charge. None of the answers that I have come up with makes any sense to me. It also made me realize how good we have it here in Sweden.

We never have to worry about these things, and it makes me sad to think that others do. To express myself clearly, I liked this movie. I give it 8/10.

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