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Mimar Sinan: the Greatest Ottoman Architect

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    It all started within the Ottoman architecture in 14th and 15th centuries. This architecture was mainly influenced of different and multiple combination of other kinds of architecture which are the Islamic architecture, Byzantine architecture and Iranian architecture, this gave the multicultural outlook of the empire. The Ottoman architecture developed in a massive way at that time. It got to be creative within the great harmony of the inner and outer spaces. It also was known by seeing the massive and accurate decorations within the buildings.

    These decorations were mostly seen in columns, domes and semi domes of mosques. This is were the creative architects of Ottoman empire mostly lie in. One of the greatest Ottoman architects is Mimar Sinan. He was born in 1489 in Anatolia. He was the son of Greek Christians but he converted to Islam. Sinan lived in a period were most young males were putting their energies into state survive as well as military service where he did join. During some campaigns, Sinan became chief firework operator.

    After several promotions, he did improve his architectural skills and prove that in the numerous battles he could construct multiple equipments to help the army in accomplishing their plans of winning battles. This is when he started to work as a chief architect. Then he had to be promoted as the royal architect by sultan Suleyman the Magnificent[->0] and it was even the beginning of a remarkable career. The great architect had a marvelous touch in the complete harmony of form and content. His work was unique because if his ability to manipulate with different factors such as structure, space and light.

    In addition he was able to convert commissions given to him as an individual aspects into something that had a universal value. That is why his work is still recognized and will always be remembered as we will know from Sinan’s masterpieces I am going to talk about in the next paragraph. Mimar Sinan used all the three backgrounds of ottoman architecture in his work. He even joined and combined both art and functionality of the bridges he built such as the Ailivri Bridge and Sokullu Mehmet Pasha Bridge. Sinan id also build aqueducts for Istanbul, which are channels to improve water supply such as Maglova Arch over the Alibey River that is a great example to include in. Sinan did also build: 81 mosques, including domes for the Kaaba[->1], the holy sanctuary at Mecca; 50 chapels or small mosques; 55 madrasahs (schools); 7 Koran schools; 19 tombs; 3 hospitals; 7 aqueducts, including those of Stambul; 8 bridges; 17 poor kitchens; 3 warehouses; 18 caravansaries (fortified rest houses for travelers); 33 palaces, such as those at Scutari[->2]; and 33 baths, all commissioned by Suleiman, his daughter Mihrimah, his successors, or noblemen of the empire.

    I will mention some of the mosques Sinan built, talk about the period of time it took to build them and techniques Sinan did use before and while constructing them. First of all, the mosques are being classified according to the spatial typology of domes that rest on hexagonal, square and octagonal support system.

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    Mimar Sinan: the Greatest Ottoman Architect. (2017, Jan 16). Retrieved from

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    What was Mimar Sinan known for?
    He designed a caravanserai in Eregli and an octagonal madrasah in Constantinople. Between 1553 and 1555, Sinan built the Sinan Pasha Mosque at Beşiktaş, a smaller version of the Üç Şerefeli Mosque at Edirne, for the Grand Admiral Sinan Pasha.
    Who was the greatest of Ottoman architect?
    Arguably the greatest and most influential architect of all time, however, was the Ottoman architectural master, Mimar Sinan, who lived from 1489 to 1588. He lived during the zenith of the Ottoman Empire, during the reigns of sultans Selim I, Suleyman, Selim II, and Murad III.
    Why is Mimar Sinan significant to the Ottoman Empire?
    Considered to be the greatest Ottoman architect, Mimar Sinan was the Ottoman Empire's State Architect for a decade, transforming the landscape of Istanbul as well as other Turkish cities with his masterpieces. Constructing or supervising more than 370 structures, Mimar Sinan was as busy as he was talented.

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