Literature Review of the Book “Mister Pip” by Lloyd Jones

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Betrayal Characters in literature or in life make difficult decisions; one simple decision could turn into a big disaster. Different decisions make up life, but sometimes decisions includes the betrayal of a family member, the value of religion, yourself, or the betrayal of the others. In the book Mister Pip, Matilda’s mum stole the only copy of great expectations because she did not like Mr. Watts’s teachings.

Matilda’s mum, a very religious woman believed that the book ruined her children’s beliefs, when Matilda confessed to believing in Pip but not in the devil. In doing such things, Matilda’s mother did not realize what she had given up and what kind of betrayal she just committed. She was very religious, and she wanted her daughter to believe in what she believed in, but at the same time, she had also given up on her faith and started to betray many things.

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She should have never stole from someone, it is clearly stated in the bible “thou shall not lie, thou shall not steal. `’ She betrayed her religion because she stole a book from Mr. Watts. “There is a curious outcome in all of this. My mum’s silence meant that while Mr. Watts’ copy of great expectations was saved, her beloved pidgin bible went on the bonfire. ” (MP 109) This is ironic because Matilda’s mum had trade what she loved and believed in with a book she once hated. With her silence, the whole village got burned down.

For making that one decision of stealing the book and not giving it up, she has not only betrayed herself but the whole village including her daughter when Matilda found out it is her mum who stole the book. When Matilda accidentally found out it was her mom who stole the book, she felt betrayed. “It is hard to put into words my feelings of betrayal at that moment” (Mp 108) Matilda went on deciding to bury what she knows for what she thought was the “better goods. ” But is that really the best thing to do? But now I saw her problem, because it was also my problem. If she had run back to our house to produce the book she would have had to explain how it got there in the first place. For the same reason, I could not give the book back to Mr. Watts. ” (MP 109) Matilda realizes she was stuck along with her mom, but she doesn’t realize she had also given up what she loved just like her mother. For making the decision not betraying her mom, she had also made the decision of betraying her self and others who are just like Matilda that also enjoyed the book.

When the decision came upon her, she decided to choose her family over anyone, even Mr. Watts. Once again, decisions make up life, and there are no right or wrong, every decisions includes consequences. Sometimes people would run into situation just like the one Matilda had, she felt betrayed, but later she decided to betrayed everyone in her village for her mum. At the end her and her mom in different ways betrayed them self’s and others. Maybe for the better good, or maybe just a selfish move.

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