Michael Moore and his Movie About Capitalism

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The movie was very inciteful and funny by the way that Michael Moore reveals the insidious role that Capitalism has played in America. The movie brought a question to my mind which is “What is the price that America pays for its love of capitalism? ” it seems to me as though that a plethora of Americans dreams are looking more and more like nightmares as families all over America pay the price with their jobs , their homes and any life savings. In the movie Michael Moore showed several families that got the short end of the stick of capitalism.

In the movie Moore showed us families all across the U. S that lost their jobs and homes due to Capitalism. Moore made a big deal about Flint Michigan when General Motors failed the people by letting go about 14,000 workers. When that took place it also hit me personally because some of my family members who live in Michigan also works for the plants their. It what makes its kind of humorous GM just recently started calling back some of their workers after like 10 years.

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Moore also spoke about something called dead peasants insurance that’s when companies take out secret insurance policies on their employees and name themselves as beneficiaries. When the employee dies, the company, not his or her family, gets the insurance money. In the movie, Wal-Mart took out a secret policy on a cake decorator, and when she died, Wal-Mart received $80,000, but her family received nothing but medical bills and funeral costs.

That was like one of the main things that I learned and morally that is really wrong because of a lot of famililes ihert debt when theirs a death in the family and im sure they can use the money more than some of these big name companies like Walt Disney, Proctor and Gamble that are taking out these policies. Also Moore spoke about the Bail out Package and Moore interviewed several Congressman they all stated how much they didn’t want to approve the bail out because it was a scam made by Wall Street to steal all of American citizens money and now noone knows where this money has gone.

Moore interviewed the treasure for the U. S and he asked her where is the money and she said she didn’t know she wanted to know the samething. Overall the movie was very inciteful I enjoyed it, it helped me to learn a lot more about why our country is in the economic standing that its in now. As Michael Moore said that rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer and that’s the sad truth.

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