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How Sports and Extracurricular Activities Helps Students

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    Roars of screaming fans and clapping fills the arena, pool, field etc., imagine people shouting your name as you score the winning touchdown or dunk the winning basket. That is what people feel when participating is club sports. Students should participate in club sports to increase activity and confidence levels because, it can boost self-esteem, provided opportunities to meet new people, and increase leadership skills. “Over the years that followed my ‘discovery’ of running, my self-confidence grew” (Samuels). Knowing that there are people out there struggling with the same issues others are, makes it reassuring. high school students go through things like anxiety and stressful times, this is all real which can really put a toll on their esteem.

    Joining clubs and extracurricular activities can provide better self-confidence which can help give a better understanding of not only yourself but as well as others. “you’re really good at maths and your teacher encourages you to get involved in competitions. You join the school team and start training for the national Maths Olympiad. During the process you realise how fun maths can be and how talented you actually are, which gives your confidence a massive boost ”( Crimson). An Australian student experienced this exact same thing and has now ended up furthering her math career at Princeton University. When something like this happens it can give people an opportunity to get to know themselves and what anyone is capable of. “Sport clubs allow children and youth to build self-esteem as they learn to trust in their own abilities.” (tkorman). Any student athlete can benefit from joining sports team and from the quote above it shows just how much it can benefit anyone. From reading the following above these are all valid points that sports can absolutely help form self confidence.

    Teenagers live for those late night adventures with your friends, staying up all night, making memories and experiencing being an american teen. “If you make a few friends doing community service at school you might decide start a volunteer club together and really make an impact in your community!” (crimson). Sure it’s not all about making friends and having fun but, there are so many opportunities that create new and exciting things. Making these new friends can lead to something amazing which can not only help yourself and your future but as well as the people around you. “Regardless of whether they’re establishing new relationships, or building upon existing friendships, after school activities provide an ideal environment in which to nurture social skills and confidence. (SPARK). By being able to get the opportunity of earning a better environment it is not only helpful for building relationships but, also building the desire to learn in a better and more appropriate place. All these extra curricular activities can help with things that will be needed in the real world. Like making friends, it teaches the value of friendship and what it means to be a good person to others.

    The real world can be scary, paying for bills, living on your own, and knowing right from wrong. Life skills can help anyone make it through that scary part of growing up. “Sport clubs provide an opportunity for children and youth to learn….Through engagement in sport, they learn leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, responsibility, self-discipline, and a sense of initiative” (tkorman). Leadership, teamwork, problem-solving etc. are all great examples of what life skills really are, all of these things can help in numerous ways. Having great life skills is all apart of child development. Imagine, by knowing all these traits, can lead to creating your very own club where there is the opportunity to teach others the value of life skills. “The more you push yourself in your extracurricular endeavours, the more you’ll develop these skills. (crimson). Being passionate about something proves that anyone can put these skills to use. Pushing yourself to your best limit is what creates a bigger, and better individual not just being better but being the bigger person in certain situations. According to “The balance small business”, leadership means the ability to inspire a group of people to achieve a certain goal in which everyone has in common. (Ward) Scholars should be apart of sports team because in results, it can provide everyone better self-regard, develop substantial relationships and guidance skills.

    Each and every one of these points can just show how much a small thing like a club and/or a sport can do to someone’s self-esteem, knowing they are making new friends, creating responsibility they can apply in the real world. “Team sports are about so much more than their physical benefits. This is especially so when group sports activities are incorporated into a young person’s life. Studies”( Maslen). There are so many different benefits someone can gain from joining a club or team. High schoolers get the satisfaction that everyone is finally doing something good. After all the stress school can put on a student, they deserve to have a little free time with the people they love, doing the things they love. “ Research published by the Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute states that exercise can lead to a unique state of short-term relaxation. That relaxation can promote increased concentration, better memory, enhanced creativity, more effective problem solving, and an improved mood” (Maslen). We’ve been focusing on the social benefits but not the academics, school is just as important as an individuals well being. Although at times everyone may need breaks from school, which is understandable, school will always come first. By gaining all these great tools for school and outside, there is no reason as to why students can not thrive in school as well as outside of school.

    Being in school and clubs are great but can also get in the way of important tasks that can help better anyone in a bad situation. Although, Sports and clubs can absolutely get in the way of schooling and planning for their future and students do not need to distracted with sports and clubs that may not help them at all in college. “In the world’s smartest countries, school is about learning. Full stop. There is no confusion about the academic hurdles kids must clear to have full and interesting adult lives” (Ripley). There are so many places all through the country that reassures school is what will get students far in life, not having fun with their friends or taking breaks to give themselves time. School is for learning and getting to know yourself academically. “By mixing sports and academics, we tempt kids into believing that it’s O.K. if they don’t like math or writing — that there is another path to glory” (Ripley). Sure, there can be student-athletes but a student can not rely on their ability to play sports. To play a sport in college they must first be accepted into the college of their choice. What is the point in struggling to get into a school just so an athlete can play a sport? It is believed to be easier to rather just apply somewhere for an academic scholarship instead of playing a sport which might not get anyone very far in life.

    Yes school is very important when playing a role in a rising college students future, however, Sports can get students into college debt free and with all the clubs someone could join, that lays another opportunity for scholarships on the table. “If you want to major in chemistry, a UK university is more likely to accept you if you’ve joined a chemistry club, taken extra chemistry courses at your local university and volunteered in a lab” ( Crimson). Just by knowing this, it can prove that colleges do want to know what kind of fun went on in high school. Knowing that this is being completed makes it that much easier for students to feel confident about their applications and what will happen with their future. “Although that sounds like a lot, extracurricular activities are even more important to US universities. In fact, extracurricular activities and leadership account for about 30% of your application!” (Crimson). Because students have taken their own initiative to be apart of clubs shows just how far they have come knowing this will help in the future.

    In conclusion clubs, extracurricular activities, and team sports have various ways of helping students even if it is just through the boots of self-esteem, opportunities of meeting new people and, an increase of knowledge in life skills.

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