Extracurricular Activities: Students and Sports

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Do you ever feel that everyone should do a sport? There are things that are like sports, and those are extracurricular activities. These can either be a job, drama or theater, or your school’s student council. All those things can help you with colleges and to get scholarships. Students should be required to do sports or extracurricular activities because sport’s participation numbers are declining, students won’t get bored, and students will be fit.

One reason that students should be required to do a sport is because participation numbers are declining. Some parents may not want their kids to play sports because of injuries and that’s why participation numbers are down. If people don’t want their kid to get injured, they may not even get injured while doing their sport. A highschool football team didn’t tackle in practice and they won a state title (Bogage). Secondly participation numbers have gone down too much in the past years. “In fact in 2018 there was 43,000 fewer students in high school sports than 2017”(Bogage). All together high school sport participation numbers are declining and sports are going away.

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Another reason why students should be required to do a sport is because the students won’t be bored anymore. Some people don’t let their kids get bored but a certain mother lets her kids get bored(Paul). Some kids who are bored should join sports or extracurricular activities. In fact the same place that the mom let her children get bored that website also said that kids that are bored should consider joining extracurricular activities(Paul). Some mothers will let their kids get bored to spark creativity. Some people let their kids get bored and some don’t but the majority is let them get bored.

The third reason is that students will be more fit and have a better lifestyle. Some people might say that kids need to take charge of their lifestyle but the parents need to talk to their kids about a healthy lifestyle because they have experienced more in their life. In many cases these days, children and young adults are struggling with obesity. For ages six to eleven one in five children is overweight (“Preventing Childhood Obesity: Tips for Parents”). Parents should be taking charge of their children’s obesity. “They should be eating healthy and doing regular physical activity like sports”(“Preventing Childhood Obesity: Tips for Parents”). For parents and children remember to stay active and eat healthy and not be overweight.

Students should be required to do sports because sports participation numbers are declining, students won’t get bored, and students will be more fit. First of all participation numbers have dropped a lot in the past few years. Next parents are letting their kids get bored. Finally, more and more children are overweight and sports will help them stay fit. If you think that students should be required to do a sport remember the points that were just stated and use them.

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