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Modern Technology

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On one hand, technology lets us do other things and avoid wasting time. Besides, it is really important to the progress in medicine, where it has promoted and enhanced research of many fatal diseases and helped develop other techniques which have helped a less invasive medical treatment or robots which can be operated from across the world to perform life-saving surgeries that would otherwise not be feasible. On the other hand, we cannot afford to neglect that it has made us amply dependent and reliant on it.

The twenty-first century person without a basic electronic gadget, such as a cell phone or MP3 player, would be considered a misfit. But the technology we are so proud of has proven to be detrimental.

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Modern Technology
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As technology advances, so does our dependence on it. In the past children would spend their time playing games, riding their bikes, going to parks with friends or using their imagination. We now have Nintendo games, Playstation, X-box and a whole lot of other distractions to amuse the children.

Even the adults have gone from stimulating conversations to several versions of reality-based shows and online immersion in role-playing games, such as World of Warcraft. No one is immune to the gaining situation. As we age, we will fall back on our trusty computers which are always there to entertain us when all else fails. As a result, we will lose the ability to interact with others of a face to face level and become so-called couch potatoes of the technological age.

This is only one stirring example. If we look around, we will find ourselves wrapped up by numerous fascinating gadgets which have made our lives out of the ordinary-be it our latest Blackberry helping us keep in touch with the virtual world, our I-pod which provides our favorite music to ears or a videogame offering the best weapon to kill the bad guy. In fact, this technology is so luring that it makes us overlook its torment. The computers, television, videogames, etc. have impacted our social.

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