Min Control Throught the Wicked Music Industry

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Concerns Regarding Mind Control and Consequences through the Invasive Music Industry

The significance of children in shaping the future cannot be overstated, as they hold the promise of a better tomorrow and their well-being is highly important. Throughout history, from the 18th century to the 21st century, significant global changes have occurred. During the 18th century, children displayed strong moral values and admirable behavior but were prohibited from engaging in adult-oriented activities such as sexual relations, explicit material consumption, inappropriate dressing, or smoking cigarettes. However, in stark contrast to that time period, modern children are exposed to explicit content at an early age which has resulted in a decline in morality and decency.

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This text suggests that the music industry, specifically the Illuminati, is exerting a negative influence on our teenagers. The Illuminati is described as a secret society aiming to control the world using satanic rituals and technology. They consider themselves enlightened individuals and are responsible for the music we hear. It is believed that they use spells to hypnotize us and make us defy God’s laws. For example, the late Michael Jackson sang the lyrics “You rock my world you know you did” which may tie into this context.

As a child, Michael’s life deviated from the norm as he experienced pressure and abuse from his father who desired him to pursue a singing career. While other children enjoyed outdoor playtime, Michael was obliged to dedicate every day to rehearsals. Amongst his siblings, Michael possessed the greatest talent, causing his father to view him as a means of financial gain. However, achieving fame and wealth necessitates striking a deal with the devil by relinquishing one’s soul. By signing onto a record label, your soul is automatically forfeited. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until Michael entered adolescence that he fully comprehended the gravity of this situation.

He obtained great success in his life, displayed the OK sign (666), which may have appeared to be a trend but is truly not. Many individuals were unaware of its meaning, yet still showcased it, unknowingly worshipping the devil. Micheal was sacrificed by his own family, but was actually killed by the Illuminati because he spoke out against them and referred to Tommy Motola as a devil. Furthermore, he became an independent artist and attempted to leave while owning half of SONY. After his passing, Micheal Jackson’s value increased as he sold more than 6 million albums in 2007 and over 50 million records in 2009.

The Jackson family, which includes his Neverland Estate valued at $250 million, received the profit. SONY continues to make millions from Michael. Additionally, there are symbols and secret worshippers of the devil. “When the sun shines we will shine together, told you I’ll be here forever, said I’ll always be a friend, took an oath I am going stick it out until the end, now that it is raining more than ever know that we will still have each other, you can stand under my umbrella” are lyrics from Rihanna Fenty’s song “Umbrella.” This song is not ordinary; it is a conversation between her and the devil.

The devil tempted her with unlimited wealth and fame, but requested her soul in return. To portray this in the music video, her innocent persona is symbolically tarnished when she is repeatedly splashed with chrome liquid, which represents the devil’s essence. Subsequently, she appears unclothed and covered in chrome inside a pyramid, assuming a kneeling position to resemble the face of Baphomet. However, this aspect of the video is intentionally shown for a brief moment to divert our attention from the true nature of the scene. The production team digitally modified her neck to ensure the image was easily discernible.

At the end of the video, Beyonce Knowles transformed from a good girl into a woman in disguise, embodying the image of a bad girl. She conveyed a deep understanding of the provocative lyrics and encouraged others to sing along, unknowingly succumbing to demonic influences. Moreover, this portrayal undermines God’s commandment against lust, making it challenging to resist temptation.

Dressing in provocative attire, with her intimate body parts on display, frolicking and dancing sensually on the stage, young adolescent boys becoming infatuated with her attractiveness and physique. Numerous girls idolize her, striving to imitate both her behavior and fashion choices. This exerts a negative influence, as it promotes the belief that it is acceptable to mimic such conduct and attire, potentially resulting in premature sexual activity. Despite proclaiming herself as a devout follower of God, how can one claim devotion to Him while simultaneously engaging in worldly practices?

Beyonce once dressed up as the robot character from the iconic film Metropolis during one of her performances. The backdrop of the movie showcased a freemason star, which is believed to resemble Baphomet’s head. Similar to the seductive movements of the female robot in the film, Beyonce tries to mesmerize her audience through her own fluid and captivating dance style. Her goal is to allure and enchant people with her sexuality. This planet we live on is saturated with corruption and wickedness.

God’s disappointment with his followers’ embrace of sinful acts like suicide, adultery, and lust is gradually leading to the destruction of the world. This destructive path has also influenced our youth to secretly worship the devil, causing disruption in their lives. To bring about a positive change, we must resist worldly temptations and strive for a closer bond with God. It is equally important to safeguard our minds against manipulation by the Illuminati, ensuring a brighter future for generations to come.

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