Min Control Throught the Wicked Music Industry

Mind Control and Consequences Through The Wicked Music Industry Children are the future. They are the generation to a brighter tomorrow, without them, there would be no happiness. Notice, the world has changed dramatically between the early 18th century and the late 21st century. Children in the 18th century had morality and decency. However, they could not part-take into any adult activities what-so-ever such as having sex, watching pornography, going about half naked or smoking cigarettes. But now, the children of the 21st century are growing up with little or no morality or decency.

This is a influence by the wicked music industry through the Illuminati, which are controlling the minds of our teenagers. The Illuminati are a group of people from a secret society, which plans to take over the world through satanic rituals via technology. They refer to themselves as the enlighten ones. In addition, they are behind the music that we listen to, they cast spells hoping that we will fall into a trance and disobey the laws of God. Firstly, the life of a famous Illuminati. “You rock my world you know you did”, a lyric from the late Micheal Jackson.

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When Micheal was young he did not get to live the life of a regular child, he was pressured and abused by his father, to pursue a career of singing. When other children were outside playing Micheal had to rehearse all day, everyday. Of all the brothers Micheal was the most talented, his father saw dollar signs whenever he sang. However, to be famous and gain all the riches of the world you must to sell your soul to the devil. On signing on to a record label you automatically sign your soul away, poor Micheal did not really understand what was going on until his teenage years.

He was granted with all the success of life, flashing the OK sign, which stands for 666, it may have seemed like a trend but it really is not. Many, people did not know the meaning behind it, but yet still they flaunted it, not knowing that they are secretly worshipping the devil. Micheal was sacrificed by his family, but killed by the Illuminati because he spoke against them, calling Tommy Motola a devil. In addition, he became a free agent and tried to leave owning half of SONY. Micheal Jackson was worth more dead than alive, in 2007 he sold over 6 million albums but in 2009 he sold over 50 million records.

The profit went to the Jackson family, including his Never land Estate, which was worth 250 million dollars. Even to this blessed day, SONY is still generating millions off of Micheal. Secondly, symbolism and secret devil worshippers. “When the sun shines we will shine together told you I’ll be here forever said I’ll always be a friend took an oath I am going stick it out until the end, now that it is raining more than ever know that we will still have each other you can stand under my umbrella” lyrics from Umbrella by Rihanna Fenty. This not a regular song, it is a dialogue between her and the devil.

The devil offered her all the fortune and fame in the world, but in return all he wants is her soul. In the music video her good girl image was hit with chrome liquid six times, which is said to be the sperm of the devil, then she was seen naked covered with chrome inside a pyramid, kneeling on the floor to make the face of Baphomet. However, they played that part of the video in less than a second so that we would not really pay attention to what was really going on, they actually digitally altered her neck so that the image was clear.

At the end of the video she was no longer a good girl, but was seen in a felt hat looking as if she was a woman in disguise, the bad girl image. She knew what she was singing about, and had people sing the song as if it was okay, without us knowing that we were possessing our selves with demonic spirits. Thirdly, betrayal to Gods Commandments. Thou shall not lust, a commandment of the Lord. However, Beyonce Knowles makes this some what hard to do.

Dressing in outrageous outfits with her private areas all exposed, gallivanting and gyrating over the stage, moving seductively and having young teenage boys lusting after her body and beauty. Many young girls consider her an Idol, they try to act and dress like her. This is a bad influence because they think that it is okay to act or dress like that, this may even lead them to have sex before time. Beyonce calls herself a worshipper of God, but how can you be a worshipper of God and indulge in things of the World.

During one of her performances she dressed like the robot from the old movie Metropolis, in the background of the movie there was a free mason star, which is said to form the shape of Baphomets head. The female robot in the movie danced seductively, having men falling into a trance with the liquid movement of her body, Beyonce tries to do the same after appearing outside of the robot suit. She tries to lure in souls through her sexuality. This world that we are living in is corrupt and evil.

The world is coming to an end slowly but surely because God is tired of losing his people over simple sinful activities, such as committing suicide and adultery, lusting etc. This affects our young teenagers because they are worshipping the devil secretly. This way of life can change only if we resist the shiny things that the world has to offer, and gravitate more towards the Lord. The way that the Illuminati tries to control our minds needs to stop, or else there will be no future for the young children.

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